Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Super... ganda...


Before anything else,
(a) Nurse: Inasmuch as I would love to have friends over, di pwede dahil super small ang place namin. When we have friends or family over, we are in each other's faces... Sorry talaga hija. Until we get a new place... Still, tell me if you are here. I can be tour guide. CHARING!

(b) Quentin: Trust me. My uni life was quite boring - it's only small circumstances that made life... interesting. :-D

(c) yajnat: And don't forget: the blackhole of all malicious thoughts! Hehehe!

(d) savante: I agree. I miss Hector sometimes... but not too much. :-)

Decided to trek to Sydney with Oli for Mardi Gras. Except it's raining. Horridly. And it caught me offguard as well! Oli is here for a business-chuva, at ako naman - good girl. Just staying at a friend's house (no sex, thank you) and chilling out. It's good to do that once in a while. Decided to go to the supermarket at yun! Naabutan ako ng ulan. I normally love the rain, but not when my umbrella is the travel-sized one that barely covers my feet. The wind factor didn't help much either.

So by the time I got to Coles, I was soaking wet. I decided to go to the loo and fix myself (para naman hindi ako mukhang losyang, noh!). Now, the men's room in Coles is funny. It's kind of L-shaped, with the urinals at the end of the smaller L. From outside, you can't fully see the urinals themselves, but you can see a bit of the urinals from the reflection of the mirrors on the wall.

When I entered, the first thing I saw was his reflection in the mirror. To be clear about it, it was his back. It was as wide as my ass after Oli fucks me hard. It was massive and it doesn't take a genius to know that he is a bodybuilder. He was standing at an odd angle, but he righted himself when I opened the door.

Yum, I said to myself.

I decided to be naughty and pretend to urinate. (Come on - you've done it too, pher siur! You take out your willy, look at the wall, and casually look at the other people's package.)

Well, I do. In fact, I have to admit I do it all the time. When I did it this time, Brock (yes, I am naming him Brock because he looks like a Greek version of Brock from Active Duty) looked at me guiltily, managed a polite nod and looked away.

Now I LOVE it when people look away because it gives you a reason to look at them full frontal. I mean, why not, choknat? No one was there and any interloper would make noise sufficiently enough that I would have more than enough time to compose myself and feign innocence.

Anyway, Brock looked away and that was when I saw it. FUCK. Ang laki ng ari niya. He was uncircumcised (as with 94.7425% of the Australian population*) and his dickhead was a throbbing purple helmet. He tried to cover his hardon with his hand, but the length just made that pretty much impossible.

And then it happened. He came. Yes, folks, three small spurts of come came dribbling to the floor. His deep sigh woke me to reality and I turned away with dead malice (as in patay malisya). Before I knew what was happening, he packed his dark meat, rinsed his hands quickly, and ran out the door. Yup, no soaping or drying of hands.

That kind of caught me offguard. It was obvious that he didn't want me to see him cum and I don't think he was gay. I know the fantasy and all, but seriously, this guy just wasn't it.

When I walked to see how much cum there was, I turned around and realised what it was. At that particular corner, anyone who opens the door can see a little bit of cock if the one peeing was angled the right way.

So in short, he wanted the women outside to see his cock. Kinda strange given that a man has to first go through the door in order for women to see his package. In my head, I said tanga.

In fairness to him, it was a fucking good package.

Anywat, I don't think I have much more to say. The Dorm series is over, unless something from 16 years ago strikes me yet again.

The next one I am thinking of writing about is Iohan. Until then...

*PS This may be a fictional figure, "quoted" in an attempt to pass myself off as an expert.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Dorm Series #6: Hec

(As usual, pabati muna)

Quentin: Helloooo! Long time, no hear.

Just got back to the office. Had to do last minute changes to a document I needed to print for tomorrow. Just as I entered the building, I saw him - a short, stocky guy, definitely Asian, looking furtively. We made eye contact, I smiled and yun. We went to the toilet and did the nasty. His dick was quite hard, pulsing even. I think it has only been his second or third time to do this, as he was still nervous but he was addicted to the adrenaline. Midway through the process, I actually fell out of the zone - I just wanted to go to the office and print the bloody document, but no... oh no no no. I just had to get into it again. Mind you, I don't think it will happen again for a while. The guy came, I zipped up and left.

Kinda takot because I will be going to Merlot to return the DVD I borrowed ages ago. I really hope nothing bad happens.

Anyway, Hector was one of my roommates. He was only there for one sem because his mother was still in the process of getting a flat for both him and his twin brother, Harry. Hec was short (around 5'7") but plays basketball like a beast (tangina, who doesn't in the Philippines?). He has dark skin but a blazing white smile. The only thing that mars his face is that front tooth cap that was so very 60's. But other than that, he is a charmer. Definitely. He is the type who, in movies, would play the hardinero the lead girl falls for.

The nice thing about staying in a room with 3 other boys is that sooner or later, chances are you will see cock. One way or another, the pants will fall and you will see the goods. In my case, it was easy with Hec because he was not shy about dropping his underpants although he doesn't stay buck naked for too long. One day, I commented about the birthmark on his upper thigh. When he asked what birthmark, I said the one that was covered by his briefs.

Off the briefs went.

He started describing how it was actually a scar that darkened for some strange reason, and as he was telling the story (I really wasn't listening), I started slowly touching his scar, outlining with my finger. His dick was throbbing a bit at this point, and he apologised for his bouncing member, saying he hadn't done the self-loving in a week.

A WEEK??? Paksyet.

I told him to lie down and I proceeded to play around with his penis. He looked a bit worried, until I said this is something we all do once in a while, and I told him he could play around with mine after - if he wanted. I told him to enjoy it and pretended to look bored (para naman kunwari) while jacking away at his dick.

His member became dark violet in its colour and I knew he was enjoying the ride. It didn't take him long though - in a matter of minutes, he started splurting out gobs of cum - it dribbled down my hand and I was in heaven. I proceeded to scoop out the cum and rush to my corner as though to wipe my hands (but really I slurped his cum into my greedy mouth).

As he lay there, I jumped onto my bed and said, "OK, my turn."

I pulled down my pants, and he reluctantly jacked me off. I gave him more directions (faster here, rub my head once in a while) and he followed directions down to the letter. I loved it. He looked bored in the process (but then so did I). In a few minutes, my own cum was dribbling down his hand - but I think he actually wiped the cum away rather than secretly stashing it in his mouth.

I loved those moments with Hector. I think it only happened twice more after that, but I am not complaining. Sweet dreams are made of these.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Dorm Series #5: W

If I told you what W meant, you would shake your head in disbelief. If you manage to guess what W stands for, you will get a free blowjob from me. That's how confident I am you wouldn't guess.

Just for the record, I give good blowjobs. Oh, and these blowjobs usually end up in rimming. I like rimming.

Anyway, W is an awesome chap. He is dark, seemingly promdi, but with a very clear, undeniable American accent that gives away his wit and intellect. He is, I believe, a closet geek. He tries to be cool but the whole package -the glasses, the body frame, the lovely chocolate-dark skin- reeks of promdi. Still, he is a DOLL - all that and brains too!

Sorry kung medyo HELLO ang entry today but I am medyo tipshee.

It all started with Elaine. Elaine is a lovely homely girl with the most pleasant smile. She is no bombshell but she can definitely brighten someone's day. Anyway, to make a long story short, W liked Elaine, Elaine didn't like W and she dumped him.


It was a UAAP day that day, and everyone was out cheering for our university team. The dorm was suspiciously quiet and there were only a handful of us still lingering about. In the middle of the afternoon, W knocked on various doors. He wanted to talk to my other roomie, but sadly, I was the only one. I sensed there was something wrong with him so I asked outright: Are you ok?

He said, hesitatingly, that he was just dumped. He was on the border of tears and I didn't know how to deal with that, so I did what I do best.

(not suck cock, you green minded people)

I started massaging his back. I asked him to retell his story and after doing the whole gamut, I forced him to lie face down on the bed and proceeded to give my orgasmic backrub.

After a while, he was moaning on the bed and I knew he was loosening up a bit. After half an hour, my hands started to pulse so I gave up. When he turned around, a huge boner shone like a beacon and I couldn't help but stare. FUCK. It was massive.

He noticed I was staring so he proceed to half-cover it with one hand. I said it was impressive and jokingly proceeded to grab his legs and give his crotch the good ole' foot vibration (see earlier entries for details).

Surprisingly, he took his hand away and my foot had direct access to his dick.

Jesus frakking hell. It was as massive as I thought, and I proceeded to ask him how big it was. With all the pride men can muster, he whacked his dick out in all its glory.

Hello. 8 inches. The tip was small, and it was thick around the base, but still, it. was. MASSIVE.

I proceeded to touch it, and given the lack of resistance, gave it a slow wank. He closed his eyes and moaned.

That was it. I jacked him off while I freed my member with my other hand. I have an OK dick, but nothing compared to his.

After a while, he reached out and proceeded to give me the most tender handjob I have ever had. He treated my penis like some fragile orchid! Not that I minded the soft treatment. It was, to say the least, interesting.

However, being the curious person that I am, I told him to lie down on the floor. When he did so, I followed suit and took his member in my mouth with my crotch a feet away from his face. I was hoping he would suck me off as well.

In less than 30 seconds, I got my wish. I felt his warm member in mouth and his mouth in mine. We sucked each other until he came in my mouth. It always takes me a while to come so he just kept on going - and given that he has not lost his erection, I kept on going as well.

His cum was sweet, strangely. And the tip of his cock never lost its fierce violet hue. I just had the time of my life feel the tip touching the deep base of my throat. He maintains to be the second longest/biggest Pinoy cock I have ever sucked in my life.

After half an hour of sucking me, he slowly rose to his knees and said he gave up on making me cum. I said it was expected and I thanked him for his effort. Deep down inside, I was screaming in joy.

Elaine, you don't know what you are missing, you stupid girl.

Next in the series: Hec

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Dorm Series #4: Glenn

First of all, hello and sorry for the long wait. Madrama ang life ngayon so medyo quiet muna ang lola niyo.

Nagpaparamdam na naman ang Merlot pero buti naman at (a) may day job ang lokah so we can't do anything about it during the day, and (b) at night, nandito ang Oli so I can't do anything about that also.

Buti naman at maiba ang direksyon ng kati. Hehehe.

To Anonymous: Thanks for reading the blog. In the back of my head, I know I blog because I like being heard by others. In a way, it verifies that I am alive. I'm not sure how but it does.

Anyway, I was thinking about Glenn the other day. As with 99% of the dormers, Glenn was from the province. He had a lean body, not too muscular, but definitely fit in the right places. The one thing that really struck me with Glenn is the size of his... calves. No, seriously, those things were HUGE. They were obviously disproportional to his body - they were so round and muscular that one could smear gravy all over them and have them ala KFC. (Labo) Perhaps it's years of playing basketball. Who knows?

Glenn has a lovely body, but the face could be better. We used to tease him about his hair, which in all honesty, was hopeless. "Ipis" we would refer to him but he would be sport about it. So yeah.

Anyway, one day, he knocks on my door and asks me about my notes in the Psych class that we shared. One thing led to another and we started talking about Anna, this HOT girl (I swear she was hot) who had her tits almost popping out every single class we had. While he was describing her, he started to rub his crotch discretely. Obviously, she was the inspiration for a lot of self-loving at night.

At that point, again choices choices. Do I do something about it or do I just let it be? Because I was lying in bed and he was sitting on my chair, I had full frontal access to his dick. I stretched my leg and gave his crotch a brief massage. I didn't know why I knew he would be ok with it, but let's face it - if a kid had Anna on his mind, only one thing could come out of it.

So after a few seconds of foot pleasure, I decided to go manual. I popped his dick out of his shorts, and there it was. Full mast. A little bit thin but long enough to do some damage - and naturally sparse hair too. I didn't expect that last one.

Anyway, I grabbed his dick and (surprise, surprise) he grabbed mine. We started jacking each other slowly, and as our breathing increased, so did our speed. I came first with each glob trickling down his knuckles. Using that, he pushed my hand away and lubed his dick. He then proceeded to pound away and in a few seconds, he was spent, his juices dripping onto the floor.

From a distance, we could hear my roommates approaching so he quickly cleaned himself up and walked out the door. I barely had time to wipe his juices from the floor, but it was a good thing he stalled my roommates by talking about the PBA and whatnot.

By the time my roommates walked through the door, I was reading my notes and concentrating on not breathing too hard.

Close call.

I'm supposed to add W to this post, but I really have tonnes to do. Take care, y'all and hope to hear from you guys soon. :-D

Saturday, 9 February 2008

We interrupt...

...this increasingly boring series with newsflash. Out of the blue, Merlot wants me to come over his house. His flatmate isn't around and I have this sinking suspicion he wants to fool around.

Ewan ko nga ba! I mean, in fairness, maganda ang kanyang ari - seriously, winnar sha! Kung yun lang, e, no problem. But the thing is: wala na ako sa mood to play around. Seriously. Oli and I go through ups and downs, but the thing is: talagang no mood na akish.

I think partly the reason why I am "reminiscing" in my blog is that I don't seem to have anything else to say anymore. I don't visit the toilets for "that reason" anymore. Sure, once in a while, curiosity hits, but nothing comes out of it (and I do mean that literally as well).

But I have a DVD that needs to be returned to Merlot and syet talaga.

You see, Merlot is not the most handsome man in the block. He is skinny, weird, quirky and (unlike his namesake) unabashedly pale. The only thing good about him really is that he is quite well hung. That doesn't count for much, to be honest. Sure, it's fun to play with, but after a while, you just want to roll him into the ocean.

Anyway, just a thought. I promise the next in the series (Glenn and W) is much more interesting. Well, at least, W. :-)