Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Dorm Series #3: Gary, the Chinoy Bulldog

Halloooo agayn! I decided to take a break from life and blog about the dorm yet again. Alam nyo - I just realised that in my idea of what the dorm series is like, the stories will get more tame and boring as we go along. So sorry na lang kung medyo HELLO ang mga later entries.

And before we continue, konting mga hello lang sa ating mga blogviewers (Feeling Kuya Germs talaga, folks! Supeeeer!)

Quentin: Baka. Not sure yet if I have the finances to go to Mardi Gras. Medyo saving up akish, eh. :-)

AJ: Actually, I was failing zoology so no choice ako but to choose the dead frog. Pero honest, parang may kakaiba sa kanyang ulo kaya no thanks talaga ang lola nyo. PLUS! Alam mo naman tayo... Maria Clara... *choz!*

Rainbow Man: Living in the dormitories is awesome! Wait for the other stories...

McVie: Tour na lang sa mga bathhouse! *choz!*

Actually, it's been a good day thus far! Super happy ako for some strange reason! Well, this is actually a rare occurrence so not challenging the fates.

Now where was I? Oh, yes. Gary. Gary is a short stocky chinoy from (I think) Cagayan de Oro or Cebu. Not sure, actually. Anyway, Gary has an awesome stocky body, well-built with a little layer of fat for good measure. He has a VERY broad jawline, which emphasises his stocky build as well. He was naturally pale (stereotypical Chinoy) - pati singit nya! Honest!

Anyway, Gary is a strange fellow. He is known to have a fetish for earlobes. So, while taking to you in public, he would reach out and fondle your earlobes. I think he uses that to project his nipple fantasies I think.

I know that because (here it comes) Gary is also known to invade shower stalls. Yes, I kid you not. This hunky/chunky guy is known to pop in while you are taking a shower and invade your water supply. You see, in our dorm, every floor has two shower areas. Each shower area has 6 shower stalls, 3 on one side and another 3 facing the other. So what Gary would do is go through each stall until he finds someone he knows or likes, and basically showers with them (yes, buck naked) for 2 minutes or so.

When he did that to me, I was like, WTF??? And as he proceeded to use my water supply, I started scrubbing his hair. (Why not, diva?) And then I soaped his back and (from behind) his chest. I kinda figured, if he's into that, I can so help out. So I continued and then I tweaked his nipples. He liked it. He didn't move. So I continued. I started with a gentle chest massage then I became a bit more aggressive with my "massage" and ended up just twirling his nipples. I snuck a peak at his member at this point and saw that, like his entire body, it was short but fucking thick as!

He still continued to stay in my cubicle. O sige, I thought. Fight tayo. :-)

I continued soaping his until I got to his lower back. I was still debating whether or not I wanted to invade his ass when he suddenly pulled away the shower curtain and walked out. There I was, hard-on threatening to arise and ever so slightly horny.

Later on in the day, I went to his dorm room and chatted with him. I wanted to see if I could push the issue with him but sadly, his three other roommates were there. I went to his corner to chat and I saw a pic of one of his mates who was obviously in the middle of a shower when the shower curtain was pulled and a camera was let loose. I asked him who the guy was (kinda cute) (nice dick) and he said it was his mate from one of his courses.

I didn't pursue the matter any further. A day later, Gary slipped my mind. Too bad really, because once in a while, I wonder where he is and how he is doing. I wonder how he is in bed and how his sweat smells as he's pumping on my ass. I love stocky men and will forever wonder what wonders Gary can do.

(Boring entry, noh?) Next in the Dorm Series: Glenn and W.

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