Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Back from the grave!

Hi there, folks!

Sorry for the strange hiatus - no, I'm not giving up with blog site (yet). The thing was December was super hectic for me! Kasi naman, Oli and I decided to go to the Philippines last minute! Yes, folks, that is right. We were in Pinaslandia for 20 days (not 21, because Oli would have needed a visa for that). If you saw a really tall (young, hot) blond guy and a slightly shorter pinoy (looking like an overfed tick) beside him, yes, that was us.

It was fun. I got to show him my old haunts - The Spa in Libis, the Japanese spa in Roxas Blvd (what's the name nga ba!?) SM Mega, and my personal favourite, Shang mall on Shaw.

Well, hindi kami open relationship so we weren't looking for threesome fun. Pero I wanted him to see the gayer side of Manila kahit papaano. Sadly, my old haunts are no longer haunting, so medyo boring. He was hoping for the luxury of turning away a gay guy, but sadly, no one took the bait. Sinabi ko sa kanya, people are just intimidated by his looks and height (medyo 6-4 sya noh) so yun.

The funny thing was nagpa-bodyscrub ang lola sa japspa (ano ba kasi ang name!? Whataletch.) at habang may I scrub sya, may I look around naman ako. Some of the guys were ho-hum - one was intensely hot but left soon after we got in. One was in the steam room for quite some time and while Oli was getting scrubbed, pumasok naman ako sa steam. Aba. May I attention na sya. Cute naman so I decided: "Why not? Choknat?" I put my towel on my face, letting him have full visual access of alam mo na. Aba, after a while, nagpakita na rin sya ng gilas! Palaban for Ms. Talent! However, nawalan ako ng gana because I knew Oli was outside at super bad naman ako if I let it go further.

So walk out ako after explaining to Mr. Small why I had to stop. Ang nakakainis ay hindi sya tumigil. After walking out, he was still staring at me, and then Oli. Parang hello naman! Konting discretion, di ba??? Ewan ko nga ba. ANYway, that was MY bad to begin with, so I'll stop complaining.

When we went to Fitness First the next day, ayan na naman! This guy I had to check out because he looked sooooo much like my crush sa university dorm namin. After seeing his thing and having him suck me off for 5 seconds, I called it a day. His dick was fairly small so nothing to really brag about and such. But it was fun to play around in a sauna.

When I went to The Spa in Libis, I had fun with the guy in the hot tub. I'm not sure how one can get a hardon in such a hot place, but apparently, he could. I didn't so why bother di ba? Underneath the hot water, I jacked him off using my foot, then my hand. No one was the wiser, I think. People were still cruising and such, but seriously, I didn't feel like any of them were really that hot.

In fact, there weren't a lot of hot guys checking each other out in that place. Is it just me? Or have my choices been updated as of late? Are there other nice spas where one can check other people out?


Anyway, happy new year to everyone! I hope you all had an amazing time.


Quentin X said...

Been wondering how you were. Welcome back. Just in time for Midsumma and Outgames. Plenty of talents there, I'd imagine. Someone is going to have fun.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Maybe your subconscious is steering you to be more faithful to your boyfriend. Just a thought.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Quentin: I have missed this. It's very good to be back... la... ;-D

John: You might be right. I have not had a strong desire to fully dip my cookie in someone else's milk, so to say. :-)


To be honest, I don't think I will take advantage of Midsumma or Outgames or anything like that. Not only do I not have the self-confidence for it, I also have little desire to plunge into something else. I'm happy where I am now.

However, this does not mean I will not reminisce. I still have dorm adventures part 2 coming up soon. :-)

YAJNAT said...
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YAJNAT said...

wowahhhhhhhh u were in manila,,,ela,,e e e e e e e ela ela e e e e oh oh oh oh


u should have told me i would love to meet you...

anyways ur back...la na pala in down under...

joelmcvie said...

Eto naman o, hindi nagparamdam habang nasa Pinas....


Bryan Anthony the First said...

hindi ka naman masyadong nag enjoy ha

sa oz ka ba?

Bryan Anthony the First said...

naku dami hada jan sa melb ha
lovely place kahit na pa taga st kilda ang nang break ng heart ko

btw add kita ha