Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ending the year with a BANG!

A Gang Bang!


Bago the tsismis, hello muna to Nurse! Long time, no hear! So nice to see, young familiar faces! Halluuuu and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year olzo! Mwah mwah!

ANYhuei, my last kuwento for the year before we move on to 2009!

Last weekend, I decided to brave the Boxing Day sale crowds and jump into the mall. I lasted a grand total of 45 minutes before I decided "Chenks, but no chenks!" I have this utter respect for my personal space, and when people are rubbing my body and they are ngetpa, I'm zourie, but fweh!

As I headed out to the bus stop, I decided to drop by the park toilets. Now, I know very well that this toilet is cruisy at night, but I figured it was daytime so little chance of getting into mischief, right?


The loo was fairly needing of a new coat of paint, and the doors leading to the toilet were quite squeeky. When I entered the toilet area, there were four cubicles, two on each side of the wall. I went into one and proceeded to do by thing. When I finished my official business, I noticed two guys opposite me, with their backs turned to me. Now there is nothing with this scenario....

...except I don't think there was any peeing - only peering.

After a minute of staring at them (yes, the care bear stare, girls), they both turned around to face me, with their dicks raging hard and strong.


One of them was white, pretty young - maybe around late 20's (sige, binuking na ang aking age). When he turned around, his dick was pretty long, but quite thin. He was cute face-wise, but nothing to write home about. He was obviously liking the perversity of it, but I also got the impression he was new in the scene. He looked nervous, but utterly delirious. After a minute of panicked wanking, he decided that he didn't want the trouble, so he left.

Which left me and the other guy - now, the other guy was not a looker. He had lovely dark skin, and I would assume that he was either Aboriginal or Maori. He was probably 5'9, in his late 50's and although he might have been handsome at one point in his life, it was clear he was not aging as gracefully as one would hope.

Still, I thought, for someone his age, he looked alright... and then I saw his dick.

HOLEYPAKSIET! It was around 7 inches, but it was massively fat and his foreskin was obscenely long! The penis itself was quite dark, but the head and part of the shaft was bright pink! It was the stuff of legend! EYELOVEIT!

He played with his dick a bit, running his foreskin back and forth, revealing a very angry member. It was so hypnotic! The few times I had my eyes off it, he was looking intently at me or my penis, as though he wanted to eat me alive (or at least my dick).

There were times we would take one step towards each other, and then be disturbed by the sound of the outer doors opening. We would have just enough time to get ourselves organised so that there will be a facade of straightness. This happened at least three times - but on the fourth try, we got lucky. I grabbed his member and jacked it off like there was no tomorrow. I loved the feel of it! His dick was just a sight to behold and rubbing his foreskin almost made me want to come. I played his foreskin and head until I could no longer contain myself. I went down on my knees and sucked his hard cock as deeply as I could.

It was such an amazing sensation! Just feeling his foreskin roll back against my throat made me want to bathe in his cum, and his balls were just as beautiful as the rest of his body! I loved every second of it, and I just wished I had a condom to make things more interesting... :-)

But then we heard the usual squeek of the door, and we rushed back to our usual positions, pretending to be peeing, when we were both controlling the throbbing pulses of our dicks. I was breathing heavily and I swear I was drunk in amazement! I loved it!

When I heard the interloper leave, I turned around to finish the deed... but he was gone. I looked around in the urinals and there was no sign of him. He was gone. I went back to the cubicle and noticed some spots on the floor. Maybe he had finished the act by his lonesome. Maybe not. Who knows at this point?

I left the loo with a raging hard on because I was hoping I could catch another glimpse of this guy, but he was definitely gawnski. I wish I had my way with him.

Oh well. Happy new year, folks! Here's to 2009!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Before the new post

I just wanted to greet everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(a) Can: Thank you for dropping by - and your patience with my entries. I am sure I will be more on the ball this coming new year... or so I hope!

(b) Ash: I know! There is this one boy though - he's around 5'6" lang pero DAKOTA JONES! I think I blogged about him around 2 years ago... I still have fantasies - FANTASIES DAW O!

(c) Quentin: haynakusisTRUE! I too have issues with my crow's feet! Honezt! Sabi ng friend ko very Rogue daw ang aking white hair! Ako naman, letch! Buti na lang friend ko ang Oil of Olay! Regenerist forevah!

More misadventures next week! Promise!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Napako ang Pangako!

NaKuhLedesma! I totally didn't realise na wis na my schedule for the blog. So much for my fortnightly updates!

Anyway, about a week ago, I decided to take a break from work and HELLO! When I got there, I saw a gruffy workman coming out of the stall, with what was definitely a frown on his face. Given his demeanor, I decided that (a) he was definitely not PLU and (b) as cute as he could have been, the scowl definitely prevented me from appreciating what faded beauty was on his face.

After he washed his hands and left the loo, I decided to go to the glory cubicle, hoping that he didn't leave too much of a stench. He didn't. But he did cement the hole - now my favourite spot in this building is gone, thanks most likely to an overzealous worker, who decided to file a report. Fair enough, though - let's face it! There *is* a right time and place for these things, but being flawed human beings (as all human beings are flawed), we do have quirks from time to time.

So there I was, wondering what to do next, when I saw a very big note on the wall, in what was best described as splotchy blue ink. It said "All Gays Blow Dogs". I was half-tempted to write something like "Like your mother" but decided to do the civilised thing. Having noticed the wetness of the ink, I got a wad of tissue and rubbed it all off.

Yan. Much better.

Anyway, I was about to leave when I noticed the usual door opening and the footsteps of an eager beaver coming closer. I peered through the crack on the door, and I saw this short Asian guy, maybe around 5'4" with short hair and glasses - cute, actually. From afar, feeling mo 14 lang siya, but as he walked closer, I knew he was closer to my age (18... CHOZ!).

Anyway, it was a bit more difficult without the glory hole. For one, when he went to the cubicle beside mine, I didn't know if he was there on official business or not. Avah, malay moh, noh! Buti na lang, after a few minutes, I saw the ever familiar tapping of the shoes and boom. Gaym na gaym na!

At first, I just wanted to show and tell, but he was quite persistent (the little buggah!). So after a few minutes of groping, he decided to take matters in his own hands. He buckled up and stumbled out of his cubicle. He gently knocked on my door and I opened it. In he went, down came the pants, and there went his hands.

And my gulay he was good! Sa totoo lang, I love a good handjob (who doesn't, noh?) but what was better was the blowjob. He bent down and started sucking on my dick like there was no tomorrow. Despite his small frame, he took my dick very well, and gave the ever complimentary "You have an awesome dick."

Siyempre, ako naman "Chenkyu" while lamon siya.

When I saw his dick, I so wasn't shocked to see how small it was. Medyo obvious naman noh! However, what surprised me was the foreskin. Actually, cut siya but the length of his "leftovers" was impressive! To be honest, it was like he was uncut! That's how long it was.

I didn't have the heart to suck it (kasi naman thin ang ari niya plus only 3 inches long) but I did play around with it for a while. As he was going down on me, I saw how beautiful his dick was. He trimmed his pubes fairly short (either that, or he was naturally sparse, which could very well be the case), which really highlighted his throbbing member.

And then a thought came into my head: My god, it really is like a 14 year old boy's penis.

...and I lost my erection. A few seconds later, I left.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Fast Life Part Deux

DEUXmeh! Sorry at napako ang aking "Monday promise" Super busy and work. Tomorrow is my big presentation at siyempre, may I procrastinate ang lolah niyo! Ovcorz!

Before I make continue the kuwento (channeling Kris Aquino daw o!), hellos to...

Quentin: I wiiiieeesh! Having said that, I do prefer chorizos to frankfurters, noh! *Ganon!*

Joaqui: Oh, this one is interesting. I'd loooove to get your feedback.


Now, to make continue (talagang mali, noh?) the kuwentoes, there I was, in the cubicle, waiting for Espanyol to came on dhaun. Ako naman, sige! Excited! Cute naman siya - not perfect specimen but fufwe for ziyur!

He went into the cubicle and didn't even pretend to pee. He sat down, peered into the hole and looking at his hand movements, I knew he was playing with his member. His dark forearm was rubbing up and down between his legs, and through the glory hole, his bright smile was a sharp contrast to his dark skin.

Now, I like to play show and tell - possibly because it's a nice way to start but more likely it's because I am a perv (and proud of it! Talaga divah!). So I stood up, inches away from the hole and did my show. As soon as I knew I was about to blow, I stopped and sat on the bowl, my eyes on the glory hole level.

He looked at me, smiled and stood up to do his bit - and that's when I saw it.

His dick was long and thin.... and spotty white. At first, I thought it was an evil rash or a burn mark of some sort, but after staring at it for a while, I knew it was neither. He had vitiligo.

Now, this promotes a problem. Do I play around with someone who has an ugly dick (and it was ugly as!) or do I stay on the conservative side? Damn this "pretty" upbringing! As a child, anything ugly was avoided - so now dilemma, dilemma!

While the debate was raging through my head, Spotty was there, playing along. And then, he became more adventurous. He popped out of his cubicle, one hand pulling on his pants in order to avoid exposing himself silly in public, the other knocking on my door.

*Dilemma, dilemma*

After careful consideration, caution to the wind (as if! Drama daw, o!) and I opened the door. He rushed in, and ordered me to sit on the toilet. With much gusto, he began sucking me off. And God, was he good. For the first 10 seconds, he handled my dick as though it had swarovski crystals... but after that, he began pumping like a piston on overdrive. It was really heavenly!

After a minute or two, I felt the need to seed. I pushed away his head and blew my load in my hand. I saw his rock hard dick and actually wanted to suck on it... but I just couldn't bear to! Parang super gross, kasi mukhang may leprosy and all (I know, I know! How selfish the bading!).

I am sure I will regret this selfish action of mine, but I mumbled my thanks and left the cubicle in a rush, his face showing all the shock that was justifiable given the circumstances.

Would you have sucked this? (NSFW)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Fast Life

Before anything else, HELLOS to:

1. Turismo: Ako, I love everything that is meat... except seafood. (I love these puns)
2. Rik: As McVie says, not all the time, hija! I don't talk about the times when I get rejected and MY GOD, that happens a LOT.
3. QX: Chambahan lang yan, promise! Keep an eye out and I swear mapapansin mo rin sila.
4. JM: If the previous entry was bitin, you are sooooo going to hate this one.
5. Canmaker: Hello there! I've never seen your name before but welcome, welcome, hija! (Talagang gracious hostess! EVER!) Sorry about the delays in posting - I will be better at this, promise!

As usual, things are hectic at the office and when they are, it's always good to get some release, kahit mega quicky lang.

It was a Wednesday afternoon. As usual, mid-week blues. Everyone is lethargic, but no choice siyempre kamish! Fight, Brite Floor Wax, Hindi basta kumukupas! (Super dated hirit!) Ako, over it! Super! So I decided to take a stroll... and when I mean by stroll, I mean, alam mo na!

So there I was again, waiting for a star to fall (CHOZ!). After a few minutes, wala! So I decided to call it a day... just as I stood up, I heard the opening of a door and the familiar sound of footsteps coming towards moi.


He was in his late 30's, I think - very thin but very cute. What made him appealing was that he had a little redness in his hair that I love in men! Honezt! What turned me on, I think, was the fact he was a geek - he had glasses on, and he reeked of nerd (LOVE IT!)

As he sat down, he looked at the glory hole and smiled! Definitely game, I thought. So we then played the good ole show and tell - through the hole, I showed my hard on, he showed me his. It was great, but I knew he was impatient (and let's face it, so was I!).

I knelt down and his hand started its groping. He went up and down my leg (thank God, I did my leg workout that morning) before it landed right on my dick. He gave it a tug and he had the softest hands! I loved it! It was like fucking clouds (or at least that's how I imagined it to be). I knew I was getting close but I didn't want to go before I see his, so I moved away from the stall wall and motioned with my hand.

HIs dick popped out in a few seconds and though it was thinner than mine, it was definitely longer. And his nuts were HUGE, redder than most white folks, I thought. I gave it a tug, and my god, his moans were load. I knew we were the only ones there, but still, I felt they could hear him all the way in Iceland (exag).

The sad thing was in a few seconds, he came. As in, super fast. I wasn't too sure why but his white seed was on the floor and in my hand in less than a minute. He packed his manhood in his pants, and was out of the cubicle in a flash.

Then I heard the door open again, and this time, a handsome Spanish guy came. He was very thin as well, but very cute. He was looking directly at my door as he was walking, and with his smile, I knew he knew I was watching him. Ako naman, fight!

(to be continued on Monday! Promise!)

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fitness Daw o!

Yes, folks, my job is still a beeeetch. Ang magandang balita: super galing ang lola niyo so pinahaba ang aking kauntrak! Yes, may trabaho ako habang may recession kaya chicka till ever! Ang problema by June, wis na akong trabaho. Mali ata ang aking dezishen to quit. Oh well. Janyan talaga ang life.

*Anyway* last night, may I workout akish sa aking local gym. Alam mo naman - kailangang kumasya pa sa swim suit! Baka matalo sa competishen! *choz*

So while I was working out, I noticed there were a few more beefcakes in the house. In Fitness First, it was a lot of VERY pretty people, but not a lot of beefcakes. What caught my eye in this gym that the beefcakes were really beefy! Pero naman di puwedeng sumilip dahil a lot of them are straight. I dunno - I think I can tell.

Anyway, there were only 20 of us in the weights area at that time, so it was an easy workout. No waiting for people to finish, no alternating for machines. Strangely enough, there were only two of us who were in the "average" body category. The rest were either beefy or porky. The other "average" guy was kinda cute in a rough kind of way. He has a neatly trimmed goatee and he had piercings that screamed "Fuck away from me".

So everyone did.

Anyway, after the workout I decided to shower and sauna. As I was in the taking off my clothes to head to the shower, I noticed Pierce walk by with a VERY short towel around his waist. Ako naman: cute. Pero deadma. Besides, at that point, there were tonnes of guys in various degrees of undress around me that I just had to perve.

My favourite was the Mediterranean guy with the most awesome arms. He was definitely a (straight) gym bunny and he walked back and forth from his locker to the shower wearing nothing, with his hand protecting his privates. I knew he was straight - just maybe quite forgetful. When he did forget to protect his manoy, what I was quite nice. Thick if hard, for sure, but lovely fat foreskin.

My second favourite was the beefcake bodybuilder with tattoos galore. He had one with an Indian tee pee-like symbol in the back that stretched from his left shoulder all the way to the right shoulder. It was really nice (and quite unique, from my perspective). You can clearly see he was a former bodybuilder and he goes to the gym to keep up his shape rather than compete. He strutted around in his undies the way competitive bodybuilders would wear their posing trunks, and my God, his body was gorgeous! What's better is that he is clearly a showoff. At one point, off went the trunks and he was showing his cut penis for all the world to see. It was quite nice - average to be perfectly honest, but the whole package made it very nice to look at. I loved it!

Anyway, after all the eye-worthy men had gone, I went into the showers and popped into the sauna. Pierce was still there with his very short towel, and my God, you can see his wonderfully pink balls. They were huge!!! I sat beside him as there were other people around. There I was, minding my own business when I realised Pierce was trying to not-so-subtly peek at my manhood. I wore a blue towel that covered my privates... but not that well.

Ako naman, "Aha! Fight!"

I managed to discretely lift the tip of my towel so he sees my tip of my head - but not all of it (syempre, pasimple noh!) And then, the two guys beside me left and we were all alone.

I think all the perving made me and Pierce a bit horny, because by the second the coast was clear, caution was thrown to the wind. He slowly began to unravel his thin but long penis, while I showed my shorter but thicker member. He had a nice one, to be honest. It was very light compared to the rest of his body, and I think he was cut (or his foreskin had been pulled back). He trimmed his pubes (everyone does apparently) He began to jack off slowly and I did the same. It was so thrilling - looking at each other's penis while watching out for people who might disrupt us. He had such a hungry look about him and I loved it. I pretended to not care of course (pa-meh-hen daw o!) but I loved seeing his hand move about his dick. I saw the pulsing of a vein on the side of his dick, mirroring the vein running alongside his arm. Loved it!

We were both about to hit rock hardness when an interloper popped into the picture. Shet. We tried our hardest (pun intended) to appear nonchallant, but I think the jig was up. I decided to git while the going was good, and in a few minutes, so did he.

I could have asked for his number - but I'm not that cruel or evil. At least, not yet.

Bitin noh?

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I really should be shot

Things are very busy here at work. I go to work at around 8 and leave at around 7. I get paid by the hour so I don't mind pero djoz meh! I am very VERY tired.

I came to work today Nutella in one hand, coffee in the other. As I stood waiting for the elevator, an nice old woman started chatting me up (commonplace here in Australia). While we were talking about the weather (or kung ano mang chuva), she kept on gesturing at her cheek, like flicking at a tick that wasn't there.

It was only when we got to the elevator that she finally broke: "Dearie, you have toothpaste on your cheek."

I turned to the mirror and sure enough, I saw the white speck.

"Thank you," I smiled. I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't toothpaste. It was horny Oli leftovers.


I promise to update this once a fortnight. Ayan! It is etched in stone.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Quick and Easy

A very interesting phenomenon among bading circles - the married man. He comes into a beat, looks cool and calm on the outside – but has a strange undercurrent of tension and giddy excitement on his face. He looks around, scans whether there is anyone worth the risk, and gets into action… only to pop out of the action a few minutes later, his seed and libido spent.

I had one such experience yesterday. I was in the loo and waiting for action before the team meeting began. I wasn’t too sure it was a good idea to kill time in a toilet beat, pero alam mo naman ang lola niyo – fita in the fighter talaga!

At around 5 to the hour, a man walked in. I peeked through the cracks in the wall… and jelloooo! There he was indeedy. He was obviously not part of the building – he had an air around him that says “I work in the CBD.” As in, super out of place siya. He was short (around 5’9”), very strange among the Greek populace. I could tell he was of Mediterranean origin, because of the way his facial features just framed his face. His facial hair was trimmed in an angular manner, and his eyes were just piercing. His brows were thick and his curls slicked back with what seemed likely to be expensive hair product. He was not the most handsome specimen, but the way he carried himself definitely helped.

In short, medyo metorsexual sya.

He walked into the cubicle right beside mine, and began the usual spiel. However, the minute he sat down, his face made a beeline to the gloryhole. I knew he was a PLU. He saw me jacking off and looking at the hole furtively, and then he did a strange thing. He stood up, his pants held up by the tent in his loins. He opened the door and got out with a jock bulge in his undone pants. He went to my door, and looked through my door crack. At that point, I felt – sige na nga!

I opened my door and he came in to my cubicle. He sat up on the toilet bench (long story) while I sat on the toilet bowl. There I sucked off his wonderful cock. Despite his height, his cock was pretty impressive. It was around 6 in long, but the width was more than adequate. It was a nice fat one, compared to his lean frame. He had a relatively long foreskin, as it was still covering his head adequately on top of the hard-on.

As soon as he sat down, I grabbed his dick and started sucking on his wonderful member (I just love Greek guys). Normally, guys just sit down and relax. But this guy was more than that. He lifted his butt to meet my face thrusts and I had his dick filling my mouth with its length and girth. I had my hands on his wonderfully hairy ass (LOVED IT!) and held on for dear life. I looked up at him and met the deep gaze of his eyes. The expression on his face screamed “Yeah! More!”

However, no longer than a minute passed when I suddenly felt a hotness in the back of my throat. Holy banana. He came in my mouth. Now, normally, I would hate guys who do that without permission. It’s just such an invasive thing to do, really. However, I didn’t mind that much. He sat back to catch his breath and I did what I could to “clean up” his mess.

After a few seconds, he stood up, his pants still undone and his dick still exposed. He was still holding on to his pants when he got down from the bench and that’s when I noticed the gold ring on his finger. I asked him if he was married, and he sheepishly said “Yea” as he got out of my cubicle. He went to the next cubicle and fixed himself there.

Now, a hundred little things were doing on in my head, and they were still there when I stepped out of the loo and into my meeting. They only disappeared when I finally shook the hand of the area manager.

“Whoa.” He said.

Then I realised I didn’t properly wash my hand, and I most likely gave him a little bit of cum.

“Sorry. Alcogel.” I said.


Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Promise of a New Day

Sorry, super friends! Mega busy ang lolah niyo! As in! Letch! I promise to be a bit more regular after next week! And yes, the title is a reference to the Paula Adbul song of yore. Dated talaga tayo, folks! Super!

Hello to:

1. Turismo: MISMO, hija! Gusto ko siyang sampalin with matching titing galit! Buti na lang my mother trained me for beauty pageants – kung di, nakish! Naloka na ang spice world!

2. Joaqui: Hay naku! If only I could leave… (see story below)

3. Rik: TAMA KA GHURL! With matching sash pa ako, noh! WINNAR! Channeling Angelina Jolie pa ako!

4. Ash: Hay true! Sayang walang part 2!

5. Odin: Naku sis. Alam mo naman… I don’t take home, noh! Hanggang banyo lang, tapos thank you girl na siya.

6. Bryan: Thank you, hija! It was tasty naman, a! In fairness, medyo bitter but still yummy! I love greeky/lebanese boys! Yu-um!

Let’s see – hu-we-her was I? Oh yes, after the whole traumatic week, I decided to apply for a new job. My freedom lasted 17 hours – I got my first offer a day after I sent my resume, and out of boredom, I decided to take the job. It’s a one-year contract thing, but I decided what the hey! Something new, something exciting! Fuwedeh!

So here I am, in my new office, and yes, there is a chuvachupa nearby. Yun ang una kong inasikaso, of carz!

So as usual with these things, may glory hole and yes, brand new meat!!! I have to say it was a very interesting first day at work.

First, there was a guy na medyo nearing 40 but still very papable. Not too sure of the background though – maybe Italian, maybe Greek – parang halo so I really don’t know to be hanezt. So we were there, sitting with a divider between us, and a glory hole where we can see each other’s penises.

And then he stood up and started getting dressed. Ako naman, HELLO! Vaketh!? I let him do his business and I sulked in the dark corner that was a toilet. Then I heard him open the cubbie door and walk to the sink. What I found funny was that he took his sweet time in the sink, washing his hands, fixing his hair, washing his hands yet again – the endless cycle of hygienic obsession.

I opened my door a tiny bit and peeked. There he was (guwapo naman!), looking at me intently with a slight smile at the curve of his lips. Then he walked towards the exit while he motioned me to follow him. I wasn’t born yesterday so what the hey, diva?

I got my act together and soon enough, I was following him from a distance through the building that was going to be my home for the next year. Something new everyday, so lovely, I thought.

Then he stopped just outside the men’s room in an isolated part of the building, and smiled at me. He opened the door and in 8.3 seconds (TALAGANG BINILANG DAW, O!), I was there with him. We went to the last cubicle, farthest from the door, and undressed hurriedly. When he dropped his trousers, I saw the snake that was his dick up close and personal… EYELOVEEEEET.

It was (as most cocks here in Australia) uncut – but it was still quite long! I was very happy with the size, around 7 inches – maybe more. But what I loved about it was the scent. It was somehow very floral, as though he had taken much effort to make sure it was ripe and ready for the sucking. At first, I played with the head and the foreskin, marveling at how the head of the penis is significantly darker than the rest of the penis. More importantly, I loved sucking him and looking up, only to see him smiling sexily. He glared at me, as though to say DON’T STOP! FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN, DON’T!

So I didn’t. At least until he came in my mouth. I loved feeling his seed on my tongue. After cumming, he just sat there with a Cheshire smile on his face. I got the vibe that he wanted some space so I got up to leave. I was still horny as, so I decided to give the toilet another shot.

As I was walking down the stairs, I saw a short blond man walking up and looking at me. Something about his look was piercing, and I knew he was checking me out. I decided to do the test – eye contact, smile and kembot to death!

After passing him, I gave a two second delay then quickly looked back. He was smiling at me – and I assumed he was headed for the same toilet I just came from.

Ayun! Number Two.

He was American – kitang kita from the accent, but he was shorter than most. In fact, he was probably just around 5’7” – and sadly, his penis was in proportion – but what made his ensaymada special was that he was hairy. He was blonde on top, but his chest hair was dark… up until his balls, which had blonde hair again. I loved it! So many colours on such a small adorable man!

Strangely enough, he was uncut (not common in most American states). And he didn’t want to be touched, so I just took off his pants and his shirt and watched him jack off in the toilet cubicle. At least, I was polite enough to follow that initially. After a few minutes though, I could not help it! I started slowly, touching his legs and his calves. He had a trim frame, and it reminds me of a farmer’s frame. Given his neck tan, I would not be surprised if he was a farmer’s boy.

Anyway, I started with his legs, and then my hand slowly moved to his balls. It was so hairy! I loved it! He pushed my hand away though, and that was my cue to start from scratch. After a few minutes though, he let me touch his dick which I did. The second I touched it, his face had a look of both relief and desperation – and that was when he violently brushed away my hand, and he clamped on his foreskin like anything… and then he came.

I felt really guilty because I got the impression that he wanted to continue this for a while – but his penis was just too sensitive. So I jacked off into the toilet while he watched. He looked really uncomfortable, and when I asked him, he confirmed it – this was his first time to play around in the toilet. It turns out he was just so horny that day from studying.

Studying? Ano?!

Turns out that there is a student centre of sorts in the ground floor of the building. Given that I haven’t had the tour, I didn’t know it existed.

Something tells me I will like this new job.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Ang fagbabalik!

Hello friends! Dahil hindi ko binati ang televiewers last time, I will start this entry with a hello! HELLO!

1. Odin: True! Obviously, hindi pa ako Ms. Talent nuon! CHOZ!

2. Rik: Actually sorted na kami ni Oli. Sa totoo lang, I don't mind if he had a one-night-stand on the side, basta pinagusapan at dafat may rules, noh! :-)

3. Turismo: We actually talked na, and the event was definitely a misunderstanding. Everything was ironed out, and it was much ado about nothing, basically. My fault... Ms. Universe na, drama queen pa! *choz!*

4. Joaqui: Kung pwede lang, i-ice cream to death, pero syempre... tandaan ang figure! *haha!*


Anyway, back to the kalaswaan til ever. I had a super important meeting today, so syempre dressed for evening gown competition. Despite the fact that I am ending this contract in a couple of days, I want to leave with a bang so presentation delivery jalore! Of course, as always, standing ovulation and exit with matching long-stemmed red roses thrown from the ceiling.

*feeling Regine talaga!*

ANYway, there I was in the lobby, talking to a friend, when I saw a guy who looked like this actor go into the magic loo (the one with the glory hole). Ako naman - hello! Super cute! Had strong Arabic / Middle Eastern features, with valvas and tangos nose. He was slightly taller than I was, and he was definitely hot! Not as hot as him, but definitely close.

HowAver, not sure naman ako kung gayme sya noh, so ako tuloy making chicka to clients and when they left, that was when I made my move. I opened the door and... avah. Alone kamish! No one else there, and the other cubicle where the GH was was occupied.


Syempre kunwari sashaying to pee, pero made quick duck to the cubicle where the other side of the GH was. I looked and hello, Mama Mia! He was already jacking off and getting hard. I closed the cubicle door behind me and signalled to him to kneel so that I can jack him off.

Ayun. Game ang loka and that was when I realised how big it was. Siyeth! Super! It was around 9 inches long and almost as thick as a Coke can. I jacked him off with one hand only to stop a few seconds later because someone entered the toilet. Thank God there was enough warning for us to straighten ourselves before the interloper invaded our parade.

This game of cock and hide happened twice more and on the third time, I think Mr. Arab decided to up the ante a notch. As I sat waiting for the urinator to do his deed, Mr. Arab scribbled something down on paper. When he slipped the note under the wall, it said "Wanna suck my cock upstairs in Level 2?"

Hello! Do birds fly?

As I prepared for my closeupdirek, he popped out of the cubicle and out of the loo. After a few seconds (I didn't want him to wait too long, noh!), I followed suit.

When I entered the upper toilet, there he was (tangina, he was definitely hot) pretending to pee while peering over his shoulder. As I stepped closer, he opened the door, I quickly ducked in, and we were ready! He sat on the upper bench (where you would normally see the tank of the toilet) and I sat on the toilet seat itself. He dropped his trousers fully and there, in all its red hot glory, was his long penis. I rarely see anything above 7 inches and when I do, I am always in awe. It's like kneeling in front of a gigantic gold statue worshiped by some long-forgetten tribe. It was beautiful, it was massive and it was mine for the taking.

I began playing around with it, and as I did my thing, he rolled his eyes in pleasure. He had a massive foreskin as well, and I loved playing around it and inside it. He couldn't stop squirming. At one point, he pushed my mouth away and I ended up flicking my tongue at the tip of his dick, and I am sure that didn't help him to keep his juices in. I tried his balls, but he didn't like that. When I tried to move closer to his ass, my advances were met with

"Not the ass, mate."

Ako naman, ok lang. Not everyone is into the sleaze I am into, so care, divah? Basta gayme ang bata, gayme ring akish!

I went back to playing with his dick, which was still rock hard at this point. I tried to deep throat him as much as I can, but I ended up an inch and a half short of his full length. Super hard talaga! Plus, his dick curved downward a lot when hard, so it was a bit difficult to fully throat him - but at least, effort noh! After a while, I had to break a bit (my jaw was really hurting) so I stood up and told him to take off his jacket and shirt. He did so, and that was when I played around with his body. It was nicely toned - not too thin, but not too fat either. There was enough to play around with but not enough to grab hold off (if that makes sense).

And then I moved to his face - I really wanted to kiss because I like my men (usually) dark and rough around the edges, and to be honest, this guy was IT! As I moved my face closer, I looked deeply into my eyes and said

"No kisses, mate. I'm not really gay."

Ako naman, gusto ko syang sampalin with matching "Ano ka!? JHELLO!!! Chinuchupa ka ng isang lalaki at obvious naman sa tigas ng ari mo na nasasarapan kah nhoh!?!" Pero I just smiled. Syempre alam mo naman - very gracious ang upbringing with Lovingly yours, Helen.

So I went back down on him and after a few minutes, he came in my mouth. I dug my hands on his ass cheeks and as he came, I could feel his muscles buckling with intensity.

Yes, I am stupid for having someone come in my mouth, pero wala na tayong magagawa, folks. We move on. Pero honestly, I really couldn't understand how he could invite a guy to suck him off, enjoy the experience enough to come and still say he wasn't gay.

In denial ka, hijo. As Socrates once said, "know thy self."

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Violet: a colourful blog entry long over due

I have to be honest. Things are very rocky on this side of the world now. I just "caught" Oli - may iba siyang gmail address na hindi ko alam. Take note, ha - hindi ako sinadyang umisyoso sa kanyang laptop. Actually, kasalan pa nga dahil nung binuksan niya ang kanyang laptop, bigla ba namang bumulong ng "tanga" (siya tinagalog ko, noh!) So siyempre tumingin ang lola niyo. Tapos nakita ko ang inbox ng kanyang email address - medyo lima lang ang kanyang email, duon.

Ako naman, nagtaka. Kasi naman alam kong marami siyang email. Bago ko siya pwedeng tanungin, bigla ba nang logout ang lola tapos biglang login ulit. Then I saw the regular millions of email that he gets.


Ako naman, trying to get my head around it. Trying to be mature about it. Trying not to be too jealous. Trying not to run away.

Anyway, the violet entry. It's actually about my first time in the sauna - ok, to be honest, I have to say medyo fifth siguro. I knew my way around the place, but I still have not been really dipped into it (if that makes sense). So in short, anal virgin pa ako nuon (VIRGHENDHAWOH!!).

I walked in, clad only in a towel. I was still hesitant about the whole gay sex thing, so medyo hinay-hinay lang.

As I turned the corner, this guy literally stumbles out of nowhere - and when I say he's stumbling, I actually mean drugged out of his mind. He was hot though - great body, strong jaw line, very cute if only he didn't have Cleaopatra hair. I was never a fan of the straight bangs on men, even one as hot as him.

CleoBoy smiled at me, draped his arms around me, and basically nearly collapsed on the floor, all the while laughing and giggling like a school boy in a cum fest. Not really sure what to do, I carried most of his weight into a cubicle. I was fearing that he was drugged by someone in the club, so I felt it was better that I kept close by, just in case that bad person was nearby.

After a minute of conversation, I realised that the bad person was himself and he had smoked some very potent marijuana with some colleagues before he came over to the sauna. The worse part, he said in a drawling voice, was that marijuana made him horny.

Off came his towel, and I saw that he was wearing a pair of violet posing trunks. I'm not sure why he was wearing that, given that he *was* toned, but far from a bodybuilder. Still, I felt he looked hot because he was.

His hand drunkenly crawled down his ab-riddled stomach and down to his slightly stiff penis, which he proceeded to decorate with the strap of his trunks. It looked like a tree trunk wrapped by a silky violet vine - absolutely mesmerising.

However, it was his other hand that really got my attention - his other hand was tweaking his gigantic nipples. It seemed very tri-level - as though the areola was filled with silicone and the nipples themselves took a life of their own in rebellion. Those nipples were absolutely beautiful. I am not sure how long I was staring at them but I'm sure my mouth was agape.

He must have thought it was an invitation, so he reached out, caressed the back of my head, and then gently lowered my head to his nipple. I was in heaven, and from what I could hear, so was he.

The whole time, my hand was underneath my own towel, making sure Pedro was up for the challenge. As his moaning became progressively louder, I looked to see what his own Pedro was doing, and my gulay, it was huge. Towering at around 8 inches, it was massive - and I was in awe! I felt like Gandalf looking up into the tower of Saromon, and wondering how he can conquer this enemy.

I don't know about him, but I felt my technique was alright. I lunged for the tip, played with the foreskin and proceeded to engulf it - down to the balls. Prior to that day, I had never had anything that big, so I was quite surprised I could take it all in. Feeling the tip of his penis down my throat, I was so proud of myself - no gag reflex!

This kept on for a few minutes, with me swimming out of his penis once in a while to marvel at his dick, only to dive in again, head first. And then I heard it.


I looked back at CleoBoy's face and saw that he had indeed fallen asleep - all while giving him a blowjob.

Of course, that is where the story ends. I know, it's bitin, but imagine how I felt, noh! :-)

Normally, I would give shoutouts to people at this point, but I promise to do so next time. Things are a bit shaky in my head and I just want some time to compose my thoughts before I focus on you, dear readers.

Thanks for your patience.

Monday, 25 August 2008

In the words of Chaka Khan: Through the Fire!

Well, folks, I may have walked out on Oli but believe it or not, back together again kami.

See, the thing is: I know I am not perfect. Hello! Super dami kong flaws, noh?! So when Oli made sayad (or whatever the term is), ako naman, sige. Cool. Calm. Collected. I walked out so that he can calm down and I can compose myself. Siyempre, you know me, ever Ruffa (read: walang kupas na pokpok).

ANYway, I sent an SMS saying that I was going to church (which was true, ha!) pero I stopped off at a local toi-lay. At first, I wasn't too sure I was in the mood, but what the banana, divah? What do I have to lose? I already felt like zigzag, adidas and betamax (referring to the chicken bbq entrails) in an Ayala Alabang Christmas Bazaar (I have no idea what I am talking about here, so whatever you are thinking of, you are probably right).

So I went into a cubbie and there were two others looking underneath their cubicle doors. One was young, pandakis and not so well hung, but very cute. The other... I don't know. Kasi naman he didn't show his face, his body or his patutie. So ako naman, whatever, drama, chuvah. I care not. My motto is play and display at kung may kumagat, ghame!

After a while, the short guy stood up, buttoned up his pants, and flushed the toilet. One of two things can happen next: it's either he wants to go now without getting off, or he is game for a live show.

Now, a live show is when you open your cubicle door and pretend to pee, while actually jacking off. If others are game for a live show and you are sure that no other civvies are there (bawal ang minor de edad! Remember!), they too will open their cubicle doors and the fun begins.

It just so happened that I was more than ready for the fun to begin. By the time shorty had opened his door, my door was already wide open and my back was to him. Given my arm movements, I am sure he knew what I was up to. By the time I tilted my head to the side to see what he was doing, there was no mistaking what was on his mind - his cock was out and about and ready to meet the world.

Taking on his bravado, I turned around to show my stiff cock. He stepped out into the corridor and so did I. Of course, at this point, we were confident that there were only four people in the room, and the other two were peering underneath the cubbie doors to see what was happening. What I found strange was the person who was occupying the cubbie door directly in front of mine. He barely showed his cock while I was looking underneath the cubicles and now that two of us were jacking off in the corridors, he was just peering through the crack on the wall where he had also lined with toilet paper. As in, he took a *lot* of effort to make sure he wasn't seen by people.

Ako naman, shirley. Vahala ka sa vuhae moh. I am here to cum - care ko kung gaym siya or not. So may I laro kami ni shorty. He as definitely smaller and slimmer than I was, but he really didn't want me to touch or suck him. Ako naman, ok lang. I know that some people are just into the whole voyeurism thing and I can respect that. So there we were, jacking off in front of the other two cubicles whose occupants were still trying to get a good view of us.

After a while, I think Mr. Shy (the one with the toilet-paper-covered cubicle) decided to out himself.

And I was in shock.

Well, he was old. As in around 60 years old. Minimum. Kita mo naman sa feiz, eh. PERO, my ghad! Ang katawan!!! As in, muscles galore and more to spare. He was built like a tank and when he finally showed his penis. LOKISH! It was around 7 inches long but with an immense head. As in, super big head with a super thick foreskin.


Before shorty got it, I grabbed it and jacked it off. After I realised how big it was, I decided to suck it and in the exact same time, I came all over the floor.

That was when someone came in. We all shuffled to our respective cubicles and fixed myself. When I knew that everything was clear, I came out with a wad of tissues to clean up my residue (siyempre naman I look after the place, noh!) and left.

When I came back home, Oli and I had a talk and he apologised for shouting at me. Ako naman, ok lang. I love Oli, (trust me - I do) but if he treats me like shit, I can always go somewhere where I can get my rocks off.

No one cares for me like I can, so if he's not willing to treat me well, it's no skin off my nose. I can take care of myself.


1. Quentin: The resignation letter was long pending. Separate incident, honest. :-)

2. JM: MWAH! Yun lang. :-)

3. rik: Well, I hope to bump into you once you come over. Pero naman wag sa toilet! CHOZ! :-D

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Dramas Before the Violet Post

After the beautimous harrassment suit that went quickly down the drain, I have a new drama in my life. I guess the fates decided that a few torturous weeks weren't enough.

Nagaway kami ni Oli kaninang umaga. For some strange reason, we were talking about the walang kamatayang bading na diver na nanalo ng gold. Ewan ko ba kung bakit, pero bigla ba namang nagalit ang lokah sa akin with matching sigaw.

Well, ako for one, hindi ako pinalaki ng nanay ko para maging punching bag o door mat ni no man (or is it "nino man"? Ewan ko ba vah). So, I did what any Ms. Universe finalist would do.

Smile. One step back. Walk out.

As in, I gracefully got my gym bag and went to the gym. Had lunch. Went to the office (on a Sunday!). Printed my resignation letter. Slipped it under my manager's door. And here I am now.

Now what will I do now? I don't know for sure. I definitely don't want to see Oli until tonight. I'm pretty sure I will go to church later (good girl ako, a! Every Sunday... well, second Sunday...) and then... I don't know. Maybe I will hada - because I can.

See, the scary thing about me is once you cross me, there is little chance of going back. As in, sa tingin mo crayola akish if I walk out on Oli. Hindeh, no! Maraming distractions sa mundo, and I *refuse* to cry over a man. Once was enough, chenkyu.

ANYway, as usual...

1. kurisu: Sinabi mo, sister! Feeling ko talaga may bagong title ako: Reyna Facade!

2. quentin: To be honest, ghurl, I don't know. Feeling ko may sayad siya - honest. My manager actually told me before about her, but I didn't know she was one bottle cap short of Kikkoman (read: may toyo).

3. gibo: In fairness, di naman sya Chaka. In fact, may pagka-Beyonce sya... if Beyonce was dragged through the mud, plopped through a grater and whipped with an egg beater, as a child. Ay, ang sama ko. My solicitor will not be happy. So, I take it back.


4. joaqui: Nakuh, no thanks. She would have to invade a public men's toilet if she wants to see my goods! (GANON!)

On a serious note: I hope you're ok. Medyo feeling ko, rollercoaster time for you, so I hope you have your seatbelt fastened and you are holding on to the rails. This too will end soon.

5. ash: JHURL! Nice to know you are up and about. I felt talaga you had vacated my life (chicka!). I was about to write a comment on your little mermaid piece pero decided against it. I heard the most fantabulous gay version of that song. One of these days I will email you a copy (if I could find it, that is).

Monday, 18 August 2008


I hate the fact that I do not have time to update this blog. In my previous entry, I was about to end the rainbow series - in fact, this upcoming one is violet, about the waiter I had "sex" with during my first visit to a sauna here (back in the late 90's!).

But while planning for it, one of my psychoholic workmates filed a sexual harrassment against moi! Now this is a problem because (a) hindi ko type ang girl, and (b) I have only talked to her thrice in the time I have been here in Sydney, AND (c) she is reported things that could not possibly be true.

To elaborate point (c), she talked about (c1) my foreskin and how (c2) we talked about my foreskin and (c3) I showed it to her. Now, this is a problem because (d1) I don't have a foreskin, which means (c1) and (c3) could not be true. Also, the only extended discussion (more than 5 minutes) I've had psychoholic girl was when I explained the functions of the new office photocopying machine, and I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen that there was, is or will ever be anything sexual about a photocopying machine, unless I'm having sex on top of it in which case will never EVER be with psychoholic girl but with... let's say, Jean Franko or Daniel Marvin
or Pedro Andreas... OR all three of them!

Hindi naman ako garapal, noh???

So yun. The suit was convened and after my submission of documents and trial and chuvah, I was acquitted. The girl left the office, yelling and screaming for bloody vengence, to which
the office manager whispered "Good riddance."

To be honest, I never harrassed anyone... ok, at least to the point of showing my penis. Parang hellO! Hindi naman ako bobing, noh? Hayok? Yes. Malandi? Yes. Tanga? Straight? No - on both counts.

Yan ang mahirap kapag no one in the office knows about my sexuality - not that there is any reason for disclosure. Parang I could tell everyone about me, but I choose not to.

ANYway, liberated na ang bakla and now I can move on. I am planning on changing jobs, something that I thought about before this whole controversy came about. My manager knows naman and after this incident, she said she would give me glowing recommendations still.

My life goes on. The last of the rainbow will rise in the next week or so. Stay tuned...


Quentin: HELLOoooo! Sorry I was not able to meet you! I took down na my special spot in 357. Nice naman siya, noh? I had my first curry there! Yum! Galore! Oh the memories...

Gibo: Believe it or not, there is no part two. Super engot naman me during that time. I would not have known what to do about a penis dangling down my throat, honest!!!

RiK: Siyempre kunwari virginal, noh!? It's the Reyna Elena in me... and yes, Digo is VERY malinis! I googled his name and apparently, he's still playing random gigs now and such. Pero sadly, married. *sigh-yang* On a more serious note, I hope you are ok. You have to tell me what the hell happened to you??? Sister!!! You based here ba or in Manila?

Archie: Medyo. Honest, I really wish I had been more on the ball that night (pun intended)

Commuter: Oh, just for the record, from memory, it was a fat note. :-D

Turismo: Mismo, hija! Mismo!

Onai: I know, I know! Going down memory lane kasi eh! Promise the next few updates will make up for it!... Once I get the time to do it all, that is.

Joaqui: Don't hate me, but there is no part 2... :-( I hope the next few entries will make up for it.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Pabati muna:

1. turismo: For me, it's balbon and utong. Utong story will cap the Rainbow (re)Collection.

2. archiemb: I know... How I wish I had more guts in my youth. So much wasted opportunity.

3. gibo & dabo: We all miss out, in one way or another, di ba? It's all a matter of catching up, I think! :-D

4. princhecha: naku, your highness. dapat gawan ng paraan! di va? *tili*

5. joaqui: Ah, yes. The memories of youthful masturbation.

6. commuter: we are all guilty of these tittilating adventures, aren't we? :-D


I have to confeyzun to make. This is actually one of the reasons why I wanted the Rainbow (re)Collection Stories. This is my story with Digo.

The year was 1993, and I took time off studies to focus on those two things I thought I could do for life – theatre and modeling. Let’s face it – the cameras, the pictures on magazines, the multitudes looking at you on stage… I was an attention whore (in a lot of ways, I still am) and I LOVED IT.

However, I never really felt I knew where to go and how to start. I signed up to an independent theatre/singing group to start with, and that was when I met Digo. He was heading the choral group at that time, and my God, he was gorgeous. He was short, but still very attractive - he had milky soft skin that was such a strong contrast to his wild, wavy hair. He had wide eyes that mirrored his enthusiastic way of doing things. It’s like he’s always on Red Bull – but he does so that you never think he’s putting on an act or anything. While signing up, he smiled at me, and I knew I was at home with him. Although I was there for the acting part, I signed up initially for the choral.

As musical director, he basically trains us with our vocal technique and whatnot – and he was amazing. We would always spend our weeknights practicing and such, and of course, because we lived relatively close, we would end up drinking after practice with other select guys in the group.

One night, our drinking spree ended with the two of us on a laughing trip fueled by nonsensical jokes and what felt like 14 gallons of beer each. I knew I was toasted and for the first time in years, I felt alive.

At the top of our voices, we started singing “Galileo” by the Indigo Girls, a duo whom Digo loved to bits. It was one of my favourite choral songs and when we sang it, we just clicked vocally. It felt like magic to my ears.

“Hoy! Tumigil nga kayo diyan!”

Again, to MY ears, it was magic. To our neighbours, it must have been a rude 2 am wake up siren.

As we kept on singing, Digo started jumping around near the song’s coda… and dramatically twisted his ankle somehow. He toppled and fell face first onto a pile of gravel. When I got to him, he was barely conscious, his breath reeking of alcohol. Because I didn’t want to bring him all the way to his house, which would have been another 20 minute walk, with me carrying most of his drunken weight, I decided to take him home with me.

When I got to the house, I realized that he had a small wound near his eye and a small stream of blood had started to trickle down. I am not one to panic (kasi feeling Florence Nightingale, di ba?!) so I got some gauze, cleaned and dressed his wound. All the while I was trying to calm Digo down, because he just kept on talking (thank God our house has thick walls!) and mumbling. I turned around to throw out all the used gauze and such, and when I turned to face Digo, he had somehow gotten the idea in his head that he was at his house. He took off his shirt and got trapped in it, so I helped him out of it.

That was when I saw how beautiful his body was. It was like looking into a pond of milk. His muscles were tight and lean in all the right places, and I couldn’t help but look at it without breathing.

My enchantment was broken when he suddenly decided to take off his pants. Because I was still virginal at the time, and yes there WAS a time I was virginal, I didn’t know what to do but I knew that this wasn’t an opportunity that would happen again.

I reached for his pants, my fingers trying desperately to unbutton his 501s. I had gotten to the last button when his eyes opened and he stared at me blankly. No anger, no happiness – in fact, no emotion whatsoever. I didn’t know what that stare meant but I knew very well the consequences of misreading it… so I did the only thing I knew I could do well: lie.

“Hinuhubad mo ang pantaloon mo. Tinutulungan lang kita. Ikukuha na kita ng pajama.”

I went to my drawer, got one of my old PJs and turned out to offer it to Digo, but he was again fast asleep, his pants rolled down to his thigh. I took off his pants for him, my eyes running back and forth his body but always alert of Digo regaining consciousness.

I put his pajamas on him and went to the other side of the bed to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke to find him, clutching on to my arm with my hand decidedly in between his legs. I could feel part of his hard-on on my elbow.

I couldn’t breathe.


Lyrics from Ghost by the Indigo Girls.

unknowing captor

you'll never know how much you pierce my spirit

can you hear it

a cry to be free

or i'm forever under lock and key

as you pass through me

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Blue. Just blue.

Before anything else:

SORRY mga televiewers kung super repeat telecast ang Misadventures. Things are a bit hectic at work, and just when I thought things were good... BOOM! Pope Benedict came. Kaya HELLO akish! Somehow I didn't think World Youth Day was going to disrupt my senses, but lalala, it did. So sorry!

And before anything else,

1. Anton & Dazedblu: Thank you for the compliment. Kaloka talaga the life here (choooooz). I hope you like this one as well. Maybe not as well written, but oh the memories...

2. Quentin: Nakuh, ghurl - WINNER ang mga all boys schools! Honest! One of these days, I will tell you my CAT story. Kalokish! Also, can't make it because I'm leaving Sydney on Tuesday (tomorrow) because we are escaping World Youth Week. Kaloka na ang mga pilgrims, ha! Sorry!!!

3. Jericho: I remember (almost) everything - basta good to the last drop.

4. Source: Thank you! :-) Mwah! And I lurve your Ms. Universe post! Can you believe Ms. America? Hello!!! Twice in a row! Kagalit! Kumulot tuloy ang extensions ko! *charingerzie!* I do hope something comes out of your JF adventure (tiliii!!!!)

5. Rik: Nakuh true! Feeling Tina Paner akish in Tamis ng Unang Halik! CHOZ! Mega dated na talaga ang mga hirit!!! :-)

6. Omega: Tama bang may teaser pero walang kuwento! ;-)

7. Onai: Take care, mate... :-)

8. Wandering: Nice to know my blog has a positive effect on some people. :-) Hope to hear more from you! :-D

9. Odin: Nakuh! Everyone has stories - it's all in the remembering, honest! :-)

10. Turismo: Pa-contest!? ZIUR! Pero maybe not today! Will log in tomorrow! Promizz~!

11. Mink: And you should see me in doggy style mode! ChO-Oz!

12. yajnat: And everyone is happy! *I hope!* :-)

13. joaqui: First love dies... but is never forgotten! Hehehe!


Ito na! This blog entry has gone through so many delays and revisions. I will definitely finish this now because it's something I need to get out of my head.

You see, when I was a child, I have always thought of this guy (kinda NSFW) as the ideal. No joke. I saw his chest hair and I just wanted to dive into it. In fact, his second photo shoot (the one with a Pug) was so hot, I swear I got my first erection when I saw it. It doesn't matter if his facial hair was definitely fugly as (I have a love-hate relationship with moustaches) - I just felt that he was A MAN.

And that was the same year I met Blue. I will call him this because (a) he loved wearing blue jeans, and (b) he loved wearing them tight. Later on, I discovered that this phenomenon was called cameltail. He was a year below me but very active in army training (CAT). Obviously, he was quite set on becoming an officer the next year. He was clearly one of those guys who started shaving regularly at the age of 10 - and with his height, he could sure pass for an officer.

At that time, the commandant refused to have any gays in office duty, so all of them femmes had to go through the rigours along with everyone else. However, that left closet cases like me ready for the light work. I still had to do pushups like the rest of them (which was easy for me anyway), but most of the time, I was in the CAT Office, typing away and filing galore like any sexytary would do.


Because I had access to the office which most students don't, I was well liked by most. Some would ask me to open the office for them so that they could just chill out and relax - some considered the office their personal locker and would stash away special goods for everyone's use. One of those is the "military bible" - which is a fancy word for porn. Everyone knew there were magazines in the office, and because it reflected the macho culture of the military, the commandant didn't mind (as long as the magazines were not left out in the open).

Because I was a senior, I acted as if the magazines were beyond me (but I would secretly look at them from time to time because the guys there were hung as fire hoses!), but the juniors who were just getting into the whole business were fascinated by them.

One of them was Blue, who was at that time just starting his training with us. Because they had to learn everything there was in the training program, they would often to come to me, and ask for advice. Not surprising, really, given that I was one of the most knowledgable ones in the office but also the least threatening one.

Plus, I was easy on the eyes (KUNWARI, FOLKS!)

*ANY*way, the night before the bivouac camp, the commandant wanted us to prepare everything so that things go smoothly, and that unfortunately involved me sleeping in the office to make sure everything was done exactly as he wanted. The paperwork necessary for the job was ridiculous and tedious, so I was not looking forward to it. However, the commandant was nice enough to send me one worker to help out - Blue.

At first, deadma because really, I had way too much to think about. But after a while, it was clear that (a) Blue was cute and naive, and (b) he was eager to please, which meant (c) he will obey commands as though I were an officer. Of course, I didn't want to abuse naman ("Wear that French maid's outfit, hijo! That's a good boy!") but still, at the age of 16, what did you expect from me, noh?! I was desperate to get into trouble and Blue gave me more than enough reason to do so.

So there we were, in the office, by ourselves. And to make room for the softdrinks that would come by at around 7am the next day, we had to move several things around the office, like the desks and such. So, we did. Of course, being in a tropical country, I changed into my shorts - yes in front of him - and took off my top. Because I was doing it, he gauged that he could do so as well.

So he took off his top - and there it was. Chest hair to rival a carpet. At first I didn't want to look, but his chest was quite toned like most basketball players and he was just a stunner. His dark skin just matched his features way too well, and his body hair made everything picture perfect.

Anyway, I think he caught me staring at him because he started to get more self-conscious about his body hair. In between carrying jobs, he would cross his arms over his chest, and appear all shy and such.

"O, bakit biglang mahiyain ka?"

"Nakakahiya, eh."

"Ano? Yan?" And I tweaked his fat brown nipple.

He just laughed and playfully ducked - and of course, the nipple in question suddenly became more pronounced.

"Hindi. Medyo balbon ako e."

"Naku! Okay lang yan noh!" I proceed to poke his belly button and yank a little bit of his hair out in the process.

"Aray!" And the playfulness continued.

By midnight, we were tired and proceeded to call it a night. I asked Blue to lock the front door and timed it so that as he was coming back, he would catch me as I was undressing. When I knew he was about to enter the office, I took off my shorts and undies and proceeded to wear my boxers. At that time, fancy boxers were the fad and I was lucky enough to have a nice pair.

"O, nandiyan ka na pala. Tulog na tayo."

"Wow, ok ang shorts mo, a."

"Ito? Salamat. Medyo bago pa, pero malambot. Tignan mo." And I rubbed my fingers against the fabric, hoping he would do the same.

And he did.

"Malambot nga." And he moved to the side of the room, where it was slightly darker and he took off his pants to reveal tightie whities... and dark chocolately hairy legs.

I couldn't stop looking.

He caught me staring at him again (what was it? the fifth time that evening?).

"Uy! Wag mo naman akong tignan ng ganyan. Nahiya tuloy ako dahil medyo balbon ako."

"Ok lang yan noh! Inggit na ako eh."


"Lahat ba kayo sa pamilya niyo balbon?"

"Hindi. Ako lang. Sabi ng tatay ko, balbon daw si lolo, pero... ewan ko nga ba. Medyo bad trip nga eh."

"Hindi, no! Swerte mo nga eh! Sana balbon din ako. Gaano ka kabalbon?"


"Lahat ba balbon?"


"Pati bayag?"


"Talaga? Patingin nga?"


"Sige na! Hindi pa ako nakakakita ng bayag na balbon, eh!"

With slight reluctance, he dropped his briefs and covered his dick, only to reveal duck egg testicles hanging slightly lower than normal. His balls were covered in hair.

"Minsan, ginu-gunting ko para di naman malaswang tignan."

I moved closer to have a peek at what he had. He took one step closer to the light, and there, I had the chance to really look at it.

"Wow. Inggit ako, pare."

And I was. I took his testicles gently into my palm and using my other hand, compared it to mine. Because I was wearing boxers, it was fairly easy for me to take my balls out, which were outsized and out-haired. In a few moments, one of his hands reached out and took mine gently as well. It was so clear that his member was slightly growing but under his hand, I could not be too sure.

After a minute, his hand retracted and so did mine. We turned off the light and slept on opposite ends of the room.

I jacked off to sleep. I'm pretty sure he did as well.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Green: The Colour of a Novice Whore

Hello, mga televiewers, and welcome to the fourth installment of the Rainbow series chuvah. But syempre, before anything else, shout outs:

1. Princhecha: Thank you, sister! Loving your posts as well... Still not too sure about the blackout story though... but I digress. :-)

2. John: Nakuhledesma! Once you see Sydney in all its glory (holes), maloloka kah! I will make kwento my Sydney Uni experiences soooooon.

3. Ash: Thank you, dahlin' (Feeling Southern Belle ang lolah niyo today~!)

4. Quentin: Yeah, I know I take the long way sometimes. I hope it's not boring you... :-)

5. Pachot: ThankyouThankyou! Feel free to go back to my earlier entries para you will see kapokishness in all its glory! Chuvah! :-)

6. Turismo: Yeah, just when you think I couldn't get seedier! :-D

7. Anon: And you win.... 10 POINTS! Yes, sister! Winner ang hula mo...

8. Rik: As if naman naive tayo, nohh!? The answer is: vhaklish for sure ang original designer! Winner sha! :-)


Anyway, our story begins a million years ago... there was stirring in the primordial soup, and a small creature decided... (JOKE LANG) Actually this started sometime in the late 80's. GnR was at its peak, but believe it or not, I was gyrating till I had my fill, just like a pneumatic drill (10 points to whoever can guess the reference). The home entertainment system reached a new high (or low, depending on the listener) with the home karaoke. No longer were beer gardens the sole source of intoxicating entertainment or hilarious renditions of "My Way" with enough tonsil cringing moments to make Sinatra roll in his grave.

(cue Sharon)

High school life, oh my high school life
Ev'ry memory, kay ganda...

I was on my last year of high school and my friends decided to have an impromptu trip to the City of Pines. Four of my friends dropped by my house, helped me pick out some clothes and before the ink could dry on my goodbye letter to my mom, we were on the bus to Baguio, laughing away our post-NCEE blues.

Talagang dated ang mga hirit, folks.

There are times, may problema ka
Kung ang homework left undone

Anyway, since I came from an all-boys school, it was only fitting that we have an all-boys farewell to our old lives, as college loomed around the bend. The minute we got off the bus, we were chatting away our chills, our youth giving us warmth while our collective forgetfulness made us wish for our jackets. It was the best of times.

High school love, my one high school love
Not infatuation, not crush

His name was Joseph, but in our group, we called him Ners. I forget the reason why, but the name was something he inherited from Grade 5, and rather than blushing away his embarrassment, he embraced his new name with the gusto he has always been known for. The best description for him is that he is Elven. He had a square jaw that highlighted his cleft chin and his straight hair framed his face so perfectly that even angels would have turned away from its brilliance.

Over ang description, divah?

Anyway, he had always been what I wanted to be. He was tall, lean and although he wasn't a muscle man, one look was enough to know he was built in all the right places. He always made sure he was pleasant on the eyes, and his smile was pure sunshine. He didn't smile that often, but when he did, it could melt steel.

I remember the first time I saw him smile at me. I was the goalie for our intramurals, and we were leading 5-4. It was the stereotypical free kick with zero time left on the clock and we were up. Bato (the other team's killer player) was up for the kick, and I knew I couldn't frak up. The kick was made, I jumped with a punch, and the ball was out of bounds. We won the game and everyone was absolutely jubilant! I turned and saw him with his bandaged foot. He had a smile stretched from ear to ear, all the while yelling "Yeah! Yeah!"

At that point, I had fallen.

Tunay 'to, sya ang buhay ko
Di niyo lang alam, ako'y nag-bla-blush

In early years at school, he sat a few rows behind me but we never really talked. I only stared at him from the corner of my eye, and from time to time, imagine what it would be like to truly stare into his deep eyes. He always seemed so intense, and his eyes pierced into whatever lay straight ahead of him... I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to step into that gaze.

I got to know him better during our Junior year - and given that we were the only two who were good in being the class soccer goalie, we bonded through the admiration of others who marveled at our ability to catch any ball passing our way.


Sadly, he twisted his ankle during one practice which turned out to be a hairline fracture - that in turn rendered him useless in the field, for at least half a year.

Bakit nga ba ang first love ko
Ay di serious, so it seems

On our final year, we hit it off much better and I was happy he was one of the few people who joined our impromptu Baguio trip. I actually get the feeling I would not have been invited, had the venue for our weekend trip not been my family's vacation house.

Anyway, we did the usual round of laughing and going around and taking pictures and getting drunk and getting pictures of us drunk and making fun of each other... you know the drill. On our final night, we decided to go out with a bang, and we bought enough alcohol to fuel a rocket ship. By the time midnight chimes were heard, we had been (in the words of British paparazzi) royally hammered.

We decided to forego our bedrooms that night and stick to the living room floor. We made a makeshift super-king size mattress (I forget how) and I found myself sleeping beside Ners.

Of course, I was too nervous to really do anything (HELLO! Medyo 16 lang ako nun, noh!) but once I heard the collective snores of my friends, I decided to go for broke.

At first, it was my left hand on his right thigh, but as his snores grew louder and louder, I found my hand creeping up to his dick. It was stiff and from what I remember, it was short but thick. Much thicker than mine and (all modesty aside) that says a lot.

I managed to compare his dick and mine through subtle hand measurements. By then, my dick had been throbbing like crazy and I knew if I kept it up, I would burst right then and there.

I went to the toilet and released my seed into the wash basin. It didn't take long, thanks to youthful hormones. In less than a minute, I had done the deed and was on my way back to the king-size bed. As I lay down, Ners stood up to pee.

Thoughts in my head: "Shit. Did I wipe the basin clean? What if he could smell my cum? What if he was awake all this time and told the others?"

My nerves were a wreck as Ners came back to the bed and lay down beside me. He began snoring loudly again and my nerves calmed down enough to help me all asleep.

But just before I surrendered to sleep, I felt his body turning to face me and his arm lazily draped around my waist.

Next day, we were on the bus at the crack of dawn, our bodies still hung over from the alcohol that could have launched a thousand battleships. We all had our Ray-Ban Aviators on, and despite our best efforts to look human, we were supremely on the hung over side of life.

The bus wasn't that full and we managed to take the last two rows to ourselves. My other friends slept on rows of seats good for two people. Ners and I sat on the last two seat remaining, and at one point, he bent over and slept on my lap, his elbow a mere half an inch away from what was again a throbbing hard-on. Needless to say, I didn't sleep at all.

Last I heard from Ners, he married Cora, a good friend of the family. Once in a while, when we see each other in big family functions, we talk about life and where our careers are headed. However, I never told him about how he tainted my sleeping patterns and how, even now, I am happy that he did.

Kung alam lang ng first love ko
He is always in my dreams...

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Orange: The Colour of a Burning Man

Syempre, as usual mga televiewers, it all starts with a pabati.

Rik: True, lumandi ang lola, PERO in fhairnezz, hindi ako kumagat. I spent the entire Friday shopping till EVER dahil may I channel Carrie Bradshaw akish. No Manolos for me, but I have three new Bally shoes and one Kenneth Cole. Chicka!

Onai: Hija, that was the Yellow post.

Diablo: Walang ano man, and thank you for dropping by as well. May I see more of you here! *beso*beso*

Quentin: Happily enough, this story didn't end in bed. Merlot is cute and all (AND fucking HOT AS) but still, I prefer to shop... CHOZ!

Bryan: Well, I hope you get more time to read the stories kahit walang katuturan ako most of the time! Thanks for dropping by, Bryan! :-)

Odin and Turismo: Here is the orange post. I hope you like it.


It all started in this place.

Yes, these are toilet doors. There are eight of them, but three of these kinda face each other. Now, when you sit on the throne, the first thing you will notice...

... is that the toilet door hangs suspiciously high. All of them. The pic above proves my point. I placed a regular-sized pamphlet on the wall (kasing laki ng legal sized envelope), and you will see how much space they left open. The end of the door touches the tip of your knee when you sit down. So, in short, this is your basic view...

And this is your basic view, if someone is actually inside the cubicles.

Yes, kitam lahat. I purposely chose this pic because you actually don't see much here. To be honest, I felt guilty taking this because I knew that these two were not there for "fun" but rather, relief.

But that doesn't happen all the time. Most of the time, when I drop by this place, it is brimming in activity - and this is where the real story begins.

I had just come from a heavy day at work and I decided to go to the loo to relieve myself. I didn't mean to do anything else really. But as I was ending my business in the cubicle, I noticed a small remark on the wall:

"Look underneath the door"

So I did, and lo and behold, erect towers of all shapes and sizes! In the middle of a mall! Hurrah! The three other cubicles facing me were occupied and they were obviously there for reasons other than relief.

I didn't want to stay too long but JEEZ! it was just too difficult to stare away from them! In a few minutes, heads started popping underneath the door and I knew that people were ready for business. What struck my fancy though was the erect phallus on the far end. It was a very dark penis, but had a very bright head! I had seen some of these so-called multicoloured penises on dark horses - and this guy definitely qualifies under this category.

After a minute, the man beside me (whom I had not seen thus far) opened his door. The others followed suit and not wanting to miss out on the action, so did I, my steel rod poking through my pants.

What followed them was a grope fest with everyone going for everyone else's penis. I had the hardest time not blowing my load because everyone in that place was bursting in libido. Most of them had nice cocks about them and there were all hungry for a cock in their hand.

Now, the nice thing about this place is that, although there are security patrols around, they tend to not bounce on people because the door makes such a loud ruckus, that we are always warned when someone is coming. So when someone opens the door, we have more than ample time to shuttle back to our respective cubicles and wait for the interloper to leave.

Once in a while, I would venture out into the urinal area, just to make sure that no one is there, and proceed to give everyone else the green light to play around again.

After one such incident, I stood outside dark man's door, and he opened it with his pants and his bright orange undies to his knees and his dick waving proudly at me. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed his dick, went down on my knees and proceeded to suck him off, something that the others had not done at all. Perhaps they were scared of his two-toned monster penis, but - whatever! Their loss! I was in HEAVEN!

The guy's penis was light pink at the tip, a stark contrast to his chocolate brown skin. He looked like a boxer because he was quite built, but not in a muscle mary kind of way. With his toned legs and bulging calves, he looked like a cargador, albeit a VERY handsome one.

Anyway, I did my business for a minute and soon enough, he turned away from me and blew his load on the wall. He then proceeded to take off his undies and use them to wipe his cum from the walls. He was about to pop his wasted undies to the bin beside me, when he noticed my outstretched hand. He popped his undies on my open palm, zipped himself up (commando!) and
left soon after that.

I still have those undies in my drawer - washed, of course. :-)

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Yellow: The Colour of Cowardice

Day Four of the Conference and second speaker ang lola niyo.

"Good axternoun, ladies and jayntelmin."

- joke -

As usual, tense akish dahil I hate talking behind a podium and mumbling about my job and chuvah. Of course, as always, presentation to the max akish, noh! Kailangang panagutan ang bandera ng Best in (swim)Suit! Ever pose for the photographers!


So I was there, giving my spiel and presenting my chukakish when... I saw him.


Only I wasn't too sure...


Super daming paparazzi, eh.

Ganon, di ba?!

...Later that night, I logged on to my computer.


DeepRedWine: Oi!
MarCuss: Hey, you! Long time, no see! I thought I saw you, but I wasn't too sure.
DeepRedWine: Yeah, it was me. I saw your name and I decided why not. Good presentation, by the way.
MarCuss: Awww, thanks, champ. Didn't even know you were in town.
DeepRedWine: Well, it was a last minute thang. Only here for a couple more days though.
MarCuss: (to himself) Thang mong ulo mo. Letche.
MarCuss: Well, it's good to see you up and about.
DeepRedWine: You too. Nice to see that your arm's patched.
MarCuss: The pain's still there, but it's getting better. Doing to my physio fairly regularly.
DeepRedWine: He must be hot, eh?
MarCuss: Not really. *SHE* is good lookin' but not my type.
DeepRedWine: So did you wanna meet up or something?
MarCuss: I dunno, mate. Been really busy on this end. I can only make it next Friday, if you want.
DeepRedWine: Sure! I have work but I'm sure I can come in late.

Putang ina. Kumagat ang gagah.

MarCuss: I thought you were only here for a couple of days?
DeepRedWine: A week or so.
MarCuss: (to himself) Ginagago mo ba ako??
MarCuss: Sure, mate. See you next Friday.

Now the question is: will I be brave enough to push through with this? Or is this end in me baking a chicken-shit pie?


I already have an orange entry. Will post it maybe on Wednesday! :-)

Mga Helloz:
1. Richard: Hello there, fellow adventurer! I hope those ellipses will be replaced by comments next time! Hindi na uso ang suffering in silence! Very 90's, hija...
2. Kai: I think the hole used to be able to fit a finger, but now hanggang silip na lang.
3. Anon: Siyempre kailangan medyo dexterity-galore. Usually, you have to kneel VERY low. I've seen guys with faces pressed to the floor sometimes. Kinda pathetic (opinion ko lang, ha) to go that low, but hey, whatever floats your boat, wika nga.
4. Quentin: How uncomfortable! Unisex toilets? Parang di ko ata feel...
5. Rik: Kung dakota, chicka lang. As mentioned earlier, the hole is for the eyes, not for any other body part. I've had a Greek guy there before - my Ghad! Super big! Will kwento next time.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Rainbow...

...with a little photo shoot. Some of you were asking about the haunts in my life and this is one of the newest ones. This is a toilet with a glory hole in it. This is really similar to the one in Melbourne, except that one is kinda stinky. This one is managed fairly well (as far as I can tell, at least).

This is a short 3-minute walk from my new workplace (it's a pity that my contract is only until August), and I just lurve it.

This is the main door to my tambayan. As you can see from the open door, there is a black second door, which gives me ample warning to get off of the floor and pretend I am using the loo for its intended purpose.

When you walk in, you will see urinals on your left (not seen) and these five toilet cubicles (first one not in picture).
Basically, on a busy day, these five cubbies are filled with people looking underneath the walls, checking out the action on the other side. For the people on the first three cubicles, only have a couple of options: (a) look underneath the wall and hope there is someone crouched on the other side, (b) do a foot tapping game which usually ends in (c) a handjob (mutual or otherwise) underneath the wall, or (d) stand on the bowl and look over the wall - that way, you at least see what you're getting. Not a lot of people use option (d) though because the second door has a brushed glass window which makes it possible for people to see you looking over and such - tres embarrassing.
But the fourth and fifth cubicles have a secret. In the pic above, do you see the brownish hole that looks like a crescent moon? It's actually the glory hole. I am assuming it was much bigger before someone had to put cement on it or something. Luckily, ma-abilidad ang mga bading and the glory hole lives once more (albeit in a smaller form).
So that is my glory hole tambayan.
So Rik and Anon: I hope you like it. One of these days, I will show you the other place I make tambay. It's the scenario for the next exotic tale (Orange).
Onai: Don't worry. I have so much more to share - my life is just as vast as the Pacific (or Bondi as the case may be).
Quentin: I agree with you there! Admit though: Yum sila... Especially those tattoos! ULTRA YUM!
Ash: Haaaaay sis. One of these days, we can meet up over coffee and discuss the wonders of MarcusHada techniques. Perfected over the years.... CHOZ! ;-)