Sunday, 9 December 2007

Dorm Series #1: The First Time I Loved Forever...

...Yes, folks. It's another trip down memory lane. As for the title, I know some of you would recognise the allusion. For those who don't... ang babata ninyo! Hehehe! Here is a brief reminder for all of us. (SFW) This song contains Ron Perlman reciting lines from e. e. cumming's poem, which the original video does not have.

(And as I type this, I am reciting the lines from e. e. cumming's poem. Bakla talaga, folks!!)

Anyway, this song was the IN song when I first met Nando. Nando and I were both from the same all-male dorm at my university. He reminded me so much of Jestoni Alarcon (who was also the IN actor then). He had dark skin (yes, I love men with dark skin) and a Close-Up sparkly smile. He was a mad tennis player, fit and trim in all the right places. The only bad thing about him was (a) he tried too hard to speak English - which made listening to him try a bit disconcerting, and (b) he had some delusions of making it big as a singer, even though he can't sing well enough to earn a cent on the streets.

But still, he was a looker, and I loved just staring at him from the corner of my eyes. He was an avid sportsman, and all the basketball teams in our dorm wanted him in their team. He was also a tennis freak, and he represented our university in competitions where he would normally bring home at least a silver medal.

One day, I dropped by his room to borrow a book for a class that I was taking at the time. He welcomed me into his room, which he shared with three other guys. Two of the guys were not in the room at the time, but the fourth one was sleeping so I guess we had some sort of privacy.

He told me to sit on his bed, simply because the study desk was really too narrow for two people to use. Anyway, he was talking about the course that I was currently enrolled in, and after an hour or so, we found ourselves talking more and more openly about life, while lying down on the bed, the blanket covering our feet.

We were still talking about philosophy and life, when I suddenly felt his toe rubbing against mine. I didn't pull away - neither did he.

We stopped talking and just looked at each other. His toe became more adventurous and he quickly used his toe to masturbate my own. It was such a surreal experience - but VERY sexy. Soon, he gathered the courage to explore my body, and taking his cue, I found the courage to explore his. It was awkward and clumsy and oh, so very kinky. The thrill of making sure his roommate doesn't wake up added to the excitement, and we continued to talk politics while jacking each other off.

His dick was very nice, quite proportional to his lean body. His dick curved a bit, and a bit thin. Still, it was long enough to guarantee pleasure and grabbing his cock just guaranteed that he was into me. If his dick became any harder, it would burst a vein, I'm sure.

That night, we came in each other's hand, and he had a look in his eyes that asked if it will happen again.

It did. Again. And again. In the swimming pool, in the shower stalls, in those dark dormitory corners that no one notices except those dying for a little fun. He tried to enter me once - with spit (ala Brokeback). It was more painful for him, than for me. He didn't get in far enough to elicit pain and we didn't know any better that time. So most often than not, we satisfied our cravings with kisses and blowjobs and rimming and 69s. There was no corner of that body I have not touched or kissed or sucked. His ass, firm from all those years of running and playing basketball and tennis, was such a pleasure to invade and had i had known of lube and such, I would have been a top from that point onwards I'm sure.

And he loved sucking me off. We would sneak into shower stalls at 3 am, and just pleasure ourselves into orgasm. At one point, I would finger him while his dick was in my mouth, and he would come with such power that he would collapse in a heap afterwards. Given his stamina in the courts, I was actually surprised he was putty in my hands. At one point, he actually nearly fainted and I had to half-carry him back to his room, much to the surprise of his roommates.

When he was horny, he would always ask me in public if I wanted to play "tennis" - our code for sex. I still remember such naivete - so sweet and so romantic. Those were the days. I never thought I was fully gay at that time. I still had a girlfriend, and we were going out quote steadily. He never had a girlfriend, despite the fact that he was such a sport stud. He tried to ask me out, very very subtly - in fact, almost too subtle. I never actually thought he wanted to go out with me until I thought about it a few years later. I didn't know I was good enough for him, and perhaps, that was my downfall.

Years after, he too had come out of the closet and now he is living with a guy in Makati, last I checked. I still wonder sometimes what would have happened if I had been more careful of my handling with him. Would Nando and I be together? What life would we have had if I decided to let him court me?

Anyway, I will always remember Nando with a certain fondness. He was one of the few men who really made me feel handsome, despite all of my ugliness that I see with such clarity.

To Nando, thank you for being my first love. Thanks for all the memories.


YAJNAT said...

What if's...sure ull be a top...for a time with Nando...till u meet Oli...den ull be as happy as a power bottom...


Anonymous said...

wowww... nice read.


daniel palma tayona said...

hi there. after a hiatus of about 4 months, i am back.

please remove PEN AND PALETTE link. i changed it to Visual Viscera. i am slowly reformatting everything. :-) thank you!!

i have so much to catch up on blorhopping and reading.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

just sending a christmas greeting to one of my most loved friend. :-)

from your friendly neighborhood nurse,
ruff. :-)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

thanky you indeed... san na cya ngayon? :-)


yoruosu12 said...

Hey yah!

Wow that's so cute! First love really never miss to tingle one's feelings.

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