Sunday, 18 November 2007


Because nothing much has been happening in my life, I hope you don't mind if I woolgather for a moment.


I love beer. I don't know why. It's fattening, had a horrid aftertaste and yet, appealing in the sense that it's a macho drink. I used to go out with someone who described himself as a peddler for San Miguel. I thought it was such a blokey thing as well - to date someone who sells San Miguel beer for a living. He was buff as well - definitely a looker. He introduced me to his workmates as his cousin, and during gigs which were sponsored by SMB, I would tag along, under the premise of "his photographer".

In retrospect I don't think we would have lasted. The sex was ok and all - he was a novice at it, as I was his first (or so he would have me believe). We fucked all night but he had the romantic inclination of a moss-covered stone (and we're not talking about Kate here). Still the body was there. He had the chiseled body plus the abs to boot, and his dick was quite alright. Yummy, even. Long enough to provide pleasure and thick enough to stimulate something, but it didn't hurt much and I am happy to note that it was not one of those dicks that wanted to touch my tonsils the long way. He had such a milky complexion - one could assume he was of the rich and famous as far as complexions go. His skin was flawless and his ass was to die for, so bubbly. Rimming him was a pleasure in itself. His ass I could eat all night and still be hungry for more the next day. I loved fingering him as well, and being the gym buff that he is, he could take the pain, and even said it was quite alright. I was never a good top, and I didn't bother topping him, but maybe I should have. I dunno.

I saw him again the last time I was in the Philippines. Apparently, he joined the Mr. Slimmer's World contest or something like that. I don't think he won. He was chiseled but not buff. So yeah. Sayang. I don't know where he is now. Last I checked friendster, he was with someone, but a few weeks ago, medyo nagparandam siya. Ako naman - deadma. Mabuti na yun. Better than making him think I could ever go back to him.

He has the looks. He can find someone else for sure. I guess one problem I had with him is that he was too seloso. One gig, we went to some music gig and I was his "photographer". I had to make sure I had enough good photos for his report, so may I click forever ako with my digital camera. One shot I took was with the San Miguel beer in the foreground, and the drummer of one of the bands playing in the background. You can barely recognise the drummer as he was blurred on purpose.

Aba. Akala niya I found the drummer cute. Nagtampo ang bakla!!! (In the words of McVie, HELLER!)

Anyway, enough rambling. Time to go back to work. :-)

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ruff nurse-du-jour said...

not a beerfan either. i prefer my drinks hard and sweet, just like my preferences in men! hahaha. :-)

this entry reminded me of my previous lover, we met in gold's gym kasi (he's an instructor, i'm a visitor), and boy oh boy, the stamina? flawless!