Friday, 19 October 2007

Super Hello!!!

I just realised that I haven't posted on this for a very long time. Sorry, folks. To be honest, medyo super busy talaga ako and (to be perfectly honest) up until tonight, there hasn't been anything interesting happening with me.

How-ey-vur, while I write this, tulog ang oli sa bedroom, si david naman ay tulog sa sofa, and yes, may dahilan.

May I punta ang oli sa concert and because I had no intentions of going, may I stay home akish. Besides, it's cheaper and such so ok with me, diva? Anyway, may I text kay david and strangely enough, agree ang bata. He knocked on my door, and we both decide to go to a bottleshop to get my fave: bundy at coke.

In fairnez naman, si david ay isang gym buddy. Yun lang. Admittedly there were times in the gym na medyo hello ako, pero alam mo naman - the self control of Mother Theresa (chariiiiing, folks, chariiiing).

But tonight, medyo lashing kaming dalawa, medyo may himalang nangyari. Actually more than one, but not too much:

(I have to use Tagalog here because to be honest, super scared pa rin ako that Oli will find out)

1. Nilabas ni david ang kanyang ari.
2. I got to smell it. (maliniz!)
3. Nilabad ni david ang kanyang bayag.
4. I got to hold it (smooth, ha! And hello ang size)
5. Nilabas niya ang kanyang ari in full.
6. I got to play with the foreskin of his cock. I actually played with the head and had my finger around his head while his foreskin was all over it. While I was doing that, he was getting hard. I was commenting on how vein-y it was, and was prodding him to get harder so I can see more veins. Super evil, noh?

In all honesty, medyo lasing kaming dalawa, and he told me an hour after that, that it was the first time a man held his cock, and he had no intentions of having a guy go down on him.

However, he did mention that he never got, in his entire life, a (a) deep throat and (b) rimming - the two most favorite activities that I do in bed.

Ako naman, medyo scared kasi (a) he's nowhere near a replacement for oli at (b) oli was in the other room while I was semi-groping the guy. Super dangerous and yes, I would have regretted it if oli had stepped out at the wrong time.

Anyway, enough of that. No more time for regrets. Time to sleep. I was thinking of making gapa david habang sleeping sya, but I am not that evil and not that desperate and stupid. Kasi naman medyo puta ang david so I'm sure ok lang sa kanya ang nangyari, but he would not want to push it any further.

Yun lang.


Quentin X said...

Playing too close to home, hey marcus? said...

take what the universe dishes out hehehe
from your stories, it's really just a matter of time before david lets a guy go down on him...

take your time =D

Dave Ramirez said...

you are evil beyond reason! ^_^

ian said...

hey marcus, that's dangerous... anyway, you know what you're doing. hehe. thanks for the advice.

Culture Shiok! said...

They’ve just revised the Singapore Penal Code. The section which makes sex between men a criminal offense remained unchanged though it was petitioned to be repealed.

Check out my post, and may I have your comment please.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

quentin: Yes, yes... I know. Stupid, noh?

power: I'm just crossing my fingers actually. I won't be crushed if I find someone else has done him prior.

dave: Yes, I am. ;-)

ian: no worries! Despite my bad rep (from this website alone! Hello!), I can still be a font of good advice (sometimes).

culture: tama bang may plugging? Tama ba? TAMA BA??? :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

nice self control sweetie.

i admire you.

*naughty grin...

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Oli...