Thursday, 4 October 2007

Cray Ola!

Oli and I are going through some slightly rough patches and it has been affecting my moods lately. Medyo quiet muna ang hada on the side, but after today, di ko na siya ma-take. During my lunch break, I decided to go have some fun.


I saw my old student again (aba, may I laban siya) but he didn't recognize me, and he didn't stay long.

The awesome part though is that I got to see Gavin again. Gavin is from the School of Chemistry or Engineering (or something that geeky), but is definitely gay. He doesn't act it but visits the loo frequently enough to raise some eyebrows. ANYway, he was there and under the wall, he gave me a very nice handful of his wares. God, he has always been huge - 8 inches easily - but sadly, he too is a bottom, so no joy for me.

The last guy though is immensely disturbing. He is an older chap - around late 40s - and a bit on the tubby side, but still had some fighting spirit in him. As in, he was average in length, pero my God, he was thick. It's rare for me not to get my firm grip on a cock, and I definitely couldn't, with this guy.

Anyway, I proceeded to give him a handjob under the stall, and as he was nearing orgasm, he suddenly cried.

Yes. As in, hagulgol. I could hear the sobbing start from an inaudible gasp to a raging waterfall (on both ends!). As I started to wipe his cum from my hand, I could still hear him gasping for air on the other side of the wall, with matching blowing of nose and wiping of tears (the latter I could only imagine, but still!).

Anyway, I just thought that was weird. Nothing much has been happening on this end. David and I are fairly close, but only friends, promiz! Right now, Oli is the only one for me. Charing.


chase said...

ohh my.. that was weird.
he cried in pleasure

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

weird it is!
naiyak sa tuwa?