Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Boring Conclusions (aka Why Don't I Ever Learn)

So. David and I have been playing a strange game of late, and yesterday, I decided to put an end to it (one way or another). I mentioned that I was keen on getting stoned / drunk that night, and yes, kumagat naman ang loko. He invited me to his place which he shared with Evie, this other Polish chick - really nice, but yeah. No, thanks.

ANYway, we got pizzas and started on the weed. It was pretty cruisy, but didn't have that vibe as in the first night. After a while, I got a bit more aggressive with the nipple pinching, but he didn't like it. In fact, the whole time we were wrestling more than flirting and it just didn't work. After a few more sticks of weed and a bottle of rum, I wanted to go home. On the other hand, he said that sometimes I'm ok, but something I'm just "freaky" - as in natatakot na ata ang bata.

Good form on him. I was the one in the wrong, so may I politely back out. Parang feeling ko Ms. Universe contestant ako, tapos mali ang rinig ko. Akala ko finalist ako, yun pala Chenk-you girl. When I got home, I apologised again for my rude behaviour, pero dead ma siya. To be honest, he's not really a texter, unless he needs something.

To be honest, I feel I blew it. As in, I feel I've lost a gym buddy (a fairly good one, albeit late and unreliable at times) and a possible friend. If this were the Philippines, I don't think his type would be my friend, as I would find too many flaws and personality cracks that would irk me. However, in fairnez, I think I am the one with more flaws.

Anyway, that's the end of that chapter. I am sure David's name would pop back in here once in a while, but I don't think it will be anytime soon and anyhow significant.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Truth About David

Ok. Sa totoo lang, weird ang situation ko. Si david ay aking gym buddy. There is no attraction between us and to be honest, he's not THAT cute. Just a great bod, to be honest.

ANYway, we always work out together - once a week, minimum. Once we hung around the city and had coffee but nothing else. Just friends lang talaga.

One day, si oli went with his friends to a concert. Ako naman, bored so I invited him to come over tapos inuman kami. We got a bottle of rum to share between the two of us. We were fairly loud because my other flatmate wasn't here at that time, and neither was oli.

So yun, after a while, our conversation drifted to sex and deep throats. He then admitted na hindi pa siya ever naka-deep throat. I suggested maybe it was smelly. He said he tries to clean it as often as he can. I said he would have to pop it out and I can give it a whirf. After a moment's hesitation, he did - in fairnezz, clean nga siya. No smell of yuck whatsoever. Admittedly, his even smelled cleaner than Oli's.

Anyway, he put it back into his pants and said he was waiting for the right girl for the deep throat (this was his first hint that he didn't want to have sex with a guy). Ako naman, sabi ko as long as the girl is safe and all, why not, diva?

Tapos ito ang bombshell: inamin niya na mayroon syang yeast infection - from a girl. KADIRIHHH! Ako naman super halakhak: May I see? Honest, never pa ako nakakita ng yeast infection sa guy. So labas na naman ang ari and may I pakita nanaman. This time, medyo bolder naman ako so hinawakan ko siya. Hindi pumalag! I tried looking for the infection but it was too small. The redness was barely visible in farinezz.

But at that point, I already had his dick in my hand so I played with the foreskin. Tinanong ba naman ako: What are you doing? Sinabi ko ang totoo: I was fascinated by his foreskin because Oli's was not like his. David's foreskin is thicker and you can actually put your finger into the fold of the foreskin even though it is erect and all. Very kinky. Also I was fascinated by the veins in his cock - they were pretty big.

So for a minute or so, I was playing with it. Then he noticed I was starting to jack him off (just a little bit!) so he put his boner back in (but he was already semi-hard at that time).

After a while, our conversation turned to balls and - to cut a long story short - he ended up showing me his balls and I got to feel how big and smooth they were.

After that we spent the night talking and trying to watch the movie but the whole time, my head was spinning. There were times when I would reach out and play with his nipple and after a while, he would reach out and play with mine. It's a manly grab rather than sensual to be honest, and I am trying not to think too much about it.

Aminin ko though - there were times when oli would play with my nipples and I would imagine he was david. Wala lang. I think it's more of the fantasy of "turning a straight man" that appeals to me - it's either that or the idea of getting something that is obviously not going to be mine.

At one point, Oli came back home, but david and i were still in drunk mode so he left us in the living room. That didn't stop me from trying to grope david though. David was resisting me the whole time (I was trying for his crotch and his butt cheeks) but when I ended, he asked "So you're going to leave me hanging?" - jokingly of course. When I proceeded with my attack, he resisted me yet again.

We talked the next day and I apologised. He said it was nothing and he said to just laugh it off. I have to admit though - I'm still horny. :-)

Friday, 19 October 2007

Super Hello!!!

I just realised that I haven't posted on this for a very long time. Sorry, folks. To be honest, medyo super busy talaga ako and (to be perfectly honest) up until tonight, there hasn't been anything interesting happening with me.

How-ey-vur, while I write this, tulog ang oli sa bedroom, si david naman ay tulog sa sofa, and yes, may dahilan.

May I punta ang oli sa concert and because I had no intentions of going, may I stay home akish. Besides, it's cheaper and such so ok with me, diva? Anyway, may I text kay david and strangely enough, agree ang bata. He knocked on my door, and we both decide to go to a bottleshop to get my fave: bundy at coke.

In fairnez naman, si david ay isang gym buddy. Yun lang. Admittedly there were times in the gym na medyo hello ako, pero alam mo naman - the self control of Mother Theresa (chariiiiing, folks, chariiiing).

But tonight, medyo lashing kaming dalawa, medyo may himalang nangyari. Actually more than one, but not too much:

(I have to use Tagalog here because to be honest, super scared pa rin ako that Oli will find out)

1. Nilabas ni david ang kanyang ari.
2. I got to smell it. (maliniz!)
3. Nilabad ni david ang kanyang bayag.
4. I got to hold it (smooth, ha! And hello ang size)
5. Nilabas niya ang kanyang ari in full.
6. I got to play with the foreskin of his cock. I actually played with the head and had my finger around his head while his foreskin was all over it. While I was doing that, he was getting hard. I was commenting on how vein-y it was, and was prodding him to get harder so I can see more veins. Super evil, noh?

In all honesty, medyo lasing kaming dalawa, and he told me an hour after that, that it was the first time a man held his cock, and he had no intentions of having a guy go down on him.

However, he did mention that he never got, in his entire life, a (a) deep throat and (b) rimming - the two most favorite activities that I do in bed.

Ako naman, medyo scared kasi (a) he's nowhere near a replacement for oli at (b) oli was in the other room while I was semi-groping the guy. Super dangerous and yes, I would have regretted it if oli had stepped out at the wrong time.

Anyway, enough of that. No more time for regrets. Time to sleep. I was thinking of making gapa david habang sleeping sya, but I am not that evil and not that desperate and stupid. Kasi naman medyo puta ang david so I'm sure ok lang sa kanya ang nangyari, but he would not want to push it any further.

Yun lang.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Cray Ola!

Oli and I are going through some slightly rough patches and it has been affecting my moods lately. Medyo quiet muna ang hada on the side, but after today, di ko na siya ma-take. During my lunch break, I decided to go have some fun.


I saw my old student again (aba, may I laban siya) but he didn't recognize me, and he didn't stay long.

The awesome part though is that I got to see Gavin again. Gavin is from the School of Chemistry or Engineering (or something that geeky), but is definitely gay. He doesn't act it but visits the loo frequently enough to raise some eyebrows. ANYway, he was there and under the wall, he gave me a very nice handful of his wares. God, he has always been huge - 8 inches easily - but sadly, he too is a bottom, so no joy for me.

The last guy though is immensely disturbing. He is an older chap - around late 40s - and a bit on the tubby side, but still had some fighting spirit in him. As in, he was average in length, pero my God, he was thick. It's rare for me not to get my firm grip on a cock, and I definitely couldn't, with this guy.

Anyway, I proceeded to give him a handjob under the stall, and as he was nearing orgasm, he suddenly cried.

Yes. As in, hagulgol. I could hear the sobbing start from an inaudible gasp to a raging waterfall (on both ends!). As I started to wipe his cum from my hand, I could still hear him gasping for air on the other side of the wall, with matching blowing of nose and wiping of tears (the latter I could only imagine, but still!).

Anyway, I just thought that was weird. Nothing much has been happening on this end. David and I are fairly close, but only friends, promiz! Right now, Oli is the only one for me. Charing.