Sunday, 2 September 2007

Playing with Fire and Such

This weekend, Oli and I decided to destroy what semblance of savings we have and shop until the cows came home. We went to the usual places - Dangerfield, DJ, Myer and our all-time favourite, JB Hi-Fi. While Oli was browsing the DVD racks for a good buy, I decided to go to the loo.

I went to the closest one, which was a few stores down from JB. As I headed for the urinals, I saw a guy standing in the middle of the urinal rows. Assessment: Smashingly handsome, dark skin (*YUMMMM*), around 5'9", definitely in his mid-50's, but built like a tank (you can see it through the thin shirt and the bulging arms) and from what I could kind of see, a nice, long cock. He is somewhat of Pacific Islander look or Brazilian (syempre naman I was not ogling noh), and he just looked exotic (and this coming from me!)

ANYway, I did my deed (I usually choose the one farthest and closest to the end - usually cleaner) but I noticed that he was definitely looking and he was not peeing. In fact, from what I could see with the movement of his hands, he was definitely not peeing at all.

At first, I said to myself: (ala McVie) "Whe-hell.." Oli was only a few doors down and he could definitely enter the place at the most inopportune time. "I better not risk it" I said to myself.

And then I saw his dick. AS IN, HELLO! ANG GANDA! Uncut (like most dicks here), Dark (I *love* dark skin), and somewhere beyond 9 inches.


Naloka akish. At first, I gave him a handjob, pero super sandali lang. As in 10 seconds worth. And then, I realised that the CR had a double door, which meant I would know if someone was coming. I then proceeded to give him a 10-second blowjob and yes, I was in heaven. Super happy.

Of course, all good things had to cum to an end (no, he didn't cum and neither did I) and I left. Oli was waiting, and besides, despite the gorgeous bod, Oli was still more important. Hanggang pantasya na lang sya!

ANYway, I left the CR to go an have a drink. Oli was already waiting in line for a juice drink. I joined him in the line and we proceeded to have a chat about music, DVDs and tralala.

One minute later, si Brazilian biglang may-I-apparition! Syet. Of corz, kabading akish! Pero he looked at Oli and me, and moved on. I think he got the hint.


ice_codey said...

ang pokpok mo talaga!!! hehehe joke!!!

savante said...

Should have winked at the big guy :P Who knows maybe Oli wouldn't mind joining in the fun :P


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

ice: actually, hija, i am a pok - let's face it. true naman eh, di ba? but in all honesty, i'm ok with it. believe it or not, i was MUCH worse before.

savate: i wish! sadly, oli is not into that, although a year ago, we promised ourselves to visit a local sauna. We haven't done so though. :-)

chase said...

much worst before?!
do you have a blog for that?

torn between 2 hotties and show. hehehe

Anonymous said...





YAJNAT said...

hmmmmmmm bra....zilians are everywhere...y cant they be in the philippines so i can grab one too...


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Chase: Yes, much worse. No comment. Hehehe!

Hairy: LOVE your blog...

Yajnat: Hay naku! Super yum talaga. Charing!