Sunday, 9 September 2007

Lokring - theatre style


An amateur theatre group is staging this production and they needed someone to teach the actors how to do makeup. One of them I knew from way back so they asked me to help out.

Ako naman, being the generous Mother Theresa of all time, agree! Sige! Alex was part of this production so when he saw me, may I hug sya! Ang maganda, feel ko ang kanyang bayag. I knew he was a flirt pero naman! There are limits!

When I was teaching him how to apply makeup, he was slouching - thus, his balls were right on my knee and yes he didn't mind his balls getting the knee massage. Super flirt pero hindi naman ako kumagat (of cohz naman noh! Professional daw ang bading!)

Anyway, what struck my eye was Nick, one of the other actors. Hindi siya flirt, but he looks lovely on stage and he is just so dynamic and full of life. I am attaching his pic for your approval.

I don't think he is gay but MY GOD, he is just delightful to look at, and I have to admit - kung makatingin sya, medyo malagkit. Or maybe it's just my imagination. Hehehe!

EDIT: I have this pic because I needed to remember how to make his face look rough. His character is supposed to have this beard, but his face wasn't that hairy to begin with. So what you see is mostly makeup. ANYway, I didn't post his last name and mostly Pinoys naman ang audience ko, so chenniez. Yun.


ice_codey said...

di naman... pero puede na! hehehehe

Kiks said...

More than satisfactory!

Sometimes, it is that fullness of life that grabs you from behind, pulls you closer to that man and relish in the feeling of it all.

Ang baklaaaa!

chase said...

pwedeng pwde.
cutie. i love the beard thingy