Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dahils are Alayb!

Last saburdee, may I go akish to another university for a conference. I liked it a lot - a change in environment, kungbaga. The conference was fun, but I had enough by 2:30 so I decided to play hookey. Alam mo naman me...

ANYwee, I decided to CR and because it was a weekend, the only one open was the one in the basement of the neighbouring building.

Avahvuh! I noticed that in one of the cubicles, may porn mag sa floor. I can clearly see boobs with a dick in between them. Ako naman - shocked! Palaban eh! So I did my "legal" business and left the premises.

However, while lingering about, I could not help it! I wanted to know! I mean, naman noh! Obviously, the guy inside was playing with his member, and well, I was curious to see if his member was memorable. So after a few minutes of debating, may I pop back in to the toilet akish.

To my shock, the guy is now out of the cubicle, washing his hands. He was around 5'10", around early 40s, a bit stocky - definitely there was a tummy, but it was not ill proportioned. He was of some Italian descent - in fact, he would have looked right at home in The Sopranos. However, bottom line : CUTE.

Because I already stepped inside the loo, I decided to pretend to do my business again. I walked to the urinals, unzipped and pretended to do my thing. Strangely enough, after a few minutes, he followed me and unzipped his fly.

Jesus Christ! Definitely around 8 inches with a base as thick as a Coke can. I was stunned. So beautiful in its uncut glory. I wanted to suck him off so bad, but given it was a urinal, I had to temper myself. He looked at me and smiled in *that* way, which meant in a few minutes, I found myself beside him and jerking him off.

He tucked away his dick and walked casually to the disabled toilets where I joined him. He took out his thick member and proceeded to play with himself. I wanted to suck him off but he didn't want to (a sign that he was married or with a partner, in my experience).

Anyway, I jerked him off for a while, playing with his wonderful foreskin (it was really quite thick and long! LOVED IT!!!) but sadly, he became freaked out when someone walked outside the cubicle.

He zipped up and walked out in a hurry. When I stepped out, the guy lingering outside turned out to be an old fart (as in 70s) who was wanting in on the action.

I walked out with a smile on my face. Super sayang that dick. Oh well...


ice_codey said...

hahahaha kaw ha ur so naughty!!!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

the most wonderful sekswal experience i have are those with men older than me.

experience is the best teacher nga naman diba? =)

70? medyo magugulatin si 8-incher ha? =)

chase said...

wow, pag ka bigaon.!!

Queer Ranter said...

Wow. That must have been something!