Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dahils are Alayb!

Last saburdee, may I go akish to another university for a conference. I liked it a lot - a change in environment, kungbaga. The conference was fun, but I had enough by 2:30 so I decided to play hookey. Alam mo naman me...

ANYwee, I decided to CR and because it was a weekend, the only one open was the one in the basement of the neighbouring building.

Avahvuh! I noticed that in one of the cubicles, may porn mag sa floor. I can clearly see boobs with a dick in between them. Ako naman - shocked! Palaban eh! So I did my "legal" business and left the premises.

However, while lingering about, I could not help it! I wanted to know! I mean, naman noh! Obviously, the guy inside was playing with his member, and well, I was curious to see if his member was memorable. So after a few minutes of debating, may I pop back in to the toilet akish.

To my shock, the guy is now out of the cubicle, washing his hands. He was around 5'10", around early 40s, a bit stocky - definitely there was a tummy, but it was not ill proportioned. He was of some Italian descent - in fact, he would have looked right at home in The Sopranos. However, bottom line : CUTE.

Because I already stepped inside the loo, I decided to pretend to do my business again. I walked to the urinals, unzipped and pretended to do my thing. Strangely enough, after a few minutes, he followed me and unzipped his fly.

Jesus Christ! Definitely around 8 inches with a base as thick as a Coke can. I was stunned. So beautiful in its uncut glory. I wanted to suck him off so bad, but given it was a urinal, I had to temper myself. He looked at me and smiled in *that* way, which meant in a few minutes, I found myself beside him and jerking him off.

He tucked away his dick and walked casually to the disabled toilets where I joined him. He took out his thick member and proceeded to play with himself. I wanted to suck him off but he didn't want to (a sign that he was married or with a partner, in my experience).

Anyway, I jerked him off for a while, playing with his wonderful foreskin (it was really quite thick and long! LOVED IT!!!) but sadly, he became freaked out when someone walked outside the cubicle.

He zipped up and walked out in a hurry. When I stepped out, the guy lingering outside turned out to be an old fart (as in 70s) who was wanting in on the action.

I walked out with a smile on my face. Super sayang that dick. Oh well...

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I've been so busy these past few weeks. Work piled up and now I am knee-deep in the gandaciousness of work.

Yesterday, to relieve a little bit of tension (tension daw o!), I decided to go to the magic loo nanaman and yes, decided to sit it out. In comes this biker dude (I saw the helmet through the hole) - medyo older (you can tell with the hands), but nicely built naman yung arms niya so chicka. PLUS ang blonde ng pubes niya so I was curious!

He sat down and within a few seconds, he was going for gold. Obviously he knew about the hole and ako naman, fita in the fighter! Laban ang lolah niyo! After a minute, he angled his pelvis closer to the hole.

Nice. Very nice. Slim but long. Definitely do-able.

After a few minutes, we decided to kneel on the floor to do the deed. Aba! Palaban siya! While I was giving him a handjob underneath the wall, I decided to take a peak. If he was leaning back, as I suspected he was, then I would have a small view of who the guy is, care of Mr. Glory Hole.

Shet. It was my former boss.

Kinalibutan akish. Nasira ang aking Ms. Universe complexion. I proceeded to finish him off as quickly as I could and as soon as the final drop of cum fell on the floor, I opened the door and made a hasty exit. Baka mabuking pa akish.

It's funny having "anonymous" sex with someone you have worked with before. Parang it's surreal.

Yun lang. :-)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Lokring - theatre style


An amateur theatre group is staging this production and they needed someone to teach the actors how to do makeup. One of them I knew from way back so they asked me to help out.

Ako naman, being the generous Mother Theresa of all time, agree! Sige! Alex was part of this production so when he saw me, may I hug sya! Ang maganda, feel ko ang kanyang bayag. I knew he was a flirt pero naman! There are limits!

When I was teaching him how to apply makeup, he was slouching - thus, his balls were right on my knee and yes he didn't mind his balls getting the knee massage. Super flirt pero hindi naman ako kumagat (of cohz naman noh! Professional daw ang bading!)

Anyway, what struck my eye was Nick, one of the other actors. Hindi siya flirt, but he looks lovely on stage and he is just so dynamic and full of life. I am attaching his pic for your approval.

I don't think he is gay but MY GOD, he is just delightful to look at, and I have to admit - kung makatingin sya, medyo malagkit. Or maybe it's just my imagination. Hehehe!

EDIT: I have this pic because I needed to remember how to make his face look rough. His character is supposed to have this beard, but his face wasn't that hairy to begin with. So what you see is mostly makeup. ANYway, I didn't post his last name and mostly Pinoys naman ang audience ko, so chenniez. Yun.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Playing with Fire and Such

This weekend, Oli and I decided to destroy what semblance of savings we have and shop until the cows came home. We went to the usual places - Dangerfield, DJ, Myer and our all-time favourite, JB Hi-Fi. While Oli was browsing the DVD racks for a good buy, I decided to go to the loo.

I went to the closest one, which was a few stores down from JB. As I headed for the urinals, I saw a guy standing in the middle of the urinal rows. Assessment: Smashingly handsome, dark skin (*YUMMMM*), around 5'9", definitely in his mid-50's, but built like a tank (you can see it through the thin shirt and the bulging arms) and from what I could kind of see, a nice, long cock. He is somewhat of Pacific Islander look or Brazilian (syempre naman I was not ogling noh), and he just looked exotic (and this coming from me!)

ANYway, I did my deed (I usually choose the one farthest and closest to the end - usually cleaner) but I noticed that he was definitely looking and he was not peeing. In fact, from what I could see with the movement of his hands, he was definitely not peeing at all.

At first, I said to myself: (ala McVie) "Whe-hell.." Oli was only a few doors down and he could definitely enter the place at the most inopportune time. "I better not risk it" I said to myself.

And then I saw his dick. AS IN, HELLO! ANG GANDA! Uncut (like most dicks here), Dark (I *love* dark skin), and somewhere beyond 9 inches.


Naloka akish. At first, I gave him a handjob, pero super sandali lang. As in 10 seconds worth. And then, I realised that the CR had a double door, which meant I would know if someone was coming. I then proceeded to give him a 10-second blowjob and yes, I was in heaven. Super happy.

Of course, all good things had to cum to an end (no, he didn't cum and neither did I) and I left. Oli was waiting, and besides, despite the gorgeous bod, Oli was still more important. Hanggang pantasya na lang sya!

ANYway, I left the CR to go an have a drink. Oli was already waiting in line for a juice drink. I joined him in the line and we proceeded to have a chat about music, DVDs and tralala.

One minute later, si Brazilian biglang may-I-apparition! Syet. Of corz, kabading akish! Pero he looked at Oli and me, and moved on. I think he got the hint.