Monday, 20 August 2007

The Wogness of It All...

From what I understand, wog is a derogatory term for people of Meditteranean background of sorts, so it usually encompasses Greeks, Italians, Mauritians... the works.

Kanina I saw this guy who, I swear, kinda reminds me of Hans Montenegro, albeit with lighter complexion and definitely nice bod. He spoke in a deep voice and had the usual outfit that follows the stereotype - red, baggy jacket, cap, bling blings (yes, kadiri), and le cos sportif shoes (which was what I noticed first, because I had to see whether the person occupying the cubicle was a "regular" or not). Under the jacket he had on a super low v-neck shirt, plus a body to die for. In all honesty, super ganda his bod.

He was there obviously not to play hanky panky, but when I started beside him, through the glory hole, I saw the jacket pop off and his hands were definitely heading south... and north... and south... repeatedly.

*ANY*way, I subtly offered to enter his cubicle but he wasn't too keen, but he was definitely hot for it. He reached for mine as eagerly as I reached for his, and when I saw what he had - holy fuck, that definitely reminded me why I loved wogs. It was massive and definitely impressive, especially since he could not have been more than 22.

Sadly though, I think there is some sort of machoness amongst them that refuses the sex aspect of gayness - especially the young ones. Some of them don't mind getting touched, but wouldn't touch others. For some of them, anything goes, as long as their mouths stay untouched.

I get the impression that, for this guy, he likes the anonymity of sex, but nothing face to face. I don't get that much here, especially if one is also a willing participant. I mean, usually, if you are keen to touch and be touched, you wouldn't mind face to face contact. But I guess there is something scary and unnerving about seeing a stranger you are having sex with. The strangeness of it all is in fact the aphrodisiac.

And what an aphrodisiac it is. When he came, it was in copious globs and it. was. sweet. I hope I see his shoes there again soon.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

When I was in boracay, a group of guys who appeared to be of Mediterranean origin approached me and asked me if I wanted to have all-night s** with them, but I soo chickened out. They’re such huge and robust guys. I guess my instinct of self-preservation prevailed over my hormonal surges. I’m still thankful they did pay for my drinks though. =)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

ruff: ATENG! Dapat join ka! Medyo pagod to death, pero naman! Honest, so far (so far lang ha!), lahat ng mga wog na kilala ko, malakish! (see entry on 10-incher)

chase said...

wow.. grabe and alindog ni papa ruff ahh..