Thursday, 30 August 2007

So Ayun...

Oli is back na and everything should be a-ok. Siyempre when he got back, may i do kami. Ang problema, nasa-isip ko pa rin yung sinabi ni david. Kasi naman yung loka - nagparinig! What a letche! Only spoke to him once since then - he dropped some stamped postcards in the house when he was last here kaya yun. Siyempre being Mother Theresa, I volunteered. Oh diva ang bait.


Anyway, katakot actually. I know what I feel is just libog, not love. Pero still.

Yesterday, I met this guy in the loo (where else) and he was cute and all. Pero while we were doing the deed (siyempre dahil CR, BJ lang and all), I was thinking - shet. Ganito kaya with David?


Well, for one, alam ko na chicka ang kanyang nota - I have, after all, seen it a number of times. Second, feel (feel lang ha!) ko na game siya. Third, maganda ang katawan and yes, I can handle a one-night stand (pero downside eh: Can he handle one? I might lose both a friend and a gym buddy).

Anyway, I like the sexual tension in my system - I'm VERY sure there is none for him.

Moral: never fall for a straight guy. Idaan mo na lang sa sariling sikap.


chase said...

im excited how your predicament will turn out. heheheheh

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Moral: never fall for a straight guy.

Korek! But you're not falling naman diba marcus? Or are you? =)

Well, basta walang legal/moral impediments for doing the *deed, eh di go for it na. Wonderful opportunities only come once, or twice. =)

oultimocarioca said...

I couldn't what was written in your post(i only have a bad english and you have one wort than mine), but by what was written in 'comments' my opinio is:

don´t fall in love for straight until you meet a new one !!!

P.S> by the way, you write you english fot people like me?!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

chase: Trust me - fantasy is as far as I think this will go.

ruff: Fall for a straight guy? Moi??? Akofash?! I like the idea of having a one-night stand with the guy, but definitely nothing long term. He's too much of a manwhore.

Oultimo: Sorry for not writing in straight English, but I sometimes have the fear that Oli (my partner) will read this, so I tend to switch from English to Tagalog - just in case. ;-) Still, I hope you get to enjoy the blog.

Thanks for your comments, you guys!

the prodigal son returns! said...

I look forward to your adventures with david

The Dark Lord