Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pig Sty

I would normally say that I am a vanilla man - my sex life (barring toilet fetishes, that is) is quite boring and routine, and truth be told, I like it that way.

That is why I surprised myself when I felt myself gravitating towards this man, Ron. He was lingering in the cubicle with an open door, but he definitely wasn't pissing. He was just standing there, with his cock in his hand, waiting for someone to look at him and what he was doing so that he can show his wares. See, Ron is a PhD student from the Faculty of English, but he certainly didn't look it. He was shaved bald, he was built like a truck, had piercings on both nipples and had a Prince Albert (NSFW). Looking at the porn stars of today, he would be close to this but a bit younger and slightly less built... oh, and don't forget the full facial hair and the foot-long goatee.

Anyway, when I download Colt or Falcon films and I make the mistake of getting a sex-pig type movie, I usually fast forward to the bits that I like and shy away from the guys with piercings and such. I don't like guys who look like leather bears or who are into all sorts of kink. Don't get me wrong; THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GAYS WHO LIKE FETISHES. It just so happens I am not one of them, which says more about me than it does about them.

But Ron... Wow.

Despite his height (he was around 5'7"), Ron was definitely 7 inches of pure sex with a huge Prince Albert on top. He was very sexual in that respect. Sexwise, he was goooood. He was a soft kisser - quite passionate yet subdued, actually. He knew his body well, and knew how to touch another guy, quite a strange contrast considering the bulk of his body. He liked playing with my nipples, which I liked as well, and he wanted every inch of me. It was such an experience being with him.

I sucked him off and played with his foreskin until he came on the wall. I didn't want him to come in my mouth. God knows it's relatively easy to catch HIV from piercings and such so yeah. No, thanks. But after he came, he wanted to see me cum, so he swung around and starting touching every part of my body until he found my hole. Then he ate me (oh, God, it was VERY good) down there, and using his saliva as lube, he finger-fucked me.

Wow. I can't believe I was fingerfucked in a cubicle at a university, and he didn't use lube at all. It was heaven. I couldn't believe how good he was at sex, and how much in control he was of every minute. The session in the toilet didn't take us longer than 20 minutes, but it was awesome.

The only really bad thing about him was his B.O. - a side effect of taking too much pot, I'm sure. He reeked of marijuana, sadly. To be honest, I think that is why people shy away from him. If I see him next, I wouldn't mind him topping me. Definitely...


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hi MARCUS, thanks for the well-wishes. =) Sometimes the feeling of having a heart broken by someone is too painful; but I guess breaking someone else's heart is just as unbearable. I'm feeling much better now marcus. Hopefully, I will get there. =)

Hmm, I used to have a toilet fetish before, but that disappeared when a guard almost caught us (me&my ex) doing something in there. Hence, the phobia. Not a fan of tatoos & piercing either. Prince Albert? Wow! Be careful though as such contraptions tend to disloge too frequently (& they have to be removed in the hospital pa). =) How humiliating is that? Hehe..

Your blog is so candid and honest. Would love to visit again!!! Care to exlinks? I've linked you up btw.

Again, thanks marcus and see you soon. =)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

ruff: I know what you mean. I was once almost caught by university security there. The nice thing about that though is that they are quite tolerant and gave me a chance to escape unharassed. :-O

Anyway, will add you as well! Take care!

chase said...

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