Wednesday, 22 August 2007


We are all, in one form or another, fascinated by penile sizes. I, for one, am held in awe when I see a massive cock - and I personally don't even consider myself a size queen (really, I am not).

That's the story of my fascination, yesterday. You see, not everyone knows of the glory hole sa building namin. To be honest, only PLU would know about it. Some staff members know it exists and plug it with toilet paper when they need to use the cubicle.

But once in a while, a freshman would come in and use it, not knowing that there is a way for people to see their wares, especially if they were standing in the "right" position. Yesterday, one such freshman came in. Now, normally, I would take a short glance and look away. You see, water sports just isn't my thing.

But this guy ... WOW. This guy was easily 10 inches - FLACCID. No joke. Naloka ang lola niyo. I had to take a picture because I really could not believe it for myself. Sadly, my camera was in video mode, and in my panic, I ended up taking a video instead. I wish there was a way for me to post this video here as proof that I am not lying, but anyway...

I wanted to pop out of the cubicle at one point so that I can see what this guy looked like, but his friend was waiting to use the same cubicle (and yes, I took a video of him as well! Might as well - eh, nanduon na eh!) so I had to wait. After his friend left, I rushed out of the toilet so I can see what this guy looked like.

Shet. Hindi sya super kagandahan. Well, one can't have everything di ba? Pero ok naman siya, and I like Leb guys naman so chicka na. Pero honest, penis size alone, super chicka siya. Sayang hindi siya tinigasan while peeing.

Oh well...


ice_codey said...

Yeah... usually guys with a horse-like dicks are not that hard like what I saw in DVDs.. I dont know why.. But still they look HOT!

Queer Ranter said...

10 inches?!


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

I'm not a size queen either. I guess. Feel ko I'm the gay version of Goldilocks eh, I want their sizes not too short, and not too long. I just want *it with a size that’s just RIGHT. =)

Once had a sexmate who is an 9-ish and boy oh boy I could barely fit *it in my mouth (and down there too). I guess I’m just happy with the average Pinoy, though the thought of having rough s** again (and again) with someone extremely gifted makes me excited at times.

Peeing with erected peepee is quite uncomfortable ain't it?

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

ice: and yes it was hot.

queer: yes. 10 inches. *slurp*

ruff: peeing while erect can be uncomfy but i have seen some excitable first years do it. i don't mind. hehehe.

anon: sorry for deleting your post but wanted to keep your email addy safe. video file is on its way to you.

chase said...

really? glory hole does exist here??
wow, i didn't know that.

i wanna see it! hehehe
you can upload it somewhere.
and you can post the link so we can download. hehehe.