Sunday, 12 August 2007


I am currently trying to stop myself from downloading more porn onto my laptop, but I honestly don't know how I am going to last. Spent some part of my morning reading Q the Conqueror as well as Mr. Hubs, who is always such a good read. I haven't checked out other blogs in a while (busybusybusy) so it's always refreshing to see what others are up to.

I killed my legs last weekend, after a long and torturous run in the park. Taking 11-mile runs is no small feat, especially for someone as unfit as I am. But I finished it and I am happy. Took me almost 2 hours, but hey! No complaints here.

Spent some part of my day dreaming about Albert. Albert was my one last love (LOVE DAW O!) in the Philippines before I left for Australia. We hung around each other, and I accompanied him to his modeling gigs. I have to admit, I was his slave. He was so hot, and his body was to die for. I started flirting with him and I think he was interested - but when I dropped the bomb that I was leaving for Australia, ABA! Nagalit siya...

(Marcus 2: Hello! Siyempre naman no! ... Gaga.)

... but we had a good run, and admittedly, I LOVED the shape of his cock, around 7 inches, fairly thick, dark with a fair bit of skin all around. Admittedly, I was captivated by his looks (he really IS a looker), but if I were to be honest about the whole scenario, I don't think he was that into me, and let's face it, it was something that wasn't meant to be.

I tried calling him when I last got back to the Philippines, but the tone of his voice screamed "Not interested." Ako naman, sige. Ganun eh....

But I miss him sometimes. When he smiles, the whole world becomes a lighter place. Even the polluted air of Espana seemed to be more breathable...

...But I should stop wool-gathering. God knows, I am just reliving youthful adventures more than anything else. *sigh* I wonder what he's doing today. When I checked his agency's website, he was no longer there... sooooo... mmmm. OH well.


Edit: Out of plain curiosity, I googled him and hehehe! He is still alive and modeling apparently. *sigh*

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