Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ang Pagbabalik ng Nakaraan...

Wala lang. I just found the title cute. Parang 80's movie na hindi pumatok sa takilya.

Yesterday kasi, I went to this professional development seminar where this guy was talking about his research on leadership behaviours. It was an interesting seminar but what really got my attention was this balding redhead from across the room. I remember that balding fluff of hair, that gap in his front teeth (ala Madonna), those glasses... I knew I met him somewhere and then I realised... shet!

"Kilala kita, hijo!... in the biblical sense."

Oo, mga kaibigan, kajugjugan ko sya. At ito pa: kasama niya si Bronwyn, the jowa! She's very nice, in fairness, but she is also quite chubby and medyo weird ng konti. Pero naman! I'm sure mas beautimous naman ako kahit papaano...


But it's unnerving to see the man you once has sex with in the same room with his wife. The weird part was I caught myself trying to make eye contact, but he refused (with good reason). I'm pretty sure it was him. I remember the last time we were both in the loo (classy, classy!), he wanted me to fuck him - pero ako naman, I wanted him to fuck me. He had a nice cock, thick enough to give a little bit of pleasure, but not too scary for words. He was a really good kisser as well, and his body was not to be scoffed at.

I tried to imagine him again without his clothes on, and you can imagine how difficult it was for me to concentrate on the talk.

The worst part was Bronwyn caught me looking at them from across the room. I have a feeling that she knows about her hubby and now she knows about me.

The other day, I went inside the loo and saw someone sitting there. It was clear that he was sitting there for the real purpose of the toilet. So I decided to wait for him to leave and played with myself subtly. After a while, I think he figured out what the glory hole was for because in a minute or so, I saw him trying to sneak a peak at what I was going. I figured he was game and so why not, choknat?

So after doing the whole see-saw, I decided to push the boundaries. I signalled him to kneel and I groped him from under the wall.

WOW. Super thick and super big. I saw a part of his face, and he was kinda cute, but not *that* cute. His cock was awesome though, easily 8 inches and could barely get my hand around it. It was a nice member. Anyway, I jacked him off and he came in my hand. After a minute, he ran out the cubicle and out of my life. No tears shed here.

The funny part was after that, I stepped outside and decided to walk home. While walking, I saw the same guy trying to pacify his girlfriend who was furious because he was late. Of course, naturally, I wanted to defend the guy, pero naman hello! Anong karapatan ko, divah? Besides, the girl looked like one of those Hillsong types who retain their virginity until marriage.

Part of me wanted to tell her, "Hija, you really have something to look forward to," with matching turo to her boyfriend's penis.

Another part of me wanted to tell her, "Hija, virginity is not worth it! You are missing out on something big!"

I ended up humming Madonna instead. "Something's coming over meeeee... My baby's got a secret. Mmmmmm...Mmmmm..."


Anonymous said...

hahaha... that was great especially when u did it again with that guy. saan kaya 'ko makakita ng CR na ganyan dito sa cebu.. hehehe --->ice

Anonymous said...

funny! i totally can relate to the bronwyn's story. haha! dapat sinabi mo na lang "o...bakit hindi ka makatingin?" sabay kantang " baby's got a secret!" :)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

anon: Haaaay naku! Cebu! I love the place! One of my exes lives there... pero syempre ex na sya so *cough*

Pero in fairnez, mayroong ganyang place close to Ayala Center. Yun lang ang aking sasabihin. *Bow*

Pao: Feel ko talaga ng Madir Madonna that day! Kaloka! We have another seminar next week so avangahn!

aries said...

'teh panalo ang humming sa ending, parang ka level nga "sa iyo ang hulinh halakhak"!!!...ahahay

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

aries: Chenk u! Humaba talaga ang buhok ko, ateng. Parang Rejoice!