Sunday, 26 August 2007

Ang Kamot na Walang Katuturan

So yun.

Spent yesterday just lollygagging. Yes I was super duper bored dahil wala ang Oli. NagSMS ang David (friends lang kami, honest! Nag-meet na sila ni Oli kaya chicka na.) and we went out. We had dinner with matching cheap white wine and we watched this film na hindi nakakatawa. It's about (hindi ito joke) tupang halimaw. Hindi siya super funny so hindi siya memorable.

The nakakainis na part was that the whole time, humihirit ang gagang David to the tune of "Hindi mo naman ako type, eh" and other chuvas. Ako naman sa loob-loob ko: "Eh, tangina kung gusto mo, game ako." Pero I know he is not the type and he was just baiting. He is a good friend and I want it on that level lang.


Pero obviously, after a while, nilibog ako so after we parted ways, I went straight to the local sauna. This was already near midnight, so konti na lang ang tao.

To be honest, it was a disappointing night. One guy was cute, but SOOOO out of it. As in he was clearly on drugs. He could barely hold his consciousness - much more his erection. Made me think, really: why waste your time and money going into a sex club when you can barely keep your head to enjoy it? I dunno. Just seems strange to me.

The other guy was cute pero ANTARAY! Akala mo ginto but when I got to suck him off (eventually), hindi naman gintong ari awardee! He reminded me of a younger John Barrowman
but with bad hair. I mean, attitude in saunas surprise me a bit - it is VERY clear you are there for one reason alone: sex. Why pretend to be Queen Elizabeth when you know very well you are Fontine?

The others were ok. I eventually got fucked by this redhead with an AWESOME dick, but neither of us were into it, and after five minutes or so, we both decided not to fool ourselves.

The last one for the night was this nice bodybuilder - great bod, bad hairline, and sadly a very VERY small dick. I could not imagine a penis that small on a man that big. But I like bodybuilders so yeah, sige na nga, di va???

Anyway, decided to scratch that one to pfft. Maybe I would have better luck next time (if there is one).


ice_codey said...

Well at least u know or there is a place where u can find them... dito sa pinas especially sa cebu... naku.. walang luagr na ganyan.. kakainis!!!!

Turismoboi said...


very interesting

tnx for dropping by my blog

chase said...

ganun ba wala dito sa cebu?
baka meron oi.
sa mga tago na lugay.

grabe ha.. sa sauna..
i got a hard on sa word lng. hehehe