Thursday, 30 August 2007

So Ayun...

Oli is back na and everything should be a-ok. Siyempre when he got back, may i do kami. Ang problema, nasa-isip ko pa rin yung sinabi ni david. Kasi naman yung loka - nagparinig! What a letche! Only spoke to him once since then - he dropped some stamped postcards in the house when he was last here kaya yun. Siyempre being Mother Theresa, I volunteered. Oh diva ang bait.


Anyway, katakot actually. I know what I feel is just libog, not love. Pero still.

Yesterday, I met this guy in the loo (where else) and he was cute and all. Pero while we were doing the deed (siyempre dahil CR, BJ lang and all), I was thinking - shet. Ganito kaya with David?


Well, for one, alam ko na chicka ang kanyang nota - I have, after all, seen it a number of times. Second, feel (feel lang ha!) ko na game siya. Third, maganda ang katawan and yes, I can handle a one-night stand (pero downside eh: Can he handle one? I might lose both a friend and a gym buddy).

Anyway, I like the sexual tension in my system - I'm VERY sure there is none for him.

Moral: never fall for a straight guy. Idaan mo na lang sa sariling sikap.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Hay naku! Tease...

Dahil wala ang Oli, I decided to invite David over for dinner after working out sa gym. To be honest, it was not an issue with me nor was it for Oli. I told him about it naman and besides, our straight flatmate was there also, so no temptation really.

Pero ang maganda niyan, inubos namin yung rum - as in one whole bottle in one night. So by the time we finished dinner and the movie we watched after, it was 1 am and we were ready to call it a night. Our flatmate decided to retire so kaming dalawa na lang ni David. I also promised to show him what a bukkake was (don't goggle it - NSFW) and we ended up in xtube, a free porn site for people of all sexual orientations.

Bigla ba namang humirit ang loka. He mentioned that his nipple was very sensitive and proceeded to have a nipple guessing game with me. He mentions that he has never gotten a deep throat from anyone. AND ang clincher ay: he said he was very interested to go to this sex club where guys, gays and girls are allowed to play around with each other.

Hindi rin siya tease, no? I ended up sleeping in our bed while he slept on the sofa, but I could not get him out of my head.

In fairness though: I didn't do anything. I thought about it, but I didn't. Now, I'm just hung over and horny. Yay. Can't wait for Oli to come back tonight.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Ang Kamot na Walang Katuturan

So yun.

Spent yesterday just lollygagging. Yes I was super duper bored dahil wala ang Oli. NagSMS ang David (friends lang kami, honest! Nag-meet na sila ni Oli kaya chicka na.) and we went out. We had dinner with matching cheap white wine and we watched this film na hindi nakakatawa. It's about (hindi ito joke) tupang halimaw. Hindi siya super funny so hindi siya memorable.

The nakakainis na part was that the whole time, humihirit ang gagang David to the tune of "Hindi mo naman ako type, eh" and other chuvas. Ako naman sa loob-loob ko: "Eh, tangina kung gusto mo, game ako." Pero I know he is not the type and he was just baiting. He is a good friend and I want it on that level lang.


Pero obviously, after a while, nilibog ako so after we parted ways, I went straight to the local sauna. This was already near midnight, so konti na lang ang tao.

To be honest, it was a disappointing night. One guy was cute, but SOOOO out of it. As in he was clearly on drugs. He could barely hold his consciousness - much more his erection. Made me think, really: why waste your time and money going into a sex club when you can barely keep your head to enjoy it? I dunno. Just seems strange to me.

The other guy was cute pero ANTARAY! Akala mo ginto but when I got to suck him off (eventually), hindi naman gintong ari awardee! He reminded me of a younger John Barrowman
but with bad hair. I mean, attitude in saunas surprise me a bit - it is VERY clear you are there for one reason alone: sex. Why pretend to be Queen Elizabeth when you know very well you are Fontine?

The others were ok. I eventually got fucked by this redhead with an AWESOME dick, but neither of us were into it, and after five minutes or so, we both decided not to fool ourselves.

The last one for the night was this nice bodybuilder - great bod, bad hairline, and sadly a very VERY small dick. I could not imagine a penis that small on a man that big. But I like bodybuilders so yeah, sige na nga, di va???

Anyway, decided to scratch that one to pfft. Maybe I would have better luck next time (if there is one).

Friday, 24 August 2007

Pusang Ina!

Yes, wala ang pusa at medyo makati ang daga.

Parang I want to go to where I met the wog again. Medyo it's a bihaye, pero ok lang.

We'll see...

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


We are all, in one form or another, fascinated by penile sizes. I, for one, am held in awe when I see a massive cock - and I personally don't even consider myself a size queen (really, I am not).

That's the story of my fascination, yesterday. You see, not everyone knows of the glory hole sa building namin. To be honest, only PLU would know about it. Some staff members know it exists and plug it with toilet paper when they need to use the cubicle.

But once in a while, a freshman would come in and use it, not knowing that there is a way for people to see their wares, especially if they were standing in the "right" position. Yesterday, one such freshman came in. Now, normally, I would take a short glance and look away. You see, water sports just isn't my thing.

But this guy ... WOW. This guy was easily 10 inches - FLACCID. No joke. Naloka ang lola niyo. I had to take a picture because I really could not believe it for myself. Sadly, my camera was in video mode, and in my panic, I ended up taking a video instead. I wish there was a way for me to post this video here as proof that I am not lying, but anyway...

I wanted to pop out of the cubicle at one point so that I can see what this guy looked like, but his friend was waiting to use the same cubicle (and yes, I took a video of him as well! Might as well - eh, nanduon na eh!) so I had to wait. After his friend left, I rushed out of the toilet so I can see what this guy looked like.

Shet. Hindi sya super kagandahan. Well, one can't have everything di ba? Pero ok naman siya, and I like Leb guys naman so chicka na. Pero honest, penis size alone, super chicka siya. Sayang hindi siya tinigasan while peeing.

Oh well...

Monday, 20 August 2007

The Wogness of It All...

From what I understand, wog is a derogatory term for people of Meditteranean background of sorts, so it usually encompasses Greeks, Italians, Mauritians... the works.

Kanina I saw this guy who, I swear, kinda reminds me of Hans Montenegro, albeit with lighter complexion and definitely nice bod. He spoke in a deep voice and had the usual outfit that follows the stereotype - red, baggy jacket, cap, bling blings (yes, kadiri), and le cos sportif shoes (which was what I noticed first, because I had to see whether the person occupying the cubicle was a "regular" or not). Under the jacket he had on a super low v-neck shirt, plus a body to die for. In all honesty, super ganda his bod.

He was there obviously not to play hanky panky, but when I started beside him, through the glory hole, I saw the jacket pop off and his hands were definitely heading south... and north... and south... repeatedly.

*ANY*way, I subtly offered to enter his cubicle but he wasn't too keen, but he was definitely hot for it. He reached for mine as eagerly as I reached for his, and when I saw what he had - holy fuck, that definitely reminded me why I loved wogs. It was massive and definitely impressive, especially since he could not have been more than 22.

Sadly though, I think there is some sort of machoness amongst them that refuses the sex aspect of gayness - especially the young ones. Some of them don't mind getting touched, but wouldn't touch others. For some of them, anything goes, as long as their mouths stay untouched.

I get the impression that, for this guy, he likes the anonymity of sex, but nothing face to face. I don't get that much here, especially if one is also a willing participant. I mean, usually, if you are keen to touch and be touched, you wouldn't mind face to face contact. But I guess there is something scary and unnerving about seeing a stranger you are having sex with. The strangeness of it all is in fact the aphrodisiac.

And what an aphrodisiac it is. When he came, it was in copious globs and it. was. sweet. I hope I see his shoes there again soon.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


For a change naman, I will talk about Oli. Once in a while, when the mood (read: boredom) hits, Oli and I tend to play around. One day, we have all intentions of going into a gay sauna and fucking bareback in the middle of the room, while people are watching us from all angles.

However, our story today happened last night. While making out in our bedroom, we decided to roleplay a bit. I tied his legs to the bedpost and handcuffed (yes, I have a pair of those sex-cuffs) his hands to the posts. Of course, the whole time, he was faux-moaning and complaining:

"Oh, no... I am cuffed to the bed! What are you going to do to me? Please, no!"

The whole time I was half-tempted to comment, but I said to myself, "Wag! Don't destroy the mood."

So I straddled him and with him inside me, I rode him in what I felt was extremely acrobatic positions - I was quite proud of myself, really. I felt like Madonna in the video for "Don't Tell Me".

However, after a few minutes, I was beginning to tire (despite the pleasure I always get from being fucked). To make it worse, he started making comments again:

"Oh, please, sir! No more! No more!"

All forms of self-control snapped: "Haha! No one is going to save you now, Hermione!"

Yes. I called my boyfriend "Hermione"... and the look on his face was priceless.

Sunday, 12 August 2007


I am currently trying to stop myself from downloading more porn onto my laptop, but I honestly don't know how I am going to last. Spent some part of my morning reading Q the Conqueror as well as Mr. Hubs, who is always such a good read. I haven't checked out other blogs in a while (busybusybusy) so it's always refreshing to see what others are up to.

I killed my legs last weekend, after a long and torturous run in the park. Taking 11-mile runs is no small feat, especially for someone as unfit as I am. But I finished it and I am happy. Took me almost 2 hours, but hey! No complaints here.

Spent some part of my day dreaming about Albert. Albert was my one last love (LOVE DAW O!) in the Philippines before I left for Australia. We hung around each other, and I accompanied him to his modeling gigs. I have to admit, I was his slave. He was so hot, and his body was to die for. I started flirting with him and I think he was interested - but when I dropped the bomb that I was leaving for Australia, ABA! Nagalit siya...

(Marcus 2: Hello! Siyempre naman no! ... Gaga.)

... but we had a good run, and admittedly, I LOVED the shape of his cock, around 7 inches, fairly thick, dark with a fair bit of skin all around. Admittedly, I was captivated by his looks (he really IS a looker), but if I were to be honest about the whole scenario, I don't think he was that into me, and let's face it, it was something that wasn't meant to be.

I tried calling him when I last got back to the Philippines, but the tone of his voice screamed "Not interested." Ako naman, sige. Ganun eh....

But I miss him sometimes. When he smiles, the whole world becomes a lighter place. Even the polluted air of Espana seemed to be more breathable...

...But I should stop wool-gathering. God knows, I am just reliving youthful adventures more than anything else. *sigh* I wonder what he's doing today. When I checked his agency's website, he was no longer there... sooooo... mmmm. OH well.


Edit: Out of plain curiosity, I googled him and hehehe! He is still alive and modeling apparently. *sigh*

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pig Sty

I would normally say that I am a vanilla man - my sex life (barring toilet fetishes, that is) is quite boring and routine, and truth be told, I like it that way.

That is why I surprised myself when I felt myself gravitating towards this man, Ron. He was lingering in the cubicle with an open door, but he definitely wasn't pissing. He was just standing there, with his cock in his hand, waiting for someone to look at him and what he was doing so that he can show his wares. See, Ron is a PhD student from the Faculty of English, but he certainly didn't look it. He was shaved bald, he was built like a truck, had piercings on both nipples and had a Prince Albert (NSFW). Looking at the porn stars of today, he would be close to this but a bit younger and slightly less built... oh, and don't forget the full facial hair and the foot-long goatee.

Anyway, when I download Colt or Falcon films and I make the mistake of getting a sex-pig type movie, I usually fast forward to the bits that I like and shy away from the guys with piercings and such. I don't like guys who look like leather bears or who are into all sorts of kink. Don't get me wrong; THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GAYS WHO LIKE FETISHES. It just so happens I am not one of them, which says more about me than it does about them.

But Ron... Wow.

Despite his height (he was around 5'7"), Ron was definitely 7 inches of pure sex with a huge Prince Albert on top. He was very sexual in that respect. Sexwise, he was goooood. He was a soft kisser - quite passionate yet subdued, actually. He knew his body well, and knew how to touch another guy, quite a strange contrast considering the bulk of his body. He liked playing with my nipples, which I liked as well, and he wanted every inch of me. It was such an experience being with him.

I sucked him off and played with his foreskin until he came on the wall. I didn't want him to come in my mouth. God knows it's relatively easy to catch HIV from piercings and such so yeah. No, thanks. But after he came, he wanted to see me cum, so he swung around and starting touching every part of my body until he found my hole. Then he ate me (oh, God, it was VERY good) down there, and using his saliva as lube, he finger-fucked me.

Wow. I can't believe I was fingerfucked in a cubicle at a university, and he didn't use lube at all. It was heaven. I couldn't believe how good he was at sex, and how much in control he was of every minute. The session in the toilet didn't take us longer than 20 minutes, but it was awesome.

The only really bad thing about him was his B.O. - a side effect of taking too much pot, I'm sure. He reeked of marijuana, sadly. To be honest, I think that is why people shy away from him. If I see him next, I wouldn't mind him topping me. Definitely...

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ang Pagbabalik ng Nakaraan...

Wala lang. I just found the title cute. Parang 80's movie na hindi pumatok sa takilya.

Yesterday kasi, I went to this professional development seminar where this guy was talking about his research on leadership behaviours. It was an interesting seminar but what really got my attention was this balding redhead from across the room. I remember that balding fluff of hair, that gap in his front teeth (ala Madonna), those glasses... I knew I met him somewhere and then I realised... shet!

"Kilala kita, hijo!... in the biblical sense."

Oo, mga kaibigan, kajugjugan ko sya. At ito pa: kasama niya si Bronwyn, the jowa! She's very nice, in fairness, but she is also quite chubby and medyo weird ng konti. Pero naman! I'm sure mas beautimous naman ako kahit papaano...


But it's unnerving to see the man you once has sex with in the same room with his wife. The weird part was I caught myself trying to make eye contact, but he refused (with good reason). I'm pretty sure it was him. I remember the last time we were both in the loo (classy, classy!), he wanted me to fuck him - pero ako naman, I wanted him to fuck me. He had a nice cock, thick enough to give a little bit of pleasure, but not too scary for words. He was a really good kisser as well, and his body was not to be scoffed at.

I tried to imagine him again without his clothes on, and you can imagine how difficult it was for me to concentrate on the talk.

The worst part was Bronwyn caught me looking at them from across the room. I have a feeling that she knows about her hubby and now she knows about me.

The other day, I went inside the loo and saw someone sitting there. It was clear that he was sitting there for the real purpose of the toilet. So I decided to wait for him to leave and played with myself subtly. After a while, I think he figured out what the glory hole was for because in a minute or so, I saw him trying to sneak a peak at what I was going. I figured he was game and so why not, choknat?

So after doing the whole see-saw, I decided to push the boundaries. I signalled him to kneel and I groped him from under the wall.

WOW. Super thick and super big. I saw a part of his face, and he was kinda cute, but not *that* cute. His cock was awesome though, easily 8 inches and could barely get my hand around it. It was a nice member. Anyway, I jacked him off and he came in my hand. After a minute, he ran out the cubicle and out of my life. No tears shed here.

The funny part was after that, I stepped outside and decided to walk home. While walking, I saw the same guy trying to pacify his girlfriend who was furious because he was late. Of course, naturally, I wanted to defend the guy, pero naman hello! Anong karapatan ko, divah? Besides, the girl looked like one of those Hillsong types who retain their virginity until marriage.

Part of me wanted to tell her, "Hija, you really have something to look forward to," with matching turo to her boyfriend's penis.

Another part of me wanted to tell her, "Hija, virginity is not worth it! You are missing out on something big!"

I ended up humming Madonna instead. "Something's coming over meeeee... My baby's got a secret. Mmmmmm...Mmmmm..."

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Busy Busy

Wow. This past week has been busy busy busy.

Spent some time in the loo as usual, but nothing worth writing about. I thought I saw Ethan again, but sadly mistaken. Turned out to be some guy not into asians, which means I don't care about him.

Oli and I spent some part of the morning in bed, and despite the fact I wasn't able to make him cum, we did give it the old college try.

One of the problems I think is that he likes fucking me while facing him, and that is something I don't like. It has nothing to do with angles and entry positions. It's just that when I see him fucking me, I can't help but think of how ugly I must be or how fat I am.

I dunno. It just unnerves me, to be honest. How can someone this hot find me attractive??? Part of me is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

(PS this isn't Oli. It's Trevor from Corbin Fisher - but it's pretty close)