Saturday, 7 July 2007

Sex toys and other hazards of the trade

Oli came back recently and I have to say that I love having him back. It is just so reaffirming and having him around is just pure joy. I think he was in a way skeptical of my fidelity (hello), but after I showed him our recent acquisition, he just nodded and smiled. Sex toys are a funny thing and although we don't always have them while we have sex, it's a nice thing to know they are around.

One of my earlier acquisitions was a black butt plug. It was 5-inches long, slightly fat in the base but tapers slowly to the top (as with almost all butt plugs). The problem was the base was VERY soft and could easily fold into itself. Now the problem with that is the anal muscles can sometimes be so strong that it can suck in the butt plug and you will find yourself filled in ways you normally would not want to.

This happened to me once and Oli was in such a panic! For one, medyo mahal ang hospital dito. Second, medyo nakakahiya kaya, no!? Anyway, he kinda stammered his apologies while I fished it out quite calmly. Parang pro, pero sa totoo lang, super kabado ako. Syempre hindi pinahalata (tangina. Ms. Universe R-UE talaga).

This time, habang nasa Europe siya, I treated myself to The Colt Triplets and Mr. Blue. The Colt triplets are three butt plugs, appropriately labeled small, medium and HELLO. So far, I have been able to take the medium, pero the large might be a bit too adventurous for me. However, there is Mr. Blue who is very blue and VERY big. That one, I can say, is as big as Danny, but obviously not as flexible and definitely unforgiving.

Let's face it. When you are topped by a guy, he might start out rock hard, but he slightly digresses into a slightly less-rigid state. He is still hard, yes, but not as brutal. When you are invaded by a toy, the toy stays rock hard and yes, you just have to grip the sheets and bear it.

Anyway Mr. Blue and I have only had 3 sessions so far, and only one was anywhere near successful. However, I do have plans of pleasuring myself with Mr. Blue soon and I will keep you posted.

As I said to CC, practice lang yan, pare.

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