Sunday, 29 July 2007

Secrets and Lies

I received an email from a friend who was quite upset (well, maybe not upset but definitely far from pleased) about this particular entry.

Lorenzo is not fictitious but I honestly doubt you guys know him. He is currently not PLU and I doubt he ever will. I don't have issues using his real name because (a) there are TONNES of Lorenzos out there, and (b) unless you really knew me from 1990 onwards, there is little reason why any of you would know him.

If my use of real names upsets any of you, please tell me. I have tried to use codenames in situations where people's identities could be compromised. One of these days, I will revisit my earlier posts and see if I could clean up other entries where I have been a bit careless.

Until then, sorry! and I hope you have all been enjoying the blog. I promise to blog again when I am less busy. :-)

Random shoutout: Welcome back, Mr. Hubs!

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