Thursday, 12 July 2007

Recipe for Disaster


1 Marcus
1 Canadian (aka David)
1 Steam Room
30 minutes of chatting
1 bus stop

Put one Marcus in a steam room. Let it simmer for 3 minutes or so. Take one David, fully undressed and make it walk from the lockers to the showers. Put David in showers for a minute and add shorts. Place David in steam room. Let Marcus apologise about putting eucalyptus and allow David to continue the conversation. Make Marcus subtly look at David's awful hair (conditioner, hijo, conditioner!!!) but gorgeous body. Let them talk for 30 minutes or so. Take Marcus out of the steam room before it melts. Remember that Marcus is no longer in his 20's so be very careful with him. Place Marcus in the shower and let him cool off. Then, dry off Marcus and move him to the lockers. After 2 minutes, do the same with David. Let Marcus dry off his hair and put on his shirt. Afterwards, move David into the lockers.

Now Marcus can dry off his legs and put on some undies. At this point, you will notice that David will be looking at Marcus' legs while he dries them and stares at his butt. Let Marcus put on his shoes before the supermarket closes. After buying the necessary things, let Marcus walk back home. At this point, David should be dressed and calling someone on the phone while waiting for his bus. Once Marcus is within talking distance, let him initiate conversation about meeting him again. David will then ask for Marcus' number while Marcus is playfully pushing him towards the bus which has just arrived.

By the time Marcus gets home, he would have received an SMS from David, stating that in case Marcus is ever near his regular gym, he should call David up.

Now, if Marcus doesn't call, then your dish would have been ok. If he calls or texts, then his goose is cooked.


In fairness, I didn't REALLY flirt that much with the guy, and I wasn't too obvious in perving. I think he was more lonely for any kind of good company more than a fuck. I honestly think he isn't gay - but rather sad and homesick. I know how it is to be in a foreign land with people making fun of your accent, so yeah. I will sms him soon because my doctor is close to his suburb.
Vahala na si Vhatman!


Raf Feliciano said...

heheh funny blog. i love it. like straight from pornsville publishing!

ian said...

nice post. i also like the previous one on the gym instructors... hmmm, i workout at SWI megamall. :D can we exchange links? thanks!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

raf: thank you for dropping by. i really am not as shallow and sex-obsessed as I seem to be. i do have my sober moments when my thoughts and reflections are more introspective and less hormonal. However, that's for the OTHER blog which I choose not to link to this one. There is a history to it, so yeah... ;-)

ian: thanks, ian! SWI Mega holds very interesting memories for me. I actually tried to hook up with another instructor there, but despite an interesting (but non-sexual) time at the movies, nothing ever came from it. Sigh. He looked packed as well. Anyway, you have been linked! :-) Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again. :-D

ian said...

hi marcus, i've linked you up already. hmm, i wonder if my previous trainer is gay. he's such a cutie and i like him, kaya ilang ako sa kanya... especially since hindi personal training ang kinuha ko. iba na trainer ko ngayon. hay... hehe. by the way, i have another blog, but i use my full first name there. thanks for leaving a comment there. hehe... in case you figure out what that blog is, please keep it a secret between us. hehe. thanks!