Monday, 16 July 2007

Notes and Stories from the Birthday Boi

Birdee ko today and yes, happy days na. I can add one more year to justify all the wrinkles. I am planning on using more moisturiser soon, but not sure what brand. I'm using Nivea with Q10 now, but I am not fully happy with it as of the moment. Just add any suggestions to your replies. *Thanks*


I went to see my cousin today in the city and I decided to duck into one of the sleeeezy places advertised in - it's a website where they list all the nasty beats in some popular parts of the world. I have yet to check out entries for the Philippines, but yeah. Anyway, ended up this super old building. It was quite scary since the "happy" place was in the basement - in the lowest part of the stairwell actually - and people can get stabbed and killed and no one would notice for days. Super scary sya.

Anyway, braving that, I pushed this unmarked door and *hello* CR pala sya. Very small sya. Urinal for two tapos may isang toilet. Yun lang. Pero the guys there were pretty interesting. Yun matanda was there for a while pero umalis (hindi mabenta eh). Yung matitirang dalawa cute. Isa medyo in his 40s, pero HOT. Para syang daddy sa mga porn flick. Yung isa naman, mid-20s, medyo redhead/brunette na hindi mo alam. Both were cute, and after ten seconds of eye contact, both had their cocks out. The matanda had a long one pero thin. Si Red naman medyo longer than mine, pero thick. Both uncut (YUM!) and quite delectable.

Red didn't take long though. After two minutes of self-indulgence, he ran to the sink and spread his juices there. Tanda on the other hand was a fighter and refused to let up. He kept on playing with himself and (yes I am bad) I ended up sucking him off until he came. When he was at the brink though, he made it a point that I wasn't to continue sucking him. I guess he didn't know if he was positive or something (or maybe he was positive to begin with), and didn't want to take any chances, which I respect. I have been with a guy who was HIV positive and I have learnt a thing or two.

(fyi: I am negative, and I have been having HIV tests twice a year for good measure. Still ok on that end.)

ANYway, that was an interesting experience. Parang porn flick scene sya, except I consider myself the overweight extra that no one notices masturbating in the background. Still, I loved the excitement of the whole thing and I have to admit I have all intentions of dropping by when I can. I am such a whore.


On a side note, can anyone please forward me the address of this artist's blog... He draws and paints and then he adds stories about his life after each artwork. It's really an awesome awesome blog and my firefox died before I could copy the link and add it to my own bloglist. If anyone knows what I am talking about, I would be eternally grateful for the blogspot address. Thanks in advance.


Blogger 8508.0531 said...

celeteque's good. i use the facial wash, also.

Jonathan Vitug said...

Happy Birthday Marcus! I just discovered your blog recently and found out that we had something in common (I hooked up with Sandro too!). This is Jon from Manila.

YAJNAT said...

wow happy birdie boi!!!now i cant forget about ur birdie since u have the same birdie wid my frend whom i have fallen in luv wid(though he knows pero str8 kasi sya)...hahhahahahahaha

use olay's total effects...u'll see wonders birdie boi!!!

nice u have dat kind of sexperience...anyways,,,always be safe...n keep on focking...i mean rocking...hhahahhahhahahahah

kalansaycollector said...

blog hop! blog hop!

joelmcvie said...

Oh my gulay! Belated happy birthday! I think I know the blog you're talking about. I'll send you the address as soon as I find it. :-)

joelmcvie said...

The blog is Romancing Pen & Palette and the URL is:

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

To everyone who left a comment: Thank you!

Special mention to McVie who successfully maneuvered me to the right blog. Yes, I love that blog. Such wonderful art and the stories are excellent!