Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Gym Instructors: You Gotta Love Em!

There are gym instructors and there are gym instructors. The first type is the one that looks great and is very professional. They train you hard, you sweat, you groan, they smile but at the end of the day, you look better for it. They are quite friendly and once in a while, you spot them a beer at the local pub - low cal, low carb beer, of course.

The second type is the one you want to smother in butter and honey. They are like the first in most aspects, but they also have that look in their eyes that wants you to go horizontal with them, and not just in terms of push-ups.

The first type you see all over the place. I have only encountered a handful of the second type, though. Here is Australia, I have yet to have push-ups with one. There are several awesome ones in Fitness First but as I have mentioned in the previous blog, I have neither the skin colour nor the body to really hook those hot fish. If I were anything like Lola E (hi Lola! Welcome to my blog!), then perhaps I would get somewhere. But alas! I am not.

(aside: I know that, at times, I make Australia sound racist. That's because it is - unfortunately. Perhaps, I am only voicing the universal woes of migrants worldwide. But the truth is: yes. Australia is not the melting pot it claims to be.)

ANYway, as I said, I have had none here. In the Philippines, I have had several. Let's face it: Slimmers' World (in the good old days, at least) was the in place to pick up and SOME of the gym instructors were just as horny as any peach-blooded man in shorts.

I don't remember the name of the first gym instructor I "met" - I think his name was Allan and he was from SWI Megamall. He was built like a tank with a little bit of fat on all sides. He would go into the sauna wearing nothing but a small towel which barely hid his wares. He wasn't particularly well hung, but he had a nice foreskin - quite rare in the Philippines. He dropped by my place twice and he just lay there and let me do my thing. After a while, I got over it. I never paid for his services but one time, I saw him in the sauna and as I was drying off in the main area, I saw a very effeminate client walk out of the sauna, open his locker, take out some money, and walked back into the sauna.

It doesn't take a genius, folks...

Anyway, before you all rush off to Mega to scope the goods, I heard that he was fired because of sexual harassment. Apparently, he did something funny while measuring the stats of a female client. Yes, ladies and gentlemein, he is - in the words of McVie - a BiBot.

The second one is actually Bong, a good friend of mine still and he was crazy enough to play around inside the men's locker area when I was last in Slimmers. His dick is nice and Jesus he can top like there is no tomorrow. Because I have gotten used to Oli, his dick now seemed small, but at the time I swear it was trying to crack me sideways. We first started playing around when there was still a Slimmers' World in Robinsons' Galleria. The sauna was designed in such a way that you can stay inside and see if there was someone coming in. So it was perfect for playing around. That sauna had seen so many interesting moments between me and Bong. Admittedly I feel weird because I know Bong's wife, but still I have to admit, I miss Bong's crazy moments. He has a smile that just. won't. quit.

The third is Nav. Nav is very VERY cute. He has a baby face and his body is not that bad, to be honest. I had a huge crush on him when he first came to Slimmers and I never thought he would bite. One night, it was raining like hell and he was stuck in the gym. The lights were turned off and he was just standing outside the building, looking like a pauper. Siyempre naawa naman ako. I proposed that we (my AFAM friend Johnny, Nav and I) have a late night snack and then everyone can sleep over at my place. Surprisingly, he accepted!

So to cut a long story short, he became the object of lust of both myself and Johnny. Nav came in less than 5 minutes (trust me - if I were in his shoes, I wouldn't have lasted long either). Strangely enough, he was very particular about his participation. He would not suck or kiss but is willing to be played upon - much like Allan. I guess it's a trait of "macho" guys who are willing to play around.

When I saw Nav last, we had a quickie in the gym's locker room, but yeah, he had not changed. He came in my mouth but he didn't want to reciprocate in any way, shape or form. I wouldn't mind having another go at the guy, but I think he is definitely not a keeper. Just something on the side - like atchara. Pretty to look at, but you wouldn't really crave for it.

All in all, I would say Allan had the nicest cock. Pretty thick and the foreskin is a nice touch. Nav is definitely the cutest and has an ok dick, but Bong wins in the overall category. He is passionate, he knows how to keep it low, and he can REALLY participate.

That's all. No more reminiscing today. :-)


Q The Conqueror said...

Gah.. You're actually making me want to go to the...*God forbid* Gym! O_O hahaha. Just to ogle and fondle these guys!

joelmcvie said...

Hay naku. Never akong nakakauha ng instructor. Sigh. I guess it's because I always keep them at a distance. Ayoko kasi ng mga user-friendly acquaintances.