Sunday, 22 July 2007

Don't Get What You Pray For

Ok, so last time I was here, I wrote about David. Well, natuloy ang gym date namin - and when I say gym date, no, hindi kami nagholding hands habang naglalakad sa Luneta (aka Fitness First). He was my gym buddy at letche sya! Talagang winarak niya ang aking calves! Super intense workout namin and I have to admit: Di ko sure if I want to do it again.

The interesting part came after the workout. We went to the showers and I stepped into the cubicle first. I finished my thing and as I came out, he finished as well, but he towel-dried outside where I could see him (no one else taking a shower at the time). I joked at how I could not take him anywhere, pointing to the puddle of soapy water at his feet, but in all honesty, I was sneaking a peak at his tool as well - shet ang laki talaga ng ulo nya. Plus may foreskin so extra cute points.

We had dinner (I was really hungry) and I realised that it was time for us to fairly get to know each other. That led me to one dilemma: Should I out myself or not? In the workout we shared, it was clear na diretcho ang kanyang pananaw. I decided to out myself the minute the conversation gets to relationships and such - but sadly it never did.

Pero I think the worst part about the entire thing (aside from the pain he inflicted on me, thanks to his evil workout), is that he turned out to be the loud, kainis white boy with matching American accent - the type that most Australians hate. Funny how weak someone can be when viewed under harsh light a second time around. But then I guess we can say that about everyone, really. Myself especially.

Anyway, David is now in Brisbane for a vacation, while I am stuck at home, waiting for Oli to come back from work. I am starting to feel very Marie Claire.

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