Monday, 4 June 2007

Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome to my first blog entry. I'm not sure how you got here, but I am happy that you are here.

I often ask myself why I bother blogging. I mean, do I *really* want half the people I know to know what I am doing? Perhaps not. But I choose to do it anyway. I have to admit. My life is fairly colourful and adventurous, and I would like to have some way of remembering them.

Now for those of you who don't know me, here is a rough breakdown.

My name is Marcus, 6'1 tall, and I am originally from the Philippines. Some people say I look very Japanese, but I disagree. I have just turned 30, but I swear I look much younger than my age. Of course, I use that to my advantage. :-D

I am currently residing in Melbourne, with my partner, Oliver - of European descent but Aussie through and through - and to be honest, we lead a wonderful life together. We have been together for more than two years now, and I am quite happy. I am accepted well by his family, and we are having a blast. Oli is very loyal, hardworking and dedicated. I couldn't ask for anything more...

Unfortunately, I am also quite itchy, and that's where the misadventures begin. Oliver doesn't know this, and I prefer not to rock the boat. These trysts do not make me a better person, and believe it or not, I do not even pretend that I am. One might say that I do not deserve the blessings that come my way, and on most days, I tend to agree.

I try to pacify the guilt at times by making sure Oli is cared for - cooking, cleaning, ironing his clothes, doing the laundry - but to be honest, I am fooling everyone but myself. I know that I am a bad person for clutching on to every single lurid opportunity that happens to unzip my way.

Perhaps by blogging about it, I can drive the drive out of my system. Maybe blogging can be my exorcism, and the demons in my loins can be silenced for good.

I hope so. Otherwise, this will just be softcore porn. :-)

Misadventures will begin soon enough.

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