Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Tall Lies

Thanks to tall hunks like Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas (both NSFW!), the image of tall hunks having 10-inch members has been embedded into our collective gay unconsciousness.

Not necessarily true though. Oli, for one, has an impressive member, but not really overly massive. For someone of his height (6'4"ish), it looks ridiculously small admittedly. However, I am not complaining. Any bigger and it might split me in two.

And then there is that other guy in the gym tonight. He has fairly tall, 6'1", but when I jacked him off in the shower stalls (there IS a way, albeit risky) he was definitely not that bigger than I am. In fact, I would dare say I am bigger. Take note - I am saying that not because I have a massive member, but rather his was quite small. He was quite tasty though.

That's all for today. Merlot is here.

Yes, I am asking for a looooooooooot of trouble.

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