Friday, 8 June 2007

Starting Em Young

I was in the toilet today, and sadly, because of the atrocious weather, I ended up alone in the loo, waiting for nothing, most of the time I was there (which wasn't much really - barely an hour). Anyway, one old guy popped up and I was seriously not interested, nor was I even tempted.

I mean, yes, nice dick, but seriously, bad bad face. There was no way in hell I could even consider.

(as if hindi puta)

And then someone went to the other loo beside mine. Because there was only one loo with a G Hole, I didn't know who this person was. I only saw a green jumper, spiky Asian hair and a fairly impressive dick, especially for an Asian guy. (Of course, I only know this because I snuck a peak over the cubicle walls - Hehehe)

Of course, I was interested, but the old guy on the other side made things difficult. Anyway, the old guy left soon after but the other guy received a phone call and left as well.

I said to myself, Oh well. At least, I saw the dick.

Anyway, a few minutes later, the other guy comes back and when he managed to move his head closer to the glory hole, I realised "Shit he's cute" We tried playing the whole "I'll show mine and you show yours" (*For future reference, we will call this the see-saw) thing, but he was clearly uncomfortable and he left again after a few minutes. Still, I got to see his member and it was impressive.

And then it hit me. Shit. I know that jumper and the pants as well. These were part of the uniform for a local high school nearby.

O.M.G. I'm a paedophile. Ewww!

And then I realised, Shit. He must be no older than 17 - max! Why are they starting so young? I shuddered and being so turned off the paedo realisation, I left.

I'll just go home and watch some porn.

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