Thursday, 7 June 2007

Politics of the Loo

Toilet sex. Every gay porn has at least one scene in it. Why is that? Because it is quite common. However, not everything that happens in porn happens in real life.

For example, in my case, because I look somewhat Asian (read: Chinese), some guys tend to smile and move on. Awhile ago, I was sitting and waiting in one of the "glorious" cubicles when Mr. Jamiroquai (he looked like the lead singer) sat down in the cubbie next to mine. Well, he obviously isn't from this university because (a) he was eager to show his wares, (b) he was eager to show his face and (c) he was eager.

Now the G Hole is only the size of a one dollar coin. It's a bit less than an inch in diameter (tama ba yung word na ginamit ko?) - enough to see enough, but not enough to poke something through, unless you are on the extreme end of the penile range (as in angel hair).

ANYway, he was quite keen to play around and after a minute of "I'll show mine, you show yours," he walked out and expected me to walk out as well. Perhaps he wanted us to play on the sink...

My brain: "Helloooo! Tanga! That's not how it works."

My body: unlocks the cubbie and hopefully he gets the hint.

He does. He enters the cubbie and is somehow sad to see who I was. It's a good thing my dick was out so that gives him something to look forward to, but even after he entered, jacket, umbrella and all, he was still not in the zone.

I didn't care. He was in and I was whore-ney.

So I sucked him off (he had a nice member, but nothing to write home about) until he (unfortunately) came in my mouth. I love cum - I really do - but I hatehatehate unsafe sex so that got me worried a bit. To make it worse, he tasted a little bit bitter for my liking.

So after less than 5 minutes (I'm serious), it was done. He walked out with his things and I was there in the cubbie, spitting out his juices. But still he had the look of "Oh well. It was better than nothing."

That kinda irked me a bit. Why am I not good enough? I wanted to point out to him that he wasn't much of a spring flower either - he was more or less my age to be honest. Well, I don't show my age - hell, I don't ACT my age - and I would like to think I am a great cock sucker (he did cum). What makes any white trash better than this AZN trash? My dick is up to the challenge and although I admit I lack the Greek endowment, it's still not something to scoff at. Oli loves my penis, and in some ways, it is better than his.

But that's not the point, I guess. The point is being oldish (30s) and Asian has its down sides. On the plus side though, he still got off and I had my cock fill for the day.

Not bad.

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