Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Political Incorrectness

Thanks to all those who replied and sent their email re: the last entry. However, sorry but Joaquin is the only thing I could give as a clue is that he won awards in some international singing competition two years ago or something. I'm not sure anymore as we rarely keep in touch. He sent me a message through friendster but medyo cordial lang ako. I don't like to complicate my life THAT much.

ANYway, to Maria, yes you guessed it right which is WHY your comment disappeared. Email mo na lang kasi ako pag may tamang guess ka. Tama ba yang ipinahayag? Tama ba yan? TAMA BA YAN???

I met Joaquin in a party, not in The Spa (that's what you got it wrong, M. Hindi kasi nagbabasa eh.) I have to admit though that The Spa in Acropolis holds really special memories for me. I met so many people there, some in more intimate moments compared to others.

Funny, I saw an old classmate of mine there. He didn't recognise me because I lost most of the fat and gained a little bit of muscle. I recognised him though and yes, he was there in all his glory - along with 6 or so much older gay guys. Then it hit me - holy shit. He's a prostitute now. True enough, when the attendants are not looking, he's there dancing his pasty naked ass off, much to the delight of the screaming gay guys. It was quite embarrassing in a way.

But I also met The Politician there. TP (as he will be known from this point onwards) was a handsome fellow, and he was smart as well. He comes from a political clan and I guess that is what made him more interesting in my eyes. When we kissed, electricity went through my lips and down to my legs. He was really an awesome lover.

And then I met his boyfriend of 4 years - and I was stunned. I had the rug pulled from under me and yeah, I ended up left in the cold. TP never wanted to see me after that, and I think (despite my extremely wounded pride) it was for the best. I still see him around and I am happy to see that he is still a councilor. I am guessing he won the recent elections, so yay for him. Good luck in 2010, mate.

If there is one politician I want to have sex with, it is Mar Roxas. Why? He is not cute, yes, true. But he is smart and fiery and (in my humble opinion) one of the hopefuls who may be able to change things for the better.

Whether he is gay or not, well... *shrug*

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