Saturday, 30 June 2007

Nothing new today. Just preparing for tomorrow's adventure. There's a sauna a few suburbs down and I can't wait to try it. Apparently, it's like Shortbus style, but Sunday is all men so it should be interesting. Plus, from a reliable source, it's where straight acting wogs come out to play.

I love wogs. The problem becomes: Will wogs like me? Doubt it but who knows, eh?

Anyway, being a man of many talents (charing), I was invited by a friend to help out with his video shooting. They needed someone who knows how to do professional make-up and he knew that I used to do modelling back in the Philippines, so yun. At first, I was hesitant, pero mabait naman the director so I said, sige na nga.

The cast members were fairly young, around 18-20. They were nice, only a few papa-bles, but still nice. I was quite open with them, and I have to admit it is nice to talk to people about make-up and stuff like that. They ask me how I know about these techniques and I just tell them it has nothing to do with gayness. Some of them were surprised that I was gay (I really don't act it), but it is no exaggeration when I say it took them 3 seconds to get over it. The cast members were very nice in that respect, and I had fun talking to them.

Then I met his lead actor, Alex Juiceman. (FYI: if the link doesn't work, I'm sorry. It's embedded in Alex is a professional stunt man, and although hindi super chicka in his profile, sa totoo lang, cute sya in a batibot way AT mabait siya and MY GOD, meron syang muscles in places I have NEVER seen before. He is a professional swordsman so his biceps and forearms are deceptively powerful.

Sadly hindi siya bading.

However, he did let me shave his facial hair (super kilig to the bayag, I guarantee you), style his long tresses and put on his makeup. There were limits to what I could do because they were doing closeups in blue screen, so not too much character makeup. Still, I was happy I was asked to do the shoot. I told them I can't make it tomorrow (hello, walang bayad!), but yes, I plan to make a surprise visit. Why? Wala lang.

Honest - ang bait nya. *giggle*

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