Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Let's Start From the Very Beginning...

I was half-tempted to do this, a la Sound of Music, but I realised that, not only was that desperately gay, it was also very 90's, so I decided to stick with the more traditional narrative.

Now, I always knew I was gay. I had girlfriends, yes, and one of them (I am afraid to admit) I am still quite in love with, but only because she was the one who got away, rather than me losing my interest.

Yes, I am that kind of a guy. The mere fact that I will be celebrating 3 years with someone in a few months time is in fact a landmark of some sort. I *love* Oli. He is a fantastic, loyal and passionate person, albeit a bit temperamental and quirky. I attribute that to his Swedish heritage (just make the connection somehow. I really can't be bothered.).

Anyway, I am happy that I am currently in such a stable relationship. The only problem is I am the one who is not stable. I like random sex. I do. I have it whenever I can. I like things dangerous and exciting. The fear of the unknown is really more of an aphrodisiac for me.

The worse part is, I am at a university 5 days a week. I am a full-time student although I work here part-time as well. This exposes me to some very interesting scenarios.

For one, there is the random employee of the university, prowling the regular beats. There is one close to my workplace, so once in a while, I see who is in. Maybe I get to see new blood (or cum, as the case may be).

Today, I met up with Gavin, who turned out to be a Chemistry professor here at the university. Didn't care much for the body, nor the face, but the cock! Jesus Christ! The cock was really nice... We played around a bit in the toilet cubicle, but he doesn't really do a great blowjob, unfortunately. Because of that, the joy quickly died for me.

Still, I am keen on seeing whether or not I can take that cock in my ass. Mind you, I am still a beginner when it comes to bottoming, but of course, being the boy scout that I am, I am quite enthusiastic to learn. Safely, of course. The last thing I want is to pass something on to Oli, especially when I have to explain how I got the damn rash in the first place. Sometimes, with these sleazy people (and I do count myself as one of them), you never can tell.

However, when it comes to students... mmmm. Now that's fresh. I will tell you about that some other time.

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