Thursday, 14 June 2007


I met up with Merlot today. Merlot is a French-Australian who migrated here when he was much younger. He is in his early-20's and yes, he is a virgin. We have been *ahem* lightly flirting with each other, and I can say that I am having fun with it. However, having said that, we haven't fucked, and thanks to his religious upbringing, I know we won't. Ever.


I have, however, quickly jacked him off once or twice... or, as of a few minutes ago, thrice. He has a nice cock. It has some weird papules near the tip - but I checked the net, and confirmed that it was not STD or anything like that.

Oli doesn't know about him, and yeah, he probably never will (unless he reads this. Eeeep!). Not that there is anything overtly evil about what we are doing. I mean, seriously, Loti just gives me head rubs (the one between my shoulders FYI) and back rubs at most. He has not touched my dick although he has seen it.

To be honest, I would LOVE to be fucked by this guy. His dick is quite thick and quite long - nicer than Oli's admittedly, but then I'm pretty ok with Oli's. I guess Loti's dick is more enticing because deep down inside, I know I can't have it, and you know what they say about stuff you can't have.

Anyway, I should be happy. A few months ago, we kissed. After that, we jacked off together. After that, I got to fondle him. Then today, I got to place his dick in my mouth for 0.7 second. He *really* didn't want me to do anything other than touch or fondle so tough luck for me, eh? One of these days though, I reckon he will crack. He's bound to! He's only human. I guess I just have to wait for him to ripen a bit.

I am such a fucking predator. I should be ashamed.

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