Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hi, Bi-Bi

Maxim and I were chatting yesterday and he casually mentions how lucky I am that I am bi because then I could potentially date 99.99% of the population. He must have found it strange that I took so long to reply to that, but it's because I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was laughing my nuts off (not literally of course).

First of all, I doubt only 0.01% of Melbourne are lesbians. Second, not everyone would want to date me. Let's face it - Asians are not a hot commodity here in Australia. When I take trips outside Melbourne, the stares I get are enough to make me hurl.

* But I digress *

I wanted to tell Maxie - yet again! - that I am not bi. I am straight-acting, yes, but not bi. A lot of my colleagues don't know I am gay, and I doubt they ever will. All my good friends know it, but only because they know Oli as well.

Not that I am ashamed of being labeled bisexual. Really, I don't give a dog's pee-hole. And it's not because I don't find women attractive. I reckon I could still go straight for Angelina Jolie - but only because I don't mind Brad's leftovers. But it's just... I am not. I really am a penis-lovin' gay guy... who likes VB and rough games as well.

There's just something strange about how people perceive straight-acting gay folks. It seems like they think we can be converted by some drug or miraculous intervention. For some, it can be second nature, like breathing perhaps or yawning when tired. For others, it is a lifestyle choice, one that is made with a conscious decision that one is attracted to the opposite sex.

To be honest, there are times when I would love to act feminine. I think it just makes it easy for people. I don't have to clarify that there is no ring on my finger because there is no marriage for gay folk here in Australia (thanks to Johnnie Fuckin' Howard). But I don't have to explain myself anyway, so...

...where am I going with this? I dunno.

I do know some great bisexuals in my life, and I am grateful for them as well. There's Anthony (who will always be a great fuckbud), Tonito (the construction mogul who still has the smallest dick on such a great bod - bottoming for this guy is HILARIOUS!), Joaquin (see previous entry), Bon (an awesome friend of mine) and then there is Kiko.

Kiko is fucking special because he has an absolutely AWESOME gym body and a wonderful dick to match. He is cute in a boyish kind of way, especially with his glasses and such. He is GREAT in bed and boy did I enjoy bottoming for this guy. When he decided to go semi-steady with one of the Muscle Marys in Slimmer's World, I wasn't surprised because they looked HOT together (and the other guy wasn't bad in bed either). What shocked me was that he had a girlfriend all this time and they were thinking of tying the knot.

Like, wtf!

I wanted to grab him by the lapels and yell, "And all this time, you've been fucking me up the ass??? You had a girlfriend???? A FUCKIN' FIANCEE????"

Not that I was demanding monogamy (AKO PA?!) but I just liked being told things. Kiko and I talked about a LOT of things when he stayed over my house before, and I told him about my ex-girlfriends (yes, I had some - one of whom still reads this, by the way), so a little bit of honesty would have been nice on his behalf.

But then again, these guys are in a strange situation. I shouldn't really be surprised that disclosure wasn't part of our bonding.

You will see these guys all over the gay haunts in the Philippines. Most of mine, I met in The Spa. Some of them were friends of friends. A couple of them, gym buddies.

I just don't like fooling around with married men though. Something about betraying a woman who does not have an inkling of the subculture just unnerves me.

I better stop at this point. I know, I know. I'm rambling. I blame the painkillers.

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