Sunday, 24 June 2007

Ginger Fever

Went to a gay sauna last night. Was fairly uneventful, really. Didn't meet anyone interesting. There were several notables - one of which was this old guy with (no exaggeration here, folks) balls the size of a baseball. I could not actually hold it all with one hand. At first I was fearful that it could be cancer or something, but reckon he would have done something about it, had that been the case.

One interesting chap I met though was Shane. Shane is a red-head (also known as ginger - pronounced ging-ah here in Australia) so seeing his pubic hair was quite interesting. (The carpet was much lighter than the curtains, FYI.) Anyway what made him interesting was his age - he was 22. Yet, while we got to talking, he revealed that:

a. He liked older men (as in 40s onwards),
b. He moved suburbs to be with this MUCH older guy - but he was only 18 at the time,
c. He started having casual sex with people at the age of 12, and most shocking was:
d. He had been fisted up until near the elbow.

HELLO. THAT is a Regal Shocker, I'm sorry! Hanggang elbow! Are you nuts? More interestingly, he started sex at the age of 12!?!? How many times can that be illegal in this country? HECK, ANY country for that matter!!!

But that's his life. I didn't bother getting his number because it was clear that he was nice to me, but would rather have the company of older men. Sigh. The nice thing about him was that he did help me get off. We were both bottoms, which canceled any chance for a good encounter, but he did help me by indulging me in my nipple fetishes. Mmmmm. Too bad he didn't want to top me.

Oh, well, we talked about other interesting things as well, such as racism here in Australia, being Asian in a non-Asian country, stereotypes of people and how we both refuse to conform. More importantly, we shared a great conversation, one which I have not had in a long time. Oli and I talk, yes, but sometimes I find myself concealing my thoughts, because Oli can be so strongly opinionated at times, and I just (perhaps erroneously) refuse to add fuel to the flame by shutting up and zoning out. I guess that is something that we need to work on... but ANYWAY.

It was a good conversation, a relaxing breath of fresh air. Never thought I could ever have that
in a gay sauna.

Of course, he could be lying through his teeth with the stuff he said, but never mind that. I will take from it what I can. :-) Plus, I love seeing red pubes. They are so cute. :-D



"Fisted up until the elbow" -- Ouch! Maybe the "fister" had thin arms. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

nakuuuuuuuuh. totoo ba yan??? as if naman hanggang elbow?!?!