Sunday, 17 June 2007

Encounters of the Wrong Kind

A lot of people ask me if my students ever hit on me. My answer to that is yes. It's a bit embarrassing really. I had one student rub his knee on my knee and of course, being the dignified teacher that I am, I didn't bat an eyelash. However, being the total whore that I am, I didn't move my leg away either. I didn't let on that I was gay, and I think he thought that his "daring" experiment was a failure. Needless to say, it was ejaculatory material later that night.

However, the worst one was with Scottie. Scottie is this nice lean little fellow, a bit prone to nervous ticks but still charming in a quaint way. Mind you, I wouldn't paint him as gay - just a bit mousey perhaps, but not gay.

ANYway, there I was in the loo and though the GHole, I saw this really nice dick waving at me. Of course, mine waved back (read: see-saw entry). After a few minutes of that, we decided to meet in the second floor of the building so that we can finish the deed intimately.

As we both stepped out of our respective cubicles, tah dah! The jig was up, and the flagmast fell. It was Scottie. Of course, because he was still my student that session, I had no intentions of doing the deed. However, I was tempted.

The week after, I saw Scottie again. This time, we were both in the cubicles without the GHole (others were occupying them at that time). I knew it was him because I peeped through the wall. We did the usual exchange of toilet paper conversations (and of course, I lied about my age) and we agreed to play with each other under the wall. He wanted the real thing, but really, did I want him to see me in all my glory? I don't think so.

So we continued playing each other awkwardly under the wall and yes, I came first and left immediately after that. I would like to think he didn't know about me, but deep down inside, I know he knew - and I know he knew that I knew.

If that makes sense... I'm stupid that way.

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