Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Breaking in a Virgin

Actually, I'm not sure if Merlot is a virgin. He says he is, but he definitely doesn't act fully like one either (but neither is he a whore). Anyway, he dropped by to pick up a CD from me last night, and given it was 11 pm, I knew he would stay over. The question then is: how far is he willing to go?

You see, Merlot says he is a virgin, and he doesn't like the fact that I am taken yet I am playing around with him. I guess being a querida can be demeaning for some. I personally know how bad it can get, ego-wise.

Anyway, the night started out normal. He slept with a shirt and his undies, me in my pjs and a shirt. Unfortunately, because of the heat generated by the blower, I decided to take off all my clothes (Alam mo naman ako - Maria Clara.) (charing) and he surprisingly followed suit.

So there we were, naked in bed. At first, I was being a bit aggressive, at medyo na-turnoff ata sya. All attempts at playing with his genitalia were met with rejection. (Yes, napakasakit, Kuya Eddie.) So I backed off. Syempre kunwari gracious in losing ang lola!

As the night wore on, we became more intimate in other forms. We hugged so that our dicks were touching each other, we were spooning, he spooned me, he lay on top of me for a minute or so (and yes, I wrapped my legs around his butt. Subtle, di ba?) and well, you get the idea.

At around 4 am, that's when things got a little bit heated. We were both drifting in and out of sleep at this point, and my feeble attempt at groping his cock was again met with resistance (kasi naman! 8 inches! Hello! Who can resist, I tell you? Who?!). But this time, he guided my hand to his butt.

Abba, hello. May I chiquitita ang lola nyo!

Of course, I explored for a minute of two, and that was when the gloves came off and the lube came on. A few fingers after, he decided to reciprocate by fingering me - three fingers punyeta. Gustong sumigaw HELLOOOO! BEGINNER LANG PO AKO, CHENK YOU! He was gracious enough to go back to two after awhile, but 69-fingering was a bit strange admittedly. I was fingering his ass and he was doing mine. After a while, we both got tired and decided to call it a night.

Of course, chika lang yun. After a while, my hand was being guided from his ass to his cock and back again, all this while I was spooning him from behind. Loves it!

The kicker was that at one point (I think this was around 5 am) I sat on top of him, while his cock was starting to penetrate my ass (Shet. Tip of the ulo pa lang, may I be afraid na! Honest! Jumbo hotdog, I'm sorreh!) Sadly, this was where he drew the line. I was about to reach for the lube, when he said no.

So syempre, gracious ang thank-you-gurl. I rolled off and slept until 8 am when I felt the bed moving a bit. Turned out he was slowly jacking himself off. I took over the minute I woke up, and after less than 5 minutes, he came.

WOW. Parang New Year. Kulang na lang si Nicole Kidman at Ewan McGregor singing Come What May. Super basa ang lola niyo at dahil I was looking at his dick intently, my face became a bukkake palette. Ganda.

Being the kid that he was, he had no intentions of helping me get off. Self-centred sya, but then again, that is very common among younguns, so no hard feelings naman. I kinda expected it actually.

But that is one itch that I have finally satiated. I don't think I would want to do this again (kasi naman! Do not shit where you live, di ba? Plus ang Oli... Regardless of what you read, love ko naman sya... Oli is perfect. I am not.). I just hope that he won't think this means we are on or anything. We didn't cuddle after he came. He just popped his lid, wiped himself clean, and got dressed, all within 5 minutes of each other.

Basta ako, happy. Tired, lacking sleep, but happy. I just hope this doesn't bite me in the neck later on. *sigh*


joelmcvie said...

I know this is not what other people think I should say... I'll say it anyway: Konti na lang, bibigay na yan si Merlot. Ahahahahahaha!

BI na BI ako o. (Bad Influence ha, hindi bisexual, ewww.)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Hay naku! You should read the other email I got from a friend. Sinabon ang lola mo (with just reason anyway). Feeling ko tuloy ang dumi dumi ko.

(Yes, I should be spanked)

ONAI said...
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