Saturday, 30 June 2007

Nothing new today. Just preparing for tomorrow's adventure. There's a sauna a few suburbs down and I can't wait to try it. Apparently, it's like Shortbus style, but Sunday is all men so it should be interesting. Plus, from a reliable source, it's where straight acting wogs come out to play.

I love wogs. The problem becomes: Will wogs like me? Doubt it but who knows, eh?

Anyway, being a man of many talents (charing), I was invited by a friend to help out with his video shooting. They needed someone who knows how to do professional make-up and he knew that I used to do modelling back in the Philippines, so yun. At first, I was hesitant, pero mabait naman the director so I said, sige na nga.

The cast members were fairly young, around 18-20. They were nice, only a few papa-bles, but still nice. I was quite open with them, and I have to admit it is nice to talk to people about make-up and stuff like that. They ask me how I know about these techniques and I just tell them it has nothing to do with gayness. Some of them were surprised that I was gay (I really don't act it), but it is no exaggeration when I say it took them 3 seconds to get over it. The cast members were very nice in that respect, and I had fun talking to them.

Then I met his lead actor, Alex Juiceman. (FYI: if the link doesn't work, I'm sorry. It's embedded in Alex is a professional stunt man, and although hindi super chicka in his profile, sa totoo lang, cute sya in a batibot way AT mabait siya and MY GOD, meron syang muscles in places I have NEVER seen before. He is a professional swordsman so his biceps and forearms are deceptively powerful.

Sadly hindi siya bading.

However, he did let me shave his facial hair (super kilig to the bayag, I guarantee you), style his long tresses and put on his makeup. There were limits to what I could do because they were doing closeups in blue screen, so not too much character makeup. Still, I was happy I was asked to do the shoot. I told them I can't make it tomorrow (hello, walang bayad!), but yes, I plan to make a surprise visit. Why? Wala lang.

Honest - ang bait nya. *giggle*

Friday, 29 June 2007

Ay, the Drama!

It's been very busy in this part of the world, and this week has been a KILLER. Ang daming ma-drama dito sa Melbourne and I totally want out. Anyway, I decided to party it up a bit because (as they say in L'Oreal) I'm worth it. Buti na lang may birthday ang aking friend Indiana (O DIVA ang taray ng pangalan ng ghurl)


Anyway, guess who I saw in the partay? Merlot. Siyempre, being Ms. Universe Runner-Up for 1986 onwards, totally poised ang lola niyo.

"Why, hello, Mel."

May I smile lang sya. Demure. Parang thank you girl ang smile nya.

Amalia Fuentes! Smile din ako and I continued my walk (with matching "You are My Star") around the room.

After a few beers, I was medyo hello. Parang konti na lang, Ms. USA 2006 na ako with matching tapilok in evening gown. So I decided to go home. Buti na yan bago ako tuluyang mawalan ng foiz.

Anyway, paglabas ko sa bar, aba hello. Ang Merlot naghihintay?

Sabi ko sa sarili ko: "Bakla. Wag. Hindi mo ito gusto."

Sabi ng bayag ko: "HELLOOOOOOO!"

Ms. Universe Runner-Up Ever: "Hi Merlot. How are ya?"

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I invited him home AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND he said no.

Medyo nakakalito a? He waits for me outside the bar so that we can walk to the bus stop together, where strangely enough, we will part ways. Naghintay pa siya! Ano ako? Hindi marunong umuwi na mag-isa? Hindi ako tanga, at lalong lalo na, hindi ako inutil.

I can take care of myself thankyouverymuchbow. Weird was, the entire walk to the bus stop, wala syang imik! Aba! All of a sudden, shy type ka? GANON?

And then I realised something. I have power over this. I have the power to say no thanks. I have the power to walk away. I have the power to pretend he does not exist. And the worse part is I know he doesn't. He doesn't have a lot of friends (dahil medyo kakaiba ang kanyang sense of humour) and although I can confidently say I can afford to lose him as a friend, he cannot say the same.

And with that, I boarded the bus and put on my iPod.

Bayag: "Oh, he's waving at you, Marcus. Wave back."

Ms. Universe R-UE: "Oops. I forgot."

And, as Madonna once sang, "I'm not sorry. It's human nature."

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Ginger Fever

Went to a gay sauna last night. Was fairly uneventful, really. Didn't meet anyone interesting. There were several notables - one of which was this old guy with (no exaggeration here, folks) balls the size of a baseball. I could not actually hold it all with one hand. At first I was fearful that it could be cancer or something, but reckon he would have done something about it, had that been the case.

One interesting chap I met though was Shane. Shane is a red-head (also known as ginger - pronounced ging-ah here in Australia) so seeing his pubic hair was quite interesting. (The carpet was much lighter than the curtains, FYI.) Anyway what made him interesting was his age - he was 22. Yet, while we got to talking, he revealed that:

a. He liked older men (as in 40s onwards),
b. He moved suburbs to be with this MUCH older guy - but he was only 18 at the time,
c. He started having casual sex with people at the age of 12, and most shocking was:
d. He had been fisted up until near the elbow.

HELLO. THAT is a Regal Shocker, I'm sorry! Hanggang elbow! Are you nuts? More interestingly, he started sex at the age of 12!?!? How many times can that be illegal in this country? HECK, ANY country for that matter!!!

But that's his life. I didn't bother getting his number because it was clear that he was nice to me, but would rather have the company of older men. Sigh. The nice thing about him was that he did help me get off. We were both bottoms, which canceled any chance for a good encounter, but he did help me by indulging me in my nipple fetishes. Mmmmm. Too bad he didn't want to top me.

Oh, well, we talked about other interesting things as well, such as racism here in Australia, being Asian in a non-Asian country, stereotypes of people and how we both refuse to conform. More importantly, we shared a great conversation, one which I have not had in a long time. Oli and I talk, yes, but sometimes I find myself concealing my thoughts, because Oli can be so strongly opinionated at times, and I just (perhaps erroneously) refuse to add fuel to the flame by shutting up and zoning out. I guess that is something that we need to work on... but ANYWAY.

It was a good conversation, a relaxing breath of fresh air. Never thought I could ever have that
in a gay sauna.

Of course, he could be lying through his teeth with the stuff he said, but never mind that. I will take from it what I can. :-) Plus, I love seeing red pubes. They are so cute. :-D

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Another Blog to Add to your List

This blogger was recently lauded by various people for his work on the web. I agree with them. Drop by his blog for a most wondermous read. :-)

Hi, Bi-Bi

Maxim and I were chatting yesterday and he casually mentions how lucky I am that I am bi because then I could potentially date 99.99% of the population. He must have found it strange that I took so long to reply to that, but it's because I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was laughing my nuts off (not literally of course).

First of all, I doubt only 0.01% of Melbourne are lesbians. Second, not everyone would want to date me. Let's face it - Asians are not a hot commodity here in Australia. When I take trips outside Melbourne, the stares I get are enough to make me hurl.

* But I digress *

I wanted to tell Maxie - yet again! - that I am not bi. I am straight-acting, yes, but not bi. A lot of my colleagues don't know I am gay, and I doubt they ever will. All my good friends know it, but only because they know Oli as well.

Not that I am ashamed of being labeled bisexual. Really, I don't give a dog's pee-hole. And it's not because I don't find women attractive. I reckon I could still go straight for Angelina Jolie - but only because I don't mind Brad's leftovers. But it's just... I am not. I really am a penis-lovin' gay guy... who likes VB and rough games as well.

There's just something strange about how people perceive straight-acting gay folks. It seems like they think we can be converted by some drug or miraculous intervention. For some, it can be second nature, like breathing perhaps or yawning when tired. For others, it is a lifestyle choice, one that is made with a conscious decision that one is attracted to the opposite sex.

To be honest, there are times when I would love to act feminine. I think it just makes it easy for people. I don't have to clarify that there is no ring on my finger because there is no marriage for gay folk here in Australia (thanks to Johnnie Fuckin' Howard). But I don't have to explain myself anyway, so...

...where am I going with this? I dunno.

I do know some great bisexuals in my life, and I am grateful for them as well. There's Anthony (who will always be a great fuckbud), Tonito (the construction mogul who still has the smallest dick on such a great bod - bottoming for this guy is HILARIOUS!), Joaquin (see previous entry), Bon (an awesome friend of mine) and then there is Kiko.

Kiko is fucking special because he has an absolutely AWESOME gym body and a wonderful dick to match. He is cute in a boyish kind of way, especially with his glasses and such. He is GREAT in bed and boy did I enjoy bottoming for this guy. When he decided to go semi-steady with one of the Muscle Marys in Slimmer's World, I wasn't surprised because they looked HOT together (and the other guy wasn't bad in bed either). What shocked me was that he had a girlfriend all this time and they were thinking of tying the knot.

Like, wtf!

I wanted to grab him by the lapels and yell, "And all this time, you've been fucking me up the ass??? You had a girlfriend???? A FUCKIN' FIANCEE????"

Not that I was demanding monogamy (AKO PA?!) but I just liked being told things. Kiko and I talked about a LOT of things when he stayed over my house before, and I told him about my ex-girlfriends (yes, I had some - one of whom still reads this, by the way), so a little bit of honesty would have been nice on his behalf.

But then again, these guys are in a strange situation. I shouldn't really be surprised that disclosure wasn't part of our bonding.

You will see these guys all over the gay haunts in the Philippines. Most of mine, I met in The Spa. Some of them were friends of friends. A couple of them, gym buddies.

I just don't like fooling around with married men though. Something about betraying a woman who does not have an inkling of the subculture just unnerves me.

I better stop at this point. I know, I know. I'm rambling. I blame the painkillers.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Breaking in a Virgin

Actually, I'm not sure if Merlot is a virgin. He says he is, but he definitely doesn't act fully like one either (but neither is he a whore). Anyway, he dropped by to pick up a CD from me last night, and given it was 11 pm, I knew he would stay over. The question then is: how far is he willing to go?

You see, Merlot says he is a virgin, and he doesn't like the fact that I am taken yet I am playing around with him. I guess being a querida can be demeaning for some. I personally know how bad it can get, ego-wise.

Anyway, the night started out normal. He slept with a shirt and his undies, me in my pjs and a shirt. Unfortunately, because of the heat generated by the blower, I decided to take off all my clothes (Alam mo naman ako - Maria Clara.) (charing) and he surprisingly followed suit.

So there we were, naked in bed. At first, I was being a bit aggressive, at medyo na-turnoff ata sya. All attempts at playing with his genitalia were met with rejection. (Yes, napakasakit, Kuya Eddie.) So I backed off. Syempre kunwari gracious in losing ang lola!

As the night wore on, we became more intimate in other forms. We hugged so that our dicks were touching each other, we were spooning, he spooned me, he lay on top of me for a minute or so (and yes, I wrapped my legs around his butt. Subtle, di ba?) and well, you get the idea.

At around 4 am, that's when things got a little bit heated. We were both drifting in and out of sleep at this point, and my feeble attempt at groping his cock was again met with resistance (kasi naman! 8 inches! Hello! Who can resist, I tell you? Who?!). But this time, he guided my hand to his butt.

Abba, hello. May I chiquitita ang lola nyo!

Of course, I explored for a minute of two, and that was when the gloves came off and the lube came on. A few fingers after, he decided to reciprocate by fingering me - three fingers punyeta. Gustong sumigaw HELLOOOO! BEGINNER LANG PO AKO, CHENK YOU! He was gracious enough to go back to two after awhile, but 69-fingering was a bit strange admittedly. I was fingering his ass and he was doing mine. After a while, we both got tired and decided to call it a night.

Of course, chika lang yun. After a while, my hand was being guided from his ass to his cock and back again, all this while I was spooning him from behind. Loves it!

The kicker was that at one point (I think this was around 5 am) I sat on top of him, while his cock was starting to penetrate my ass (Shet. Tip of the ulo pa lang, may I be afraid na! Honest! Jumbo hotdog, I'm sorreh!) Sadly, this was where he drew the line. I was about to reach for the lube, when he said no.

So syempre, gracious ang thank-you-gurl. I rolled off and slept until 8 am when I felt the bed moving a bit. Turned out he was slowly jacking himself off. I took over the minute I woke up, and after less than 5 minutes, he came.

WOW. Parang New Year. Kulang na lang si Nicole Kidman at Ewan McGregor singing Come What May. Super basa ang lola niyo at dahil I was looking at his dick intently, my face became a bukkake palette. Ganda.

Being the kid that he was, he had no intentions of helping me get off. Self-centred sya, but then again, that is very common among younguns, so no hard feelings naman. I kinda expected it actually.

But that is one itch that I have finally satiated. I don't think I would want to do this again (kasi naman! Do not shit where you live, di ba? Plus ang Oli... Regardless of what you read, love ko naman sya... Oli is perfect. I am not.). I just hope that he won't think this means we are on or anything. We didn't cuddle after he came. He just popped his lid, wiped himself clean, and got dressed, all within 5 minutes of each other.

Basta ako, happy. Tired, lacking sleep, but happy. I just hope this doesn't bite me in the neck later on. *sigh*

Tall Lies

Thanks to tall hunks like Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas (both NSFW!), the image of tall hunks having 10-inch members has been embedded into our collective gay unconsciousness.

Not necessarily true though. Oli, for one, has an impressive member, but not really overly massive. For someone of his height (6'4"ish), it looks ridiculously small admittedly. However, I am not complaining. Any bigger and it might split me in two.

And then there is that other guy in the gym tonight. He has fairly tall, 6'1", but when I jacked him off in the shower stalls (there IS a way, albeit risky) he was definitely not that bigger than I am. In fact, I would dare say I am bigger. Take note - I am saying that not because I have a massive member, but rather his was quite small. He was quite tasty though.

That's all for today. Merlot is here.

Yes, I am asking for a looooooooooot of trouble.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Political Incorrectness

Thanks to all those who replied and sent their email re: the last entry. However, sorry but Joaquin is the only thing I could give as a clue is that he won awards in some international singing competition two years ago or something. I'm not sure anymore as we rarely keep in touch. He sent me a message through friendster but medyo cordial lang ako. I don't like to complicate my life THAT much.

ANYway, to Maria, yes you guessed it right which is WHY your comment disappeared. Email mo na lang kasi ako pag may tamang guess ka. Tama ba yang ipinahayag? Tama ba yan? TAMA BA YAN???

I met Joaquin in a party, not in The Spa (that's what you got it wrong, M. Hindi kasi nagbabasa eh.) I have to admit though that The Spa in Acropolis holds really special memories for me. I met so many people there, some in more intimate moments compared to others.

Funny, I saw an old classmate of mine there. He didn't recognise me because I lost most of the fat and gained a little bit of muscle. I recognised him though and yes, he was there in all his glory - along with 6 or so much older gay guys. Then it hit me - holy shit. He's a prostitute now. True enough, when the attendants are not looking, he's there dancing his pasty naked ass off, much to the delight of the screaming gay guys. It was quite embarrassing in a way.

But I also met The Politician there. TP (as he will be known from this point onwards) was a handsome fellow, and he was smart as well. He comes from a political clan and I guess that is what made him more interesting in my eyes. When we kissed, electricity went through my lips and down to my legs. He was really an awesome lover.

And then I met his boyfriend of 4 years - and I was stunned. I had the rug pulled from under me and yeah, I ended up left in the cold. TP never wanted to see me after that, and I think (despite my extremely wounded pride) it was for the best. I still see him around and I am happy to see that he is still a councilor. I am guessing he won the recent elections, so yay for him. Good luck in 2010, mate.

If there is one politician I want to have sex with, it is Mar Roxas. Why? He is not cute, yes, true. But he is smart and fiery and (in my humble opinion) one of the hopefuls who may be able to change things for the better.

Whether he is gay or not, well... *shrug*

Monday, 18 June 2007

Almost Famous!

I was reading someone else's blog and this lovely chap was talking about gay celebrities in Philippine Showbiz and such. It got me all giggly because, let's face it, in showbiz, straight men are the chosen few. So many of them are truly on the pink side... well, maybe not pinkPINK. Maybe a bit on burgundy, or sangria, or perhaps, maroon - rarely are they fuchsia, cerise or magenta.

I've only had the luck of dating one D-lister, a professional singer named Joaquin (whether this is his real name or not, you would have to guess). Last I heard, he was doing moderately well. He caters to the bakya crowd fairly well - I know for a fact that grandmothers gravitate toward him like anything. He had a concert at the Araneta Coliseum last year, and according to the papers, it was well-received. ANYway, we had a short affair. To be honest, I didn't like him that much, nor was he great in bed. His dick is ok, not bad, but nothing to really scream and shout about.

I still don't know why I did it. I guess I just wanted the thrill of being fucked by someone famous. We were going out when I finally left the Philippines, and when I broke the news, he began crying (I wasn't) and (I'm not joking here) singing "If You're Not the One". Yes, he was teary-eyed and all, AND singing fucking Daniel Bedingfield. (aside: I had one other suitor here who used that song as part of his Birthday Mix-tape. I dumped him the day after.). I found it hard not to roll my eyes.

To be honest, I was forcing myself to cry so that it won't be TOO embarrassing for the guy, but seriously, I couldn't care less for him. As far as I am concerned, they are all just bad actors in a bad telemovie that I always skip on TV.

(another aside: I think my mother was less than enthused when she saw him in our house. Thinking about it now, maybe it was because I gave a less-than-enthusiastic introduction.)

I know, I know. I am being mean. Sorry. I'm sure he too is regretting the day he laid his eyes on me. It's not as if I can vouch to be the most awe-inspiring boyfriend in the world. I know all too well what my shortcomings are.

I dunno. Anyway, I had "fun" - but seriously, there are some fantasies that are left unquenched. Now, I just laugh at all these celebrities trying to be straight. I'm sure they are lousy in bed as well.

To Joaquin, you know this is about you. I hope you and C work out. You deserve a great career, given your amazing pipes. Ingat, pare, and find love despite your sarimanok. Be happy.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Encounters of the Wrong Kind

A lot of people ask me if my students ever hit on me. My answer to that is yes. It's a bit embarrassing really. I had one student rub his knee on my knee and of course, being the dignified teacher that I am, I didn't bat an eyelash. However, being the total whore that I am, I didn't move my leg away either. I didn't let on that I was gay, and I think he thought that his "daring" experiment was a failure. Needless to say, it was ejaculatory material later that night.

However, the worst one was with Scottie. Scottie is this nice lean little fellow, a bit prone to nervous ticks but still charming in a quaint way. Mind you, I wouldn't paint him as gay - just a bit mousey perhaps, but not gay.

ANYway, there I was in the loo and though the GHole, I saw this really nice dick waving at me. Of course, mine waved back (read: see-saw entry). After a few minutes of that, we decided to meet in the second floor of the building so that we can finish the deed intimately.

As we both stepped out of our respective cubicles, tah dah! The jig was up, and the flagmast fell. It was Scottie. Of course, because he was still my student that session, I had no intentions of doing the deed. However, I was tempted.

The week after, I saw Scottie again. This time, we were both in the cubicles without the GHole (others were occupying them at that time). I knew it was him because I peeped through the wall. We did the usual exchange of toilet paper conversations (and of course, I lied about my age) and we agreed to play with each other under the wall. He wanted the real thing, but really, did I want him to see me in all my glory? I don't think so.

So we continued playing each other awkwardly under the wall and yes, I came first and left immediately after that. I would like to think he didn't know about me, but deep down inside, I know he knew - and I know he knew that I knew.

If that makes sense... I'm stupid that way.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Hello, folks,

This is a pretty new blog, so I'm quite excited by the prospect of this thing growing a bit. In case you wanna see other blogs like this, you might want to give Pinoy Gay Blogs a shot, because it showcases the finest blog-writing from brown-pink hands. If you are a gay Filo (read: pinoy), check them out. If you are all of the above AND a blogger to boot, why not join in on the fun?

Shout outs to Manila's Gay Guy and McVie as well. Very inspiring people.

Rules of the Loo

A friend of mine asked what the rules were in LooSex (also known as Toilet Sex to some, Dirty John Jonesing to others).

Well, to be honest, there aren't a lot. You see, the strange thing about Jonesing is that the rules change depending on where it is happening. Let's talk about the university where I go to.

Now, there are five toilets but there's a glory hole only between stall 4 & 5. There is an 8-inch gap between the wall and the floor - just enough for you to see the shoes and perhaps jack off someone who is kneeling down. Uncomfortable, yes - but definitely doable.

Anyway, the way I see it, the rules for toilet sex are as follows:

1. Know your limits. If the other person doesn't like you, get the hint and don't push your luck. A person cannot be THE ONE for everybody (unless you happen to be Brad Pitt or Matthew Rush!).

2. Sign. I mean learn to communicate by signs. Sometimes, you are not alone - believe it or not, some people are there just to poo or pee. You have to respect that. So if someone is there who is not of the adventurous kind, don't push your luck. Getting caught by the police is so George Michael, it's not funny. Let's learn from his lessons, shall we?

3. It's not all about you. Now believe it or not, there are some guys out there who don't mind just showing their wares. They don't want to fondle or anything. They just want someone to look at them. Now that's fine - you can watch all you want. You can bring in some popcorn, if you want - just use the butter for something else.

However, having said that, if they want to see what you have, be gracious enough to show them something. It doesn't matter if you aren't horse hung. Not everyone is. But for fuck's sake, if you are just going to look and then pretend to be disinterested and such, go to another stall. Don't go to a toilet with the ONLY glory hole around, have a 2-second peek, and then sit and stare at your shoes. There is one fuckwit who is EXACTLY like that, and I always have the shits with him. He does it to everyone and when I see his shoes under the wall, I just don't bother anymore. I really don't.

4. Give some space. There are times when two people decide to be adventurous in a stall. That's fine. They are two consenting adults, so give them their space. However, unless they give you signals that it's ok with them, don't look over the wall or something. If they want their space, you just have to be respectful enough to give it to them. You may get your chance one day and you wouldn't want someone there either.

5. Rejection? Noooo. Yes. There will be times when you can get rejected. Toilet sex involves very clear criteria for some. Some people don't want older guys. Some people don't want chubby guys. Some people don't like fugs. Some people don't like Asians. Some people don't like men of colour. The criteria really differs from person to person, so if you get rejected for whatever reason, don't take it personal. That's just life.

6. Repeat Performances. Now, given that the Loo Community is such a small one, expect that sooner or later, you will find yourself facing a penis from the past. Now, this one is a bit tricky. Some people demand fresh blood (or cum, as the case may be). Some people have no problems with it. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you see an old Joe in the next stall, gauge whether you want to continue because if you don't, prepare for a graceful exit. It's obvious this is your issue so you have to deal with it in your own space.

And that space isn't the toilet.

So, Ivan, I hope this clarifies things.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


I met up with Merlot today. Merlot is a French-Australian who migrated here when he was much younger. He is in his early-20's and yes, he is a virgin. We have been *ahem* lightly flirting with each other, and I can say that I am having fun with it. However, having said that, we haven't fucked, and thanks to his religious upbringing, I know we won't. Ever.


I have, however, quickly jacked him off once or twice... or, as of a few minutes ago, thrice. He has a nice cock. It has some weird papules near the tip - but I checked the net, and confirmed that it was not STD or anything like that.

Oli doesn't know about him, and yeah, he probably never will (unless he reads this. Eeeep!). Not that there is anything overtly evil about what we are doing. I mean, seriously, Loti just gives me head rubs (the one between my shoulders FYI) and back rubs at most. He has not touched my dick although he has seen it.

To be honest, I would LOVE to be fucked by this guy. His dick is quite thick and quite long - nicer than Oli's admittedly, but then I'm pretty ok with Oli's. I guess Loti's dick is more enticing because deep down inside, I know I can't have it, and you know what they say about stuff you can't have.

Anyway, I should be happy. A few months ago, we kissed. After that, we jacked off together. After that, I got to fondle him. Then today, I got to place his dick in my mouth for 0.7 second. He *really* didn't want me to do anything other than touch or fondle so tough luck for me, eh? One of these days though, I reckon he will crack. He's bound to! He's only human. I guess I just have to wait for him to ripen a bit.

I am such a fucking predator. I should be ashamed.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Starting Em Young

I was in the toilet today, and sadly, because of the atrocious weather, I ended up alone in the loo, waiting for nothing, most of the time I was there (which wasn't much really - barely an hour). Anyway, one old guy popped up and I was seriously not interested, nor was I even tempted.

I mean, yes, nice dick, but seriously, bad bad face. There was no way in hell I could even consider.

(as if hindi puta)

And then someone went to the other loo beside mine. Because there was only one loo with a G Hole, I didn't know who this person was. I only saw a green jumper, spiky Asian hair and a fairly impressive dick, especially for an Asian guy. (Of course, I only know this because I snuck a peak over the cubicle walls - Hehehe)

Of course, I was interested, but the old guy on the other side made things difficult. Anyway, the old guy left soon after but the other guy received a phone call and left as well.

I said to myself, Oh well. At least, I saw the dick.

Anyway, a few minutes later, the other guy comes back and when he managed to move his head closer to the glory hole, I realised "Shit he's cute" We tried playing the whole "I'll show mine and you show yours" (*For future reference, we will call this the see-saw) thing, but he was clearly uncomfortable and he left again after a few minutes. Still, I got to see his member and it was impressive.

And then it hit me. Shit. I know that jumper and the pants as well. These were part of the uniform for a local high school nearby.

O.M.G. I'm a paedophile. Ewww!

And then I realised, Shit. He must be no older than 17 - max! Why are they starting so young? I shuddered and being so turned off the paedo realisation, I left.

I'll just go home and watch some porn.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Politics of the Loo

Toilet sex. Every gay porn has at least one scene in it. Why is that? Because it is quite common. However, not everything that happens in porn happens in real life.

For example, in my case, because I look somewhat Asian (read: Chinese), some guys tend to smile and move on. Awhile ago, I was sitting and waiting in one of the "glorious" cubicles when Mr. Jamiroquai (he looked like the lead singer) sat down in the cubbie next to mine. Well, he obviously isn't from this university because (a) he was eager to show his wares, (b) he was eager to show his face and (c) he was eager.

Now the G Hole is only the size of a one dollar coin. It's a bit less than an inch in diameter (tama ba yung word na ginamit ko?) - enough to see enough, but not enough to poke something through, unless you are on the extreme end of the penile range (as in angel hair).

ANYway, he was quite keen to play around and after a minute of "I'll show mine, you show yours," he walked out and expected me to walk out as well. Perhaps he wanted us to play on the sink...

My brain: "Helloooo! Tanga! That's not how it works."

My body: unlocks the cubbie and hopefully he gets the hint.

He does. He enters the cubbie and is somehow sad to see who I was. It's a good thing my dick was out so that gives him something to look forward to, but even after he entered, jacket, umbrella and all, he was still not in the zone.

I didn't care. He was in and I was whore-ney.

So I sucked him off (he had a nice member, but nothing to write home about) until he (unfortunately) came in my mouth. I love cum - I really do - but I hatehatehate unsafe sex so that got me worried a bit. To make it worse, he tasted a little bit bitter for my liking.

So after less than 5 minutes (I'm serious), it was done. He walked out with his things and I was there in the cubbie, spitting out his juices. But still he had the look of "Oh well. It was better than nothing."

That kinda irked me a bit. Why am I not good enough? I wanted to point out to him that he wasn't much of a spring flower either - he was more or less my age to be honest. Well, I don't show my age - hell, I don't ACT my age - and I would like to think I am a great cock sucker (he did cum). What makes any white trash better than this AZN trash? My dick is up to the challenge and although I admit I lack the Greek endowment, it's still not something to scoff at. Oli loves my penis, and in some ways, it is better than his.

But that's not the point, I guess. The point is being oldish (30s) and Asian has its down sides. On the plus side though, he still got off and I had my cock fill for the day.

Not bad.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Let's Start From the Very Beginning...

I was half-tempted to do this, a la Sound of Music, but I realised that, not only was that desperately gay, it was also very 90's, so I decided to stick with the more traditional narrative.

Now, I always knew I was gay. I had girlfriends, yes, and one of them (I am afraid to admit) I am still quite in love with, but only because she was the one who got away, rather than me losing my interest.

Yes, I am that kind of a guy. The mere fact that I will be celebrating 3 years with someone in a few months time is in fact a landmark of some sort. I *love* Oli. He is a fantastic, loyal and passionate person, albeit a bit temperamental and quirky. I attribute that to his Swedish heritage (just make the connection somehow. I really can't be bothered.).

Anyway, I am happy that I am currently in such a stable relationship. The only problem is I am the one who is not stable. I like random sex. I do. I have it whenever I can. I like things dangerous and exciting. The fear of the unknown is really more of an aphrodisiac for me.

The worse part is, I am at a university 5 days a week. I am a full-time student although I work here part-time as well. This exposes me to some very interesting scenarios.

For one, there is the random employee of the university, prowling the regular beats. There is one close to my workplace, so once in a while, I see who is in. Maybe I get to see new blood (or cum, as the case may be).

Today, I met up with Gavin, who turned out to be a Chemistry professor here at the university. Didn't care much for the body, nor the face, but the cock! Jesus Christ! The cock was really nice... We played around a bit in the toilet cubicle, but he doesn't really do a great blowjob, unfortunately. Because of that, the joy quickly died for me.

Still, I am keen on seeing whether or not I can take that cock in my ass. Mind you, I am still a beginner when it comes to bottoming, but of course, being the boy scout that I am, I am quite enthusiastic to learn. Safely, of course. The last thing I want is to pass something on to Oli, especially when I have to explain how I got the damn rash in the first place. Sometimes, with these sleazy people (and I do count myself as one of them), you never can tell.

However, when it comes to students... mmmm. Now that's fresh. I will tell you about that some other time.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome to my first blog entry. I'm not sure how you got here, but I am happy that you are here.

I often ask myself why I bother blogging. I mean, do I *really* want half the people I know to know what I am doing? Perhaps not. But I choose to do it anyway. I have to admit. My life is fairly colourful and adventurous, and I would like to have some way of remembering them.

Now for those of you who don't know me, here is a rough breakdown.

My name is Marcus, 6'1 tall, and I am originally from the Philippines. Some people say I look very Japanese, but I disagree. I have just turned 30, but I swear I look much younger than my age. Of course, I use that to my advantage. :-D

I am currently residing in Melbourne, with my partner, Oliver - of European descent but Aussie through and through - and to be honest, we lead a wonderful life together. We have been together for more than two years now, and I am quite happy. I am accepted well by his family, and we are having a blast. Oli is very loyal, hardworking and dedicated. I couldn't ask for anything more...

Unfortunately, I am also quite itchy, and that's where the misadventures begin. Oliver doesn't know this, and I prefer not to rock the boat. These trysts do not make me a better person, and believe it or not, I do not even pretend that I am. One might say that I do not deserve the blessings that come my way, and on most days, I tend to agree.

I try to pacify the guilt at times by making sure Oli is cared for - cooking, cleaning, ironing his clothes, doing the laundry - but to be honest, I am fooling everyone but myself. I know that I am a bad person for clutching on to every single lurid opportunity that happens to unzip my way.

Perhaps by blogging about it, I can drive the drive out of my system. Maybe blogging can be my exorcism, and the demons in my loins can be silenced for good.

I hope so. Otherwise, this will just be softcore porn. :-)

Misadventures will begin soon enough.