Saturday, 22 October 2016

Irish Spring

Dear friends,

Sorry for the long delay in my entries.

I haven’t been well, to be honest. Not STI but equally challenging. Still fighting the good fight, and I’m sure I will be ok soon.

I’m still single, despite the number of dates. So far, no luck.

So I’ve resorted to one night stands and such. The best one was an Irish guy, mid-50’s. We met in a movie house in Kings Cross. Yes, it was one of **those** cinemas that showed straight porn.

See, the nice thing about places like this is that it attracts the guys who are masculine (my type) and rough around the edges. The last guy I met there was so hot who reminded me of my hot ex (who happened to be a model). He was a drunk Eurasian  muscle boy… who turned out to have a 2 inch cock. So, thanks for the fun 2 minutes but gulay, no thanks. Walang challenge.

ANYway, I was there, waiting and watching girl on girl action (sigh. yuck.) and in he came. He was wearing a construction outfit, but (thank goodness) he was not smelly. In fact, in fairness to him, he smelt of vanilla and musk.

That was the first thing I noticed when he sat beside me.

The second thing I noticed was that he was looking at me. At first, deadma kunwari but I was looking out of the corner of my eye. As always, Maria Clara.

But I decided to go for gold and look at him. He was cute, wrinkly but given he was a labourer, forgive. Olay model, he was not.

ANYway, he sat beside me, and I saw immediately the wedding ring. Ah, yes, you must love these closet cases.

It didn’t take him long to pull off his pants, and he was already half-hard. It was cut (how sad) but it was long and thin. It wasn’t the ideal, but it was good enough.

I went down on my knees, and he was ready to go. He pulled down his pants and jocks, and I saw his thin but muscly legs. Hairy sha, but I love it. He kept his top bush slightly trimmed, but his balls and legs were untouched and hairy.

Loved it.

I began my bit, knowing all too well that other guys were around, watching us. I kinda liked being watched, and I think the Irish guy knew it too. He spoke to me in whispers and I have to say that I only understood him half the time. He had a beautiful accent which truly got in the way of my understanding.

Anyway, I stood up and was hoping he could suck me off. But sadly he said he was not into that. He was willing to jack me off, but I decided it was not fun enough. He was willing to suck my nipples and while that was erotic, it was… not me.

I went down on my knees as he stood up, and I continued my thing. He was bucking like there was no tomorrow, and I grabbed his ass – my God. Super firm. My hands continued up and down his body, and his shirt eventually came off, with the name of his company on it. My hands reached up and tweaked his very small nipples.

At that point, he came in my mouth, and that was that. He had roughly four rounds of cum for me, the third one being the biggest load. His spunk was bitter, and not quite tasty, but I do appreciate cum when it is warm and fresh.

He thanked me and his accent made his thanks even cuter. I wish I took his number. I would not have minded his juices in me, but I guess I could chalk that to coulda shoulda woulda.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Red Cherries

Now, of course, the date with Red has come and gone.

Let me sexplain. He was a Grindr date, and to be honest, he was one of the more peculiar ones around. We talked about chuvah and chenez for around a week, and decided, "sige, let's meet up." I normally don't date 18 year olds, pero ziggy ziggy sputnik. He was very strange about the entire thing, and what I found weirder was that he deleted his profile after we started SMSing. Ako naman, JUH-HURL! Warning bells. Baka naman it turns out he was a stalker or nut job. Afraid akish.

Anyway, day comes, and here he comes, dressed quite nice and casual in his black jeans and white shirt. Hindi kagandahan ang fez (as in. truly.) pero cute naman siya dahil super boyish ang appear. Toned, for sure. We talked for a bit and decided to go for coffee. I went to a cafe that's not too crowded so we could chat na kami lang.

It was a nice conversation naman. It made me feel at ease. While sipping my chai latte, he confessed na, he was horny and ready to go... and beergin zsa.

At this revelation, nalukrey akish. Chai latte spilled, quite graciously I might add, out of my nose.

Graciously, of course.

We chatted about this kasi, well, I don't like forcing people into situations. I told him, in my most Lola Basyang voice, "hija, are you sure about this? Do you want me to be your first?"

He shrugged and smiled.

O sige. Game, game, mga bakla!

We paid (well, I paid) our bill and decided to head off to my place. Of course, may I light the incense, pull the curtains closed, and dim the lights.

I turned around and he was already naked and super hard na sya.

Oh, the wonders of youth talaga!

Anyway, he was toned, as I noted (trained eye talaga) but definitely not gym buff. He still had baby fat in him, and I thought it just increased his cuteness value. He was definitely pale all over, and his reddish pubes were a sight to hold against his raging penoy. His foreskin was tight naman but he said it was ok.

I knelt down and said "it's definitely ok" and proceeded to suck it hard. My gulay... it was heavenly. It was around 7in long, thin on top but the middle part was very thick. Para syang butt plug.

I love it. I had to stop at one point and say "Your dick is one of the best cocks I've ever had in my mouth" and continued to play around.

At this point, he was lying on the bed and his legs were spread wide. His ass had deep red hair as well, and at one point, he guided my hand towards his hole. Ako naman, why finger when you can tongue? So I proceeded to rim him and that's when his legs really spread apart. Ang sarap niya talaga. At that point, he was playing with his nipple and his other hand began jacking his penoy.

Ako naman, No no no, hija. You don't touch. It's all about the service. So I alternated between his ass and his dick, and he just went nuts. This happened for around a good 5 minutes.

After a while though, I decided ako naman. I stood up and asked him to suck my dick.

Yes, he was obviously new at this.

At that point, I gave up. I knew it was not going to happen. The good side though was that my ass was hovering above his penoy. And I knew it was bingo time.

I got some lube and did me and him. He was breathing heavily at this point and as soon as I sat on him, my god. heaven. As in such a perfect fit.

He slowly pumped and I moved with him. At this point, I got lost in the feeling and my dick was just so pumped and ready to go.

Within a minute, I came on his chest with minimal help from my hand. He just hit my prostate so well.

After a few minutes, I stood up and so did he. He showered up and came back - hard on still happening!

Ako naman, sige. I sucked him off and rimmed him. At that point, I looked at his dick and said this dick was amazing. He said take a pic (and so I did).  I also had a video of him jacking off, red pubes clearly seen. Love it.

He came all over and it was sweet.

He cleaned up and I dropped him off at the station. He thanked me for taking his cherry, and thanked me for it.

A few days ago, I tried SMSing him. No reply. I tried calling him. Dead number.

I guess that was it. At least I have a video and a pic to remind me.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kabataan talagah!

Well, friends, it is the start of the new year. New goals. New ambitions. New lahat.

I am still in the dating sphere, pero ngayon, thanks to Grindr, Tinder, Scruffr, Whisper, lahat na ng er sa mundo ginamit, I am finally embarking on my first blind date for the year.

What do we know about fafa? Well, he's in, 18 years old. I told him my age (my botox and I are 24 for life) but somehow he's really excited for the date. He's a carrot-top and... well, he's keen. He sent me his ari by email, and my gawd, maganda siya. I love foreskin and the pula pubes kaya we will see what will happen.

I honestly think it's not going to work... but I love the opportunity! Plus, there is something nice about being able to play around as though teenager pa run aces. He's of legal age (or so he says) so yay.

Anyway, have a wonderful and exciting 2016 everyone!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

January Update

Before anything else:

Alen: Clearly not everything with Ed has been closed. See below. (Sigh)
Simon: HELLOUGH-HAH! Thanks for the well wishes! I love that background! Bonggacious!

Well, ladies and gents, 2015 has cum to an end. It was a productive year and Juice Meh! It's been interesting.

I decided to host a party to celebrate the end of the year, just a handful of friends - nothing spectacular. Out of pure stupidity, I invited Edward... and he came... with a date. Toni. Yes, ghurl sya.

In fairness, maganda and tall ang lowkah. And mabait. And machika. So sige. I will Miss Colombia the shit out of this. Some of my friends, who are familiar with our drama, had their eyebrows raised, pero since Ms Congeniality ako, they followed suit.

At one point, Edward cornered me in the kitchen, while I was Betty Drapering. Toni was being made chicka so it was just the two of us. In a strange way, he tried to be chicka and (heavens!) even flirtatious. Pero ako, composed as ever, with all intentions of winning the evening gown competition, and super noncommittal with matching smile slit hanggang earrings!

We are still... friends? And he's asked to come in sometime this January... Pero ako, I don't know. Miss na miss ko ang gintong ari. Mayroon pa rin akong mga pic niya so maybe hanggang yun na lang. One of these days, I will delete to death... kahit sayang.

In other good news, I have a blind date this Saturday with a redhead. We'll see.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Wishing well


I wish I had a more exciting update. May Shakira ang lolah niyo with matching love-nat and Ooh-vough Ledesma. Must be that time of year.

Anyway, in case some of you were wondering, Edward and I are talagang over na... as in, ever. Even on FB. The only thing to remember him by are the pics of his penoy that I took while he was tulog. I know, I know... I can't help it. Kazi naman, gintong ari award sya 2015, 2016 till EVER. Sometimes I even look at those pics at work, and once (yes, ganito akong kalukerz) left the pic as my phone wallpaper pero I thought if my clients saw it, tigbakacious ang gaga, so I changed it after a day.

Tempted to post those pics one day, but for now, sa akin na lang sya. I can pretend he was mine all this time. *sigh*

Dating terms... wis. The closest is Craig, a BEAUTIFUL Greek guy who is super hairy all over (which I like) and has super hard and super sensitive nipples~! He's 51 years old, around 6'1, works as a construction contractor, and toned body - not built like a tank, but toned enough to confidently walk around without a shirt on. He looks like a Mediterranean Pierce Brosnan... Chalukers!

Problem? He's absolutely horrible in bed! For one, hindi super big ang notary public niya. It's decent enough, but ... darling, hardly challenging. He doesn't even have foreskin so parang boring sya. I mean, he seems not too enthusiastic about sex, and tuloy, hindi sya give na give in the act.  I can see that he's an acquired taste. After a few dates, I can see a lot of the Grindrs saying "Thanks but no thanks". The first impression is fantastic but everything REALLY goes downhill from there.

Anyway, I better stop na. This is starting to just depress me. Back to looking at Edward's patolalala.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Farmer's Boy

I'm in love... the 5-minute kind, of course~!

We've all seen the Bel Ami boys in their farm gear. Chiseled and denim-clad, these Euro hunks can give my sphincter a run for its money. (Yes, that does not make sense.) I think a Bel Ami boy is the only time I would ever consider an outdoor romp in the hay - otherwise, too itchy.

Howayvur, last Sunday was ... interesting. I was in the usual beat, may I pretend ang lola niyo in the urinals, when in comes this HANDSOME boy, around mid-twenties, tanned until EH-VUR and trim as a top (a power top, that is - AHAHAY!!!!).

Anyway, because I was already there, I chose the area that has the most amount of coverage, and that meant I could hide my hard penoy, just in case a guy was there for the deed. This guy, however, was different. He had sharp eyebrows and angular jaw. He was sexy and intriguing, although not necessarily handsome. He was around 5'10" but the way he carried himself was just... different. He looked taller tuloy... I think silent confidence is a good word for it.

Anyway, he stood quite a distance from me, his tattered Country Road bag placed behind him, away from the urinal backsplash. He was wearing old green/grey shorts (which in hindsight may have been blue at one point in time), and worker boots commonly found among tradesmen. He had fairly dark legs, and you can tell he had his time in the sun.

After a while, it was obvious neither of us were there for the urinal, and we both angled our bodies, almost facing each other, at the same time. He had a really tough foreskin, talagang gamit na gamit, and his penoy was wonderfully pale in comparison to the dark pubic jungle that was untrimmed, unkept and ... well, it was so masculine...! Just! Amazing!

He looked at me with brown squinted eyes, and I knew he was game. He looked around and, seeing that we were the only ones there, moved closer, his left leg kicking the bag closer to where I stood.


Let me explain something. I am not hot. I am quite far from hot. I am so far from hot that I would need binoculars to see hot from where I am. I am closer to beached whale than hot.

So for someone of Bel Ami calibre to come closer to me with his hardening penoy... well, it doesn't happen often... if at all, really!!

Anyway, he stood beside me and showed me his package. My God, the more I look at it, the more drunk I became at the sight of it. He had massive balls and they were a significant shade darker than his penoy. As for the penoy itself, I thought it was around 5 inches but when I reached out and touched it, FOUGHCHANGINASHABELLES! It grew into a 8 incher and yes, ladies and ladies, it was a fucking beer can. With the foreskin and the size of it, I was in heaven!

Siyempre nalowkah akish!!!!

With excited eyes, I smiled at the guy and motioned to the cubicle behind us. He smirked a "sige na nga" and moved towards the booth. I was so excited that I grabbed his bag for him and ran into the cubicle, my other hand struggling to hold my pants up.

He walked behind me, cool and casual - tanginish, talagang Bel Ami ang arrive ng lokah- and smiled as I held the door open for him. He walked in and locked the door behind him. I knelt quickly, not caring what the heck I was kneeling on (seriously, it was a filthy toilet), when he pulled his hard member away.


He explained that he didn't want to get sucked (paksiyet) and was only interested in getting a handy... Ako naman, HA?!? Bitin! I asked if he was willing to get his duck eggs sucked and, after a few seconds of deliberations, agreed to it.

Ok, ladies. I have to say: his was the second biggest balls I have ever tried to put in my mouth... EVER. It was massive and hairless and ... basta! PERFECT! I looked up at him while I did my bit and he looked down and smiled with his pearly white teeth (rare here in Sydney, trust me). He grabbed his hard penoy, and hit me playfully against the cheek a few times. He only stopped when I opened my mouth and motioned for the guy to put it in.

"Uh-uh. Nope."

Well, you can't blame a ghurl for trying.

Anyway, I continued to play with the yagbols, and kneeding his legs and cheeks at the same time. My goodness I was in heaven.

After a bit, he said he was about to blow and he didn't want me there when it happened. I stood and went beside him to finish him off pero he turned around, lifted my shirt and sucked on my nipps. This was a bit of a surprise actually, and he actually slightly ripped my shirts buttons in the process (but it was an old shirt anyway and this was DEFINITELY worth the price of admission).

He continued his action on one and then started on the other, but before too long, he said that he was ready to go, and he turned to the bowl for release. I grabbed his penoy and finished the job in 3 seconds flat, and now I see why he wanted me out of the way. He sprayed EVERYWHERE. As in, we were standing in front of the bowl but 90% of his juice went either onto my hand or everywhere else EXCEPT the bowl. He didn't say much but there was a pained expression on his face.

He later admitted that he had spent the entire week in his dad's farm and hadn't done much jacking off since. I asked for his number as he started to fix himself for exit but he just smiled at me and kissed me on the lips before leaving.

After he left, i licked the small gob of his juice still lingering on my wrist. It was sweet as ripe corn.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tradies ... LAVVIT!

Men in Sydney come in all shapes and sizes - but I tend to ogle more if they were tradesmen. There is something about karpinteros and painters and truck drivers that make them more ... manly? It's the fluoro vest, maybe, or the musky scent of sweat, I think.

The most recent guy I had was round as a ball, with a penoy 3 inches in length. I actually wanted to suck him off pero dahil sobra syang Jiggly Caliente na talagang SORRY darling - his tummy just kept on hitting my cheeks (Magagalit si Tita Vicky Belo kung masisira ang botox!). Hand job na lang. He seemed nice about it naman at dahil ok naman ang kanyang fez value, sige, game akish. I don't think I would have done if he had been wearing "normal clothes" - it's the rough tradesman shirt and the unkept shorts that did it for me.

I also met this a short, black guy who was wearing those white overalls, and had paint splattered about him. He was around 5'8' and he had lovely braided hair that was held up by a rubber band and his painter's safety glasses. He was cute naman - I actually couldn't tell how old he is, kasi his skin was just beauteous! I think he was mid-40's but he could honestly pass for 20's. He was in the urinals and I just stood next to him. We both looked at each other (alam mo na... the Taylor Swift side glance) and next thing you know, he was letting me touch him. He didn't want any oral action (sayang!) but hey, better than nothing, di ba?

The nice thing about this guy is that he smelled of vanilla and sweat. It's a very intoxicating mix, and to be honest, I'm all for the muskiness of it. I stood beside him and slowly took his member in my hand. It was thin, and his foreskin was super thin to the point na I wasn't too sure it was there (but it was). I walked behind him, and one hand played with his penoy very very slowly while the other explored his body. He was very trim - almost like a swimmer's body without the broad shoulders - and he didn't have that much fat on him. His chest had a hint of muscle that was matted with coarse chest hair. His nipples were very small but he liked it when I played with it. He leant his head back while I did my thing.

To be honest, I don't mind doing most of the work - I find that a lot of closet cases are like that. My only requirement is the joy of the male seed. Wala lang - I like the notion of being in control of someone's explosion.

And this guy definitely exploded. The first shot came pretty fast, and rather than being liquid, the first two spurts came almost in solid chunks - parang lugaw! I was super tempted to lick it, but he seemed adamant na out of bounds ang kanyang mga juices. Ako naman - sayang ang ginto! He had a total of 6 bursts, each one slightly less intense than the previous one.

Even before he buttoned up, he led me to the faucet and washed my hands cleanish. I felt a bit weird about it, but just in case he had his reasons for this, I left him to do whatever. He let me play with his penoy for a few more seconds, and he buckled up and went off.

Lugaw... sayang...